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Unbalance of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal, for children

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour

causes Unbalance appears gives the reasons generates harm of a consequence of property value of manifestation promotes to extinguish to tame to master to soften a state composure will get rid to overcome to eliminate to eradicate to avoid to treat

dz Unbalance - a bad trait of character.

zd Unbalance - a negative condition of the person.

zd the Girlfriend of unbalance - lie.

and Unbalance of the person burns.

pd Unbalance of the person depreciates.

z Unbalance - from weakness and instability of mentality.

d Unbalance - from inability to operate the emotions.

d Unbalance - absence of self-control.

p Unbalance - the child of fieriness.

d the Girlfriend of unbalance - haste.

d Unbalance obscures reason.

pz Unbalance does harm to health.

p Unbalance - the sister of nonsense.

dp does not visit Unbalance of the reserved person.

and should be paid For unbalance.

d Unbalance - from weak character.

and the Unbalanced person - is not beautiful.

and the Unbalanced person seems more silly.

p Unbalance - mind keeps.

d Unbalance often comes to an end with shame.

dz is difficult to find to the unbalanced person friends.

and Unbalance - ruins heart.

dp Unbalanced people should be engaged in self-education.

pd will Difficult get rid of unbalance - without working on itself.

zp the Analysis, judgment of the events, studying of the nature of unbalance - promotes fight against it.

zd Often is the reason of unbalance an illness.

zd Unbalance can cause a stress, overfatigue, a sleep debt.

zd Unbalance decreases lack of nervousness.

zd Enemies of unbalance - wisdom and self-control.

p Unbalance does life short.

and Unbalance reduces - a healthy sleep.

d Unbalance is treated by stability of mentality.

and From unbalance is possible will get rid through faith in God.

and Unbalance - weakness.

and have no respect For unbalanced people.

vp the Unbalanced person depends on a case and destiny more.

p leads Unbalance to addictions.

p Unbalance can be from a sleep debt.

p Unbalance prevents the person to reach solidity.

pz Unbalance depends not so much on a vital situation how many from internal state of the person.

p Unbalance is treated by communication with quiet people.

d Unbalance - confuses thoughts.

zd Unbalance of the person can be from excessive enthusiasm.

dp Unbalance - the enemy to a step.

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