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Office romances. The passion, love or is a little sex?

the Era of socialism presented us the remarkable movie “Office romance“ in which quite serious form of relationship between the man and the woman is very thinly and a little fondly treated. Today a lot of things changed.

First of all, the relations in collectives, in the conditions of the competition at all levels and in all types, became much more rigid. The social environment has quite notable tension connected with stratification of society on the rich, the poor and not really. So in life of people at the moment absolutely other priorities: money, career, the status in society.

The love and friendship are defined by other categories too today. But nevertheless, life goes on, and any person at heart aspires to the relations bright, full of romanticism, and, it is necessary to tell, quite often finds them at work. At once it is worth specifying that to consider office romances which appear for the sake of promotion or as a result of coercion or excessive alcohol intake it is too banal and it is not interesting.

Despite all complexity of today`s relationship in collectives, the inclination to an opposite sex, as well as ten, and hundred years ago, remains at permanently high level. Spending the most part of time at work, we want it or we do not want, we have sympathies, hobbies, and ordinary sex in a lunch break or after the termination of day of work appears. The first time it happens usually during an office party or business trip, or at the chief in an office and what then? This question is also one of the most important. But in the beginning not about it.

Whether it is necessary to indulge in temporary hobbies?

What here to hide. All want to have high-quality sex moreover and from a sensual component. The person is so arranged that from time to time, even in seventy years he has hobbies. Why to understand very not easy, but the fact remains - we fall in love for an hour, per day, for a month, and sometimes for a long time. Chronologically everything looks absolutely equally. Delight, sex, short love, romanticism, office romances and all. Such cases in life maybe only a little, and tens and if hundreds, then are already an illness.

There is a natural question - and what for? Many say that temporary hobbies it is good, and their emergence does not depend on us. Others treat similar weaknesses critically, at the same time, somewhere at heart, all the same, imagining a beautiful body, embraces, kisses. And one more fact. In society there is a formal division of people into two main categories. Representatives of the first make something in the beginning, and then think, and representatives another long think, and then come to a conclusion that it is not necessary to them. Opposite approaches, but a side between them very thin. For representatives of the second group one little advice. You learn to appreciate gifts of destiny.

And at last, the most important - tendency to imitation. Someone “has“ an affair, and all want the same, but react absolutely differently. A conclusion is very simple. If there was a hobby, it is necessary to work, but at the same time you should not betray the relatives and, the most important, to deceive itself, thinking out any nonsense and creating illusions. Everything passes, and similar office romances practically always come to an end with nothing. It should be realized clearly before the next adventure.

So then?

If sex happened, then, first of all, it is necessary to think whether the desirable result is received, whether those feelings whether dreams, at least half are embodied? If is not present, then everything should be finished at once and if nevertheless “hooked“, then - to continue. At the same time it is not necessary to make any plans if there is something serious, they will be built. At this moment it is worth relaxing and enjoying life to the full, the benefit time suitable. There are very interesting, sated with romanticism office romances which last long very much. And it is good. The sea of emotions, pleasant feelings, and the most important - love euphoria. It will be remembered all life that is very not unimportant. The negative moment of office romances are talk and gossips which just corrode the relations. It is necessary just to reconcile to it.

The office romance, and houses a fine family becomes ripe?

to Make something in this case it is quite silly. Also the family relations will suffer, and from new hobby hardly something will turn out. You should not even deliberate and be fond, it is necessary to remember that among men there are special representatives who can put to bed practically any woman moreover and get her to fall in love. In this case the probability of big troubles is very high. By the way, the same concerns also some women whom often call “fatal“. So it is just necessary to approach similar situations with “the cold head“.

Instead of the conclusion are more emotional

of the Woman and more often make rash acts, but only when they have some disagreement in private life or in a family. Lack of self-sufficiency for the woman can lead to unpleasant consequences. Nearby there has to be a man, then relevance of office romances will just disappear. The family nevertheless is more important!