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Hunting for werewolves. The extremely topical novel - the detective story. Chapter 9.


of G. Shapovsk, 2010 - y year, summer


“Golden eagles“ sat around a fire in the habitual place again. This time the shish kebab did not shkvarchitsya on coals and the group did not drink alcohol. All sipped the cook - to a stake, a forfeit, kvass. Thoughtfulness was reflected in their faces when reflections of a fire lit children. In principle, all of them had a vast experience of street fights. However, at this moment golden eagles understood that tomorrow serious fight is necessary. For certain them will be less, and not the same young children as they, and very serious guys from Oborotni group will be rivals this time. They understood that “Werewolves“ more powerful and long ago the existing organization. “iron horses“ are much newer than them and are more expensive, than at “Golden eagles“. The leader of “Werewolves“ the Stiletto is more senior and is more skilled, than the Golden eagle.

Three days the Golden eagle called by phone for communication, the left leader of “Werewolves“ to the Gudgeon. Two leaders agreed about a meeting or as it is often called still, about “shooter“. The neutral territory between the cities of Tuleevsk and Shapovsk, about the small village of Shchyokino was chosen. Agreed firearms not to use. Actually, from them two only the Stiletto had a gun. The Golden eagle had no weapon yet. Nevertheless, he clearly let know to the enemy that such opportunity is available for it too.

The leader Berkutov forbade to take the subordinate alcoholic drinks. Tomorrow, in his opinion, one of the most resolute events in the history of a gang was necessary.

- We agreed with the Stiletto that our fight will be honest, - the Golden eagle said to the children. - We fight in private and that it did not happen, none of you interfere. As well as from “Werewolves“. And here when the winner will be defined, look on a situation. It is quite possible that if I lose, then tuleevsky will attack on you that break to you finally. Be on the alert, prepare the weapon. Brass knuckles, pieces of fittings, baseball bats, chains, have to be in free access that there were no delays when “Werewolves“ to rush in attack. We still a young gang so, and enemies, for certain, will be much more. In that case, the most important not to allow them us to disseminate and finish one by one. You keep a heap, as they say, a back to a back. It is important to organize perimeter defense. I interpret it to you just in case. If the Stiletto is the honest fighter, then your participation will not be required, and everything will be solved in ours with it to a mochilova. I will not deceive you! - the leader looked round members of the gang. - Said to me that the Stiletto the strong and skilled fighter, besides is more senior than me. If I lose fight, then do not panic and do not give in on provocation! Means, our time did not come yet. But it will come surely, I promise it to you! If I lose in honest fight, the Stiletto still stronger me means. It will be fair just as if I overcome it. Questions are?

- And our little girls with ourselves we will take? - the guy with slanting eyes by nickname the Yakut took an interest. His quiet eyes of the descendant of nomads looked at the world philosophically. He, as well as the Golden eagle, was eager for occupation of new territories, like ancestors that was submitted by thousands of different lands. there is no

-. They stay at home.

Several girls - teenagers at a fire discontentedly frowned and rustled, and one of them with insult exclaimed:

- And we what, we cannot help you?! We what to you - put - took out and that will do?!

the Golden eagle slightly burst out laughing.

- our little girls - excellent tearaways! And friends to us! But it is purely man`s dismantling! I do not want that such beauties as you, crippled, or tuleevsky “Werewolves“ somehow spoiled your beauty!

In response to this compliment of the girl fatly smiled. They felt sorry for the guys going tomorrow to dangerous “arrow“ more sincerely. Girls in a gang were as on selection. All carried a short hairstyle, high boots. Used cosmetics a little. The black pencil for eyes became for them the main cosmetic. So they tried to obtain a bigger demonism in shape. Many izny did punctures in different parts of a body and carried rings. On leather jackets - leather biker jackets tens of chains and amulets shone.

- If we win, what then will be?

- If we overcome “Werewolves“, then as agreed upon, they will cede to us control over prostitutes with Foundry and then it will become the first step in capture by us of Tuleevsk.

- And what then further plans? - seriously asked a devchonok by nickname Wavy.

- After tuleevsky prostitutes - any! - quietly the leader answered. - We will be fixed on Foundry and we will organize our business there. And farther it will be visible.

- And if we lose fight? - the Yakut exhaled.

- If so, then according to an arrangement, we are not put more to Tuleevsk. Still questions are?

in reply was established silence.

