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Cattle - who is it?

I Write this article, not because so stervozno I treat people, and just from - for what I like to write. Just now, I have no normal subjects for discussion, and there is just no desire to write about something, will not finish writing of it, in my opinion “miracle“ yet!

Cattle - arguing on - philosophically is a cattle (cows, bulls, goats, rams and t. o), in a russkoyazychiya “cattle“ is the curse arguing on absolutely stupid identity, the six of the state, in a word “the gregarious law of the power“ which included the most part of the population, the our “beloved“ mother of Russia.

Here several word meanings “cattle“ taken from Wikipedia:

1. ustar., sobir. working cattle

2. sobir. pyrene., prezr. rubble, the people who are obediently submitting to someone`s will, allowing to exploit themselves

3. pyrene. prezr. stupid, rough, crude, uncouth person

4. kry. zharg. physically strong person

5. kry. zharg. well working in ispravitelno - labor establishment

By my calculations, recently, practically all Internet dazzles with the words “cattle“ “shkolot“ of a shkolot - it is more delightful and unpretentious name of herd, but ignorant people, call so all part of school students (from 8 to 18 years). I personally not against such word unpretentious in appearance, is included into population, but its value is not delightful at all and simply as it seems actually. To become “cattle“, as if it is not banal sounded, very simply. To throw life on boondocks of consciousness, to forget all difficulties of life, to stop playing sports, to enjoy that, as so poorly and without developing itself in the philosophical plan and here you already “cattle“.

Now not who does not deny that the most part of children, school students and teenagers, zasizhivat on the Internet the most part freely of time (in most cases, exaggerating it and destroying), developing itself in the physical and intellectual plan. But there`s nothing to be done, the computer and furthermore the Internet, is “drug“ which to refuse very difficult, no, I of course do not oppose the computer and the Internet in the world plan, t. e in the educational purposes and for communication with close people by e-mail, but in respect of such entertainments I act against. Such networks as “VKontakte“, “Schoolmates“, “Facebook“, “Mail. ru“ and many others, less visited, ruin free time of people, in only a few seconds, instead of 20 minutes promised themselves, the person in them sits 2, and that 5 hours, at the same time not what without doing. Drug addicts the Internet of people, it is possible to include with ease in the list of the persons carrying in “bydlo“ and “shkoloty“ group.

Trolls (the Internet the subculture discussing and despising all school students similar though in some plan for cattle) - in most cases trolls, the same cattle, as well as the usual herd subordinating to one system, but in more large-scale volumes. Saying continually, on each website, on each record the word “cattle“, they think in the, still not formulated brain sphere that it is correct, at the same time considering that all people except them real cattle, and they are clever philologists - philosophers - the doctors of science knowing everyone and everything. Discussing on the bydlovsky websites: science, a pseudo science, philosophy, poetry, a programmistika, medicine, the state, the famous people (testing to them envy), in most cases in non-standard and gross form. Though if they at least ponder that everything, than they use they are obliged to the as they call to “cattle“. Though among trlly, there are good and philosophically arguing people understanding what they battle against and for what. And to other number, more teenagers thinking that to part srach on the Internet and to write illiterately cool! approach