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The review of Nissan Juke

Nissan already once again tries to change a typical city landscape cardinally. Following the best traditions of the Murano crossover and the successful Qashqai model, in 2011 the company presented to motorists of their “younger brother“ - compact Nissan Juke. Its appearance already generated a set of disagreements: the majority is compared by Juke to such mechanical frog. One headlights are here, others for some reason there, it is necessary to look properly and for repeaters of turns - on the person full anarchy in external design. However, having visited driving Juke, it is hardly possible not to admire its fine dynamics.

Juke included, perhaps, the best lines inherent in SUV and sports cars. Speaking about characteristics of hardware, new Nissan Juke 2011 promises to motorists several pleasant surprises. The four-cylinder engine of the volume of 1,6 liters, at first sight typically small for similar cars, however, at the expense of a turbocharger and the built-in system of direct injection is included in the main package of this model, this “kid“ is capable to develop power in 188 hp! It is notable more, than than beznadduvny, but more volume motor with 2,5 - the liter motor at the same, for example, Nissana Rogue can.

In any combination - with a mechanical transmission or convenient automatic stepless transmission - this four-cylinder cursor does Juke of one of the most high-speed small-capacity cars of the time, and that is important, provides at the same time essential economy of fuel consumption. The new system on complex control of I - CON allows the driver to operate all settings of stepless transmission, together with the electric power steering and even system supply of fuel in one of three possible modes - economic, usual or sports.

Still undoubted pluses - Juke has the right to brag of the sports suspension bracket, very fast and maneuverable steering, and also optional all-wheel drive system with existence of variable distribution of a torque. All these features does a novelty fantastically pleasant in management.

On lines of a basic design of Nissan Juke it is similar to other small-sized nissanovsky models - Nissan Cube or, for example, Nissan Versa. A ceiling in back part of a car nizkovat from - for strongly slanted roof, in comparison with convenient compact sedans of this company. But at the same time are switched on the Bluetooth adapter together with integration with iPod in standardly completed Juke model, and as additional options the navigator and the camera of the review of a rear view, system of entrance / start of the motor without key increasing comfort of salon of a seat with heating, upholstered with skin are available. To all other, Juke is possible at desire to equip with a totality of special sensors in the spirit of the popular Nissan GT supercar - R is both settings of the amplifier of quality of a steering, and use of graphics of gear shifting, and a possibility of calibration of a throttle, and installation of counters of a lateral overload and turbo-supercharging.

To young and courageous drivers, as well as, however, Nissan Juke 2011 will undoubtedly be to the taste to all those who is not a strict adherent of classical forms. This model is much more interesting than other small-sized hatchbacks as Kia Soul or Mitsubishi Outback Sport. Juke represents a combination of excellent maneuverability unique hitherto to power and reliability that turns it into one of the best cars for city streets what only exist. The management of the Nissan company considers that together with the Murano and Qashqai models, new Juke will soon strengthen their leading positions in the market of crossovers.

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