- Then everything I order to have a rest, prepare the weapon, to sleep, check operability of motorcycles. And now, all on houses!

the Golden eagle rose, took a large bottle with water, and filled in the fire smoldering already.

of G. Tuleevsk, summer, 2010 - y year, the indoor parking space of the Feather grass of Dmitry Semenovich (nickname Stiletto)


the Stiletto held a hank of an insulating tape in teeth, and the cut-off piece twisted together wires of ignition of “Kawasaki“. Its “the right hand“ in a gang by nickname Lexus squated nearby and monitored manipulations with repair of “an iron horse“.

- You it is not terrible, the Stiletto? - quietly the guy - All asked the leader - we deal with morons! This freak Berkut to our Glowworm cut off a piece of hair as the Indian! On our earth! So that he is a moron washed-up!

the Stiletto took out an insulating tape from a mouth and answered:

- you Know, Lexus to be at war with women is one, and with the Stiletto - another. If it is necessary, then I to it not only a blunt knife will cut out hair, but heart! The moron the moron, but he seemed me the fairly clever boy.

- Perhaps to us it is simpler to make? They will arrive, and we from two trunks will do some shooting them! Not to death, in air. Those strukhnut at once and more to Tuleevsk will not be put!

- We agreed with it about honest fight. I do not want that about “Werewolves“ spoke as about gang of morons who do not observe laws and coward hide for “volyna“! But you, just in case, take a trunk. Perhaps, there will be a mass slaughter if Golden eagles attack us. I order you to check that children had all weapon on call. Chains, fittings, baseball bats. To use the gun only as a last resort.

- In what such extreme? - Lexus took an interest.

- If me, or any of ours, hammer to death, then it also is such case! Bruises, the injured noses - it is not counted. If you see that someone from ours can be killed to death, shoot without deliberating! At first in a leg. It is wild pain! Shout of the wounded in a trice will make sober hotheads!

- the Stiletto! You think, they will try to peret on us “drill“?

- I do not know. It depends on the Golden eagle. If the honest boy, then is possible to avoid general slaughter. Only I and it. But if the guy he surely throws out “garbage“, then any mean trick! So, be ready to any succession of events. By the way, how your gun of Makarov? What happened to it? You repaired it?

- I Looked at it attentively. Its lock something knocked, the boss does not bring to extreme forward situation. Respectively, and you will not pull the trigger, without saying about shmalnut on banks. Perhaps the lock cup, and grooves of a frame were covered?

- You check a cartridge chamber! - advised the Stiletto. - Refresh it. Or, maybe, problem with an ejector: badly moves, jams. Check serviceability and purity a gnetka and especially ejector springs! In general, do it in the evening.

- Well, till tomorrow, the Stiletto! - Lexus rose and began to warm up numb legs.

- Also double-check whether all children and equipment are ready! - the leader of Oborotni group ordered.

the Deputy nodded and left premises of garage.


the Tuleevsky region, the village of Shchyokino, summer of 2010


of Makarych sat on small to hemp and is lazy fanned with a svezhesorvanny branch, driving away flies and gadflies. His six cows pinched from time to time a grass in a distance. To the native village of Shchyokino the asphalt road from one strip smashed in many places conducted. Makarychu it was far for sixty, and he watched more than forty years vicinities, grazing cows. There was a habitual silence. The shepherd raised eyes to the sky tightened by gray clouds. “The rain will begin soon!“ - it is lazy the old man thought. He looked at the broken asphalt again. Nobody hurried to the village, as well as to leave it. Shchyokino - the deadlock settlement. Highways do not pass through it, there is even no constant shop. Was and long ago it was closed. Instead the grocery bench on wheels began to stop by in Shchyokino three times a week. A silent small village in which life hardly glimmered.

of Makarych looked afar where closer to the horizon the roof full of holes of the gone to pieces pigsty was seen. Once in it pigs cheerfully grunted and huge male pigs floundered in dirt, now the hangar full of holes was blown by all winds and was empty. Makarych waved away from an importunate fly and with surprise stared at the road. In its thrown small village new people welcomed! Moreover how many! In total on brilliant motorcycles, in leather jackets and blue helmets. The person thirty, is not less. He watched leave guests until those were behind turn. The shepherd was surprised even more when he understood that motorcyclists did not go directly to the village, and turned aside all the forgotten pigsty! And in fifteen minutes Makarych from surprise even wiped eyes with the palm back other group of motorcyclists, about two tens now, too proceeded towards Shchyokino, and then as well as children in blue helmets, curtailed to a pigsty. “And why to choose the meeting place in a pigsty full of holes? Perhaps they are sectarians what how on the TV show?“ - the grandfather thought.


So far Makarych reflected on “sectarians“ in a pigsty, gangs “Golden eagles“ and “Werewolves“ were built the friend opposite to the friend. It was more “werewolves“, fighters of this group looked more powerful and are more senior than absolutely very young children from Shapovsk. From a rank of “Golden eagles“ the leader separated. He took off a leather jacket and now stood in the black jeans filled in high army boots and a black undershirt. So far in a pigsty the silence, but when towards to the Golden eagle there was his rival, the leader of “Werewolves“ remained the Stiletto, both counteracting parties with astonishment began to make a racket. The matter is that also the Stiletto put on on fight in black leather trousers, army boots and a black undershirt. Both leaders, without arranging, chose the same clothes for fight, it distinctly was evident. Members of both gangs formed a peculiar arena in the form of a circle which one part “Werewolves“ represented, another “Golden eagles“. Modern, expensive and well-groomed motorcycles of subordinates of the Stiletto were parked at a northern wall of a hangar, and simpler, worldly-wise, but, despite it, very well-groomed “iron horses“ of “Golden eagles“ too - at southern. Both clans looked at each other with suspicion and rage, each of fighters felt squeezed as the spring ready it is at any time lightning to be straightened, arm and enter cruel fight with the opponent. The stiletto looked higher and stronger than the Golden eagle. The last counted on the mobility and dexterity, “spring ability“ more as members of a gang called style of its fight. The guy continuously moved in fight, quickly jumped aside back at attack and began to be turned around, exhausting the rival.

the Stiletto warmed up fingers of both hands, then squeezed palms in fists. He attentively studied the outgrowths formed from continuous trainings and push-ups in the form of callosities on shock bones of both hands. For a long time, one school fighter by nickname Chelsea which was much more senior than the Stiletto - then the fellow by the name of Dmitry Kovyl - taught: if you want to feel less pain if you want that your joints did not break and did not crack at blows about others heads and other parts of a body if you want that soft fabrics of brushes did not beat off and were not injured at attack of the opponent or several, then shock parts of a fist it is necessary to train as often as possible, to temper bones. That they aspired to steel fortress.

- How it is possible to temper bones? - Dima Kovyl was surprised then. - Temper metal, an organism in ice water, and here shock bones of a fist!

- As? - Chelsea asked again and smiled, - And well - the guy, fell to a floor and was wrung out thirty times!

Dima shrugged shoulders, sat down, straightened a body parallel to a floor and without problems executed three tens push-ups.

- is easy? - maliciously the adult fighter by nickname the Photographer, the bull of years 30 - ti took an interest.

- is easy! - fatly the teenager answered.

- And now make the same, only leaning on the hands squeezed in a fist. So that shock bones stuck into a floor! the Boy made

as the unexpected instructor demanded, and tried to be wrung out on fists. After the fifth time Dima felt severe pain in hands, skin on bones awfully hurt, besides on a floor there were microscopic particles of sand from boots and sneakers of people that were engaged in this gym. Training happened in a corridor of Danny sports club, directly on a floor. This street sand crashed into skin of hands.

- That is the same! - the Photographer declared, - Do on two hundred, no, it is better on two hundred fifty such push-ups a day, on fists. For example, five approaches on fifty times. Then, when joints, bones and fabrics will become tempered, can begin to be rolled on all eight shock bones of both hands. Plus to it rub wrists, an edge of a palm and a bone until you see on them a posterization in the form of callosities.

- And how to me to rub them - that?

- Dalby a boxing bag without gloves. Find a piece of a board on a balcony. Dig out a flat stone and rub hands about it. Then about a tree, that is a board. Then tap a bag slightly. But it is only possible to tap, fill a bag about a stone and a tree after there are callosities from rubbing and continuous push-ups. Having tempered joints and bones, your fist will become steel, so to speak, and its blow will be striking for the opponent. Train so every day, in large quantities time. Here such mine to you council, guy! - summarized this time Chelsea.

the Stiletto then thanked the senior companion, and adopted this method. Soon its soft, it is possible to tell friable and well-cared brushes, began to turn into “iron shells“. Later, he often won victories in street and sports collisions exactly thanks to tempered as steel, to fists. Of course, Kovyl Dima trained all the body, learned to wave legs as a windmill, owned art of blocking of blows, a psychological spirit on a victory. But he considered that that fleeting lesson in an untidy corridor of the gym of “Danny“ became the most valuable in training in hand-to-hand fight.

the Village of Shchyokino, summer 2010, the thrown pigsty, lunch time

They stood the friend opposite to the friend, two leaders of the groups. The first younger and hot Berkut, under approving shouts of the supporters rushed to attack. He tried to drive to a descent to the rival in a jaw a fist, but the Stiletto moved back a little and the blow whistled near the person. The leader of “Werewolves“ a skilled look noticed that at the moment when the opponent`s hand by inertia moved further in air, without having hit the mark, a chin, the right part of the face, edges, kidneys and legs of the Golden eagle were not protected for a moment, and at desire it was possible to knock out the leader shapovsky in one powerful counter blow. The Stiletto did not begin to do it. Eventually, in his soul the showman was concealed, and around stood, both his adherents, and fighters from hostile camp. Berkut jumped aside back and began to be turned around the rival, trying to seize the moment for powerful blow. The leader of “Werewolves“ is Dmitry Kovyl by nickname the Stiletto - slightly lowered hands and, thus, slightly opened the case. Berkut immediately decided to use this “oversight“ of the opponent and prygnul forward. His fist already flew to the area of a solar plexus of the Stiletto. However, attacking suddenly felt the most severe pain around a stomach: the lowered hands of the leader of “Werewolves“ unexpectedly sharply were crossed, having formed the block against a fist of the Golden eagle, and, almost at the same moment, the left leg of Dmitry crashed into a stomach to the attacker. At the Golden eagle darkened in eyes, he even flew away a little back from this cunning blow. Having shaken the head with the tattooed bird of prey, it strained from all forces of a muscle of an abdominal tension, but breath got off, and he began to gasp a mouth as the drowned man who came up on a water surface in the last second before death.

“Both are on!“ - colleagues of the Stiletto began to make a racket, - “Excellent blow! Hammer, Stiletto!“ - such exclamations of approval were heard by the leader of tuleevsky children. “Keep, the Golden eagle! Do not give up!“ - encouraged the leader shapovsky. That restored breath and, despite wild pain in a stomach, rose in a fighting rack again. The stiletto saw fog in the opinion of the rival after the missed attack-legged. He decided “to condense“ it, having struck blow in a thorax to the rival with the tempered bones of the left hand. The feather grass itself came nearer to Berkuta, but the last unexpectedly removed the case to the left and terribly flying Stiletto fist only struck on a breast Berkuta and found the Stiletto nose. The crunch of the broken cartilage was distributed, and on the person crimson streamlets of blood began to flow. Terrible pain enraged the leader of “Werewolves“. He sat down on hunkers, having left, thus, from the next flying “shell“ in the form of the rival`s fist, and from below struck a series of blows to the person Berkuta.

Blood also rushed from the broken opponent`s the nose. The golden eagle downloaded. They stood the friend opposite to the friend. Scarlet drops dripped on undershirts and covered with crimson points a floor of the former pigsty. The stiletto, thanks to skills of auto-suggestion, could be released for a short time from pain, concentrated and, having sharply turned on elastic legs, struck powerful blow with mizinchikovy part of a fist, that where as a result of long trainings it had a considerable posterization from natiraniye and percussions, in a solar plexus Berkuta. The Shapovsky leader fell in result in an unconsciousness to a back and calmed down. The enemy was prostrate, and the Stiletto, being unsteady, approached won, put a corrugated army boot on a breast. Now the Stiletto towered over an open body and from the broken his nose drops of blood dripped on an undershirt Berkuta. the victory of “Werewolves“ over “Golden eagles“ was

It. A victory of age, fitness and ability to self-checking over young fervor, fussiness, to absence of school of professional hand-to-hand fight and just shortage of life experience at the leader of “Golden eagles“. “Werewolves“ met by a rappberry triumph of the Stiletto. Losers stood with gloomy faces. They knew that similar can happen, and here it happened. Children did not lose respect and respect for the leader because that fought honestly, put all forces and abilities in this duel. But, so far, to the greatest regret, it lost. Further everything occurred rather peacefully. “Golden eagles“ did not try to attack “Werewolves“ and vice versa. Members of a prostrate gang lifted the leader from a floor, seated in the only motorcycle with sidecar. Silently started cursors of “iron horses“ and slowly, trying not to shake the injured body Berkuta on habitual potholes of the Russian roads, left the building of the former pigsty near the village.

of Makarych, sitting still on hemp and observing as the group of motorcyclists leaves a hangar, thought it is lazy: “Somehow quickly they held a meeting of sect there! Not that earlier, in my time! Now they have all quickly, and then there were both protocols, and hearings, and reports. And noncha! All toropyg! No, to do everything it is detailed, to discuss in details, to report extensively! And these gathered, peretolkovat and parted!“. In fifteen minutes the group of motorcyclists already in blue helmets also left the building of the former pigsty. “Toropyg!“, - once again stated Makarych, - “And what they could solve half an hour for ent there?“, - the shepherd was perplexed. He also could not know that actually for these half an hour a lot of things were solved in destiny, if not all participants of “arrow“ between gangs, then two of their leaders precisely. Makarych slowly waved a branch with foliage at the person, and began to consider clouds in the sky again.