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Inactive way of life: who will think of yours health?

Technical progress can be identified with development. And development, of course, positive.

Numerous achievements in the technical sphere in hundreds of times facilitated work of the person and reduced time necessary for performance of various works. But not incidentally there is a saying “Laziness - the progress engine“.

If more deeply to ponder upon this thesis, the understanding that in it it is much more the bitter truth, than a joke comes. Did not want people to go on foot - thought up cars, planes and other steamships. Laziness to it was to rise by floors above the second - constructed the elevator. A reluctance was to strain a brain calculations and reflections - there were arithmometers, then the elementary computers, and now - powerful computer centers and systems of support of decision-making.

But technical progress has also “reverse side“. The huge number of people spends working hours in a sitting position. According to various researches, the inactive sedentary life becomes the emergence reason in an organism of the processes leading to development of numerous diseases.

At those people who spend much time sitting, the natural level of current of blood and a lymph in an organism decreases that results in their “stagnation“ and increase in amount of bad cholesterol, electric activity of muscles decreases, their flabbiness from - for low a tone is observed that in a complex leads to increase in risk of heart diseases and promotes “skaplivaniye“ of excess weight. And even the amount of the insulin produced by an organism decreases!

Let`s try to abstract for a minute from daily problems and we will analyse in general the standard working day of office worker.

Morning. Road to work: public transport or own. Both one, and other way means if not a long seat, then small mobility precisely.

Day. Work - the computer, papers, perhaps smoke breaks, meetings etc. Even if the person comes home squeezed out as the lemon, and speaks supposedly “as I was run today“, it does not mean that he actually reeled up kilometers! Actually in a combination to haste, turmoil, the general load and a constant working stress, the fatigue is, and there were few movements.

Evening. the Way home, a dinner, convenient, cozy, so habitual house sofa and viewing something on the TV. Or same habitual a chair and open spaces of the Internet - on a favourite social network so much in a day occurred that the attention to it needs to be paid surely!

Reflected? And correctly made! How to correct a situation?

Ideal option - to increase quantity in your life even not of physical exercises, of the movement! to Force itself to do exercises and jogs in the mornings in the evenings, without having concrete incentive, - it is very difficult. That who could make this step, - my sincere respect.

Otherwise that though somehow to reduce negative influence of a similar way of life on an organism, at first it is necessary to try to optimize what is - position of a body during sitting.

That it is necessary not to stoop and to try to sit exactly, it is known since the childhood. And here scientists from the Scottish clinic of Woodend found out that the optimum sitting position which is the most sparing for a backbone is the back deviation back approximately by 135 degrees.

Among not so slozhnovypolnimy as morning exercises, but effective ways to bring an organism round without radical change of a habitual way of life It should be noted the following recommendations:

Use breaks to make easy warm-up if it allows a workplace and a situation in an office, or just to walk. Believe, even to several inclinations, squats and exercises for a back, the organism will only be glad.

Limit use of the elevator. If there is a need - walk on steps though several floors.

Make changes to a daily route “the house - work“, “work - the house“. It is possible to leave transport not a stop earlier / later and to cover a difference on foot. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to leave a little earlier to compensate time difference.

For support of muscles in a tone do static compression exercises. Their essence consists in the alternate tension and relaxation of muscles: four-head of a hip, sural, muscles of a press, humeral belt. Ten - another of repetitions will improve a blood-groove, will raise a tone of all organism, will not allow to develop to developments of stagnation, a liquid skaplivaniye in legs, and eventually will help to burn a two-three of kilocalories.

Of course, it is possible to approach a solution even more seriously and to find in a special exercise Network, developed by military experts for people who are involved in alert execution. But it already for those who above-mentioned have obviously not enough.

Each of us the smith not only the happiness, but also, doing a discount for genetics and chronic diseases, the health.

Listen, reflect and take care!