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Why we trust in a doomsday?

Many of us, got used to believe that the doomsday will be actually! And not who does not deny it, but why people are so attached to it? The answer to this question not who cannot find, even today. There are several theories:

1. The person has to trust in something, without belief he will die away. So it is easier to believe in what can not occur while he lives

2. For many thousands of years, the Civilization, such as Maya, Aztecs and others, thought and predicted transition of the person to new level, so destruction of life, consciousness, the tenor of life.

A doomsday, it not only extermination of all live, according to my theory, this destruction of one people, a civilization. Maybe according to a calendar Maya follows what the last from them will die, in 2012? Though theoretically it is not possible to predict it. As well as it is not possible to stop priblizhayushcheyu a comet. If to reconsider all dates of a doomsday, then it is possible to tell with confidence that the mankind should not have appeared in general on this planet, and had to choose another though what sense? People - By nature to make mistakes and to correct them, and predictions, are mistakes!

Atlases - All remember about them stories, they predicted death too, well as they died? Alas, we are not fated to learn it for today`s time. The only people which could mention them were Egyptians and Arabs. The first hid it under a paw of the Sphinx (Which did not manage to be investigated, as the Egyptian authorities against it), and others ciphered it so that not one year for interpretation of data is necessary. Somewhere, I saw such inscription, something similar “And the sun fell to the Ground, having carried by at the edges ours a hot flame, having destroyed these hundreds of the people and the person“ into place is guilty of it where hit of this flame was told, objects were found, so similar to our today`s “Nuclear warheads“ So it is possible to tell with confidence that not the nature will send on us a doomsday, and ourselves. So that let`s live, enjoy life and not to think of it, then can be it it does not happen.

“Great civilizations will die, but memory of them will live forever“ - Kostenko Maxim Aleksandrovich

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Writing of article, was engaged: Kostenko Maxim Aleksandrovich