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Hunting for werewolves. The extremely topical novel - the detective story. Chapter 8.


Tuleevsk, on May 12, 2010, to 11 hour is 37 min.

- to bring something to You? - the low man`s voice asked the girl of years of twenty three in a wheelchair. - You did not forget to take medicine today, the little sister?

- Oh! Thanks for a reminder! And that I was fond of absolutely new toy on the computer. Bring, please!

gave it several tablets and a glass of water After a while. The girl drank preparations and quietly scratched an ugly scar on the left cheek. The scar put with glass splinters itched and still. The girl thanked for kindness of the person caring for it.

- is good that you nearby! What I without you would do?!

- Yes about what the speech, the little sister! Listen, in three days - year from death of the father. We with you will go on a grave, we will surely go! And we will come to mother on a mogilka too!

- It would be very healthy, - quietly the girl in a wheelchair, &ndash agreed; I very much miss the father, very much! And on mother. One we with you remained. Absolutely alone!

- I do not know, the little sister for what such sins we were comprehended by all these misfortunes. You - only of the immediate family who remained with me from once close-knit family. So, I will not leave you! We will cure you! I promise it to you. We have to stick to each other even more strong, even more amicably now.

- I love you, the brother!

- I you too, the little sister! And now have just a rest! - with these words the young man left the room. the Girl took

from a bedside table a mirror and looked at reflection. Clenched teeth and quietly, it is hardly heard, moaned. Her face really looked terribly. The bent nose, the bulged ears, an ugly large scar and several small. She narrowed eyes, but could not constrain the run tear. Pulled out a snow-white handkerchief from a breast pocket and blotted corners of eyes. Her brother in the neighboring room as though felt its state and uncertainly shouted:

- Little sister! With you everything is all right?

- Everything is normal! Do not worry! Just got agitated! Game this new computer very interesting!

A, well is clear! Play, the little sister, play! - the guy calmed down.


of the Vicinity of Tuleevsk, summer of 2010


Sergey Kamorin bought in roadside little shop of the cheapest vodka, bread and simple canned food. It was still unpleasant to it that even the very young, snotty shop assistant, turns up the nose at it. Let it not especially and the favorable buyer, but it is possible to have though some respect for the senior generation! Even money that Sergey helped out from sale of the cart of different non-ferrous metals on collection point, it took somehow fastidiously, nearly two fingers. Yes, he understood that now in the opinion of people it looks natural bomzhy. In principle, so it also was. In fifty one years Kamorin was got involved in adventure which for it cost very much. The construction corporation carried out the large-scale advertizing company where it for very moderate money offered persons interested to buy the apartment in a new, apartment house under construction. On the screen of the TV showed the computer model of this house, with turrets and spacious, wide loggias.

Showed construction equipment which already began to dig a huge ditch for filling of the base. The price at which it was offered to buy not existing still square meters was very attractive. It was explained by the fact that sale is carried out at the zero, most initial stage of construction. Sergey saw this beautiful advertizing several times a day on local television. In the same place also the areas of the sold apartments, the price for meter were called. And, according to the announcement, the house will be leased the State commission already with finishing, bathroom equipment and the connected electricity. Buyers will only need to drive in recently erected walls and to live a close-knit family of residents of the new house.

Kamorin is the disabled person with one hand - at that time lived in the small one-room apartment in the old brick house, near the downtown. Even from one appearance of this building began to feel sick. The ancient, showered brick, a gray facade, proceeding which - where the roof and long ago not under repair entrances created feeling of utter darkness. But here location of the house was appreciated in the market of real estate. Twenty-three-year-old daughter Kamorina - Nadia lived at the husband with the small child. In the apartment of parents of the husband. She quite often complained of constraint and inconvenience, besides the kid required constant attention and did not allow to sleep to anybody. The hope saw advertizing of construction corporation on the TV too and, once, called the father. She suggested to sell Sergey`s apartment, and to buy in exchange spacious two-room flat in the house under construction. It, say, already rang out several real estate agencies and the sums which can be helped out from sale of batiny housing near the center would be enough with interest for the two-room apartment in the new house.

Let not in the center, but with but with fresh entrances, a roof, bathroom equipment, wall-paper, at last. The girl declared that she already counted everything and advised to be engaged in calculations and to the father. Sergey then took a pencil in the only hand, opened a notebook in a section and to stalschitat all these virtual huge sums in a column. He lost the second hand long ago at work when a mill from Bulgarians unexpectedly burst and as the perfected cutting torch, snatched a hand to the man up to the elbow. So, Sergey considered in a column, and on paper there was very tempting prospect to help the daughter with the solution of housing problems. And he at heart wanted to be closer to the grandson and to live in the house with beautiful arches, fancy turrets and new plastic windows, but not with the falling-out wooden frames of the Soviet era. the Apartment they sold

quickly, the benefit the place it was appreciated, brought an overall cost for big two-room flat in the house under construction moreover a little money remained from above. Began to wait. Kamorin removed a room near the daughter, at the old woman, for ridiculous money. The room was in an awful state, but cheap. Sergey often approached a ditch where his new house will have to grow. Time went, and the house did not grow. Pair of excavators sometimes dug in this ditch, but other equipment it was visible not. And, as soon as these bulldozers and excavators appeared on building, the film crew of local television right there appeared. The PAZ bus brought group of workers in new overalls, on their backs the bright label with the name of the construction organization selling apartments in this the house nonexistent so far flaunted. Yellow helmets shone in sun beams. Workers not just went, and carried out orders of the brisk foreman who continuously ordered and actively gesticulated.

All this went later to air, and the audience saw how it is active, construction of a house what competent, strict people direct the project is not indifferently conducted. At them you will not fool around! But shooting came to an end, workers were hasty loaded in the bus, the equipment rolled on other object as the foreman explained. Transfer of equipment from one object on another - this commonplace in widely large-scale construction - it is instructive he said to gapers and clients that already began to watch the development of an affair and to worry, - There are no Reasons for concern! - the foreman shouted. Heads of civil engineering firm every time promised to begin construction soon for now they, allegedly, waited when the plant releases in enough ecologically safe wall panels for their house. At the same time they emphasized that they are ready to begin to build of simple concrete though tomorrow, but as they care for inhabitants of future house, about their health, about health of their children. About grandmothers, grandfathers, doggies and cats, it is better to wait.

Soon in air began to smell fried also the first appeals to bodies of militia went. The management of firm - the builder arrived simply: disappeared in the unknown direction with all money and even that one excavator that dug a ditch, somehow at night slowly left in the unknown direction forever. And Nadia and her husband did not accept Sergey any more on a billeting when deception was opened. Her father just was out in the street. With one hand, without housing, naturally, without work and almost without money. Who needs the homeless cripple! The hope accused the father of dullness and short-sightedness, and declared that that spoiled to itself(himself) life some iridescent projects. So he began to be homeless.

summer of 2010, forest area on the suburb of Tuleevsