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The aroma warming in cold of

“A frost and the sun; day is wonderful!“ - a smile of remarkable Russian winter. Of course, I can be objected that such winters were at the time of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin. But also during our era, according to scientists, global warming of climate, there are such fine days in the winter. Fur caps, sheepskin coats, fur coats appear on our streets, emphasizing beauty of the owners.

With the advent of fur products in clothes there is a need for selection and “fur“ aromas - warm, soft, even fluffy, enveloping and sated.

Similar aroma wraps up you, keeps heat when you come to a frost, gently caresses sense of smell when you hide a nose in a fur collar.

In cool air light and transparent aromas are almost not heard, fresh and citrus - are even inappropriate.

The aromas of flower bouquets and greens which are so joyfully sounding in the spring and in the summer, are lost in cool embraces of frosty air in the winter.

And only harmonious chords of classical aromas of Femme from Rochas, Opium from YSL, Coriandre from J. Couturier, Magie Noir from Lanc ô me, Samsara from Guerlain, Poeme from Lanc ô me, Organza from Givenchy, Obsession from C. Klein, etc., are capable to warm your breath on a frost.

Especially elegantly classical chypre aromas, for example, Miss Dior from C. Dior or Paloma Picasso, and flower with easy frosty freshness of aldehydes sound in the winter: Chanel No. 5, Chanel No. 19 from Chanel, Climat from Lanc ô me, Nina from N. Ricci, etc. - is romantic, soft and thin.

From current fashionable trends for winter or just cold weather are acceptable aromas floriyentalny (tsvetochno - east) or tsvetochno - the powdery direction. Among them Pullover melodies popular and well-loved by many from S. Rykiel, Very Valentino, Angel from T. Mugler, Gucci Rush from Gucci, Intuition from E. Lauder, Sui Dreams from A. Sui, Allure from Chanel, Noa from Cacharel, Flower by Kenzo from Kenzo, Miracle from Lanc ô me, etc.

the Choice of aroma for the bright, shining, magic holiday of a meeting of New year depends only on a venue - in the noisy hall of restaurant, in the cozy lovely company, at home, among dear people or outdoors at the real live fir-tree. In all these cases you should not be guided by weather behind a window. The main thing that aroma was festive, a little mysterious and from your “clothes of aromas“, i.e. it is chosen in due form for you personally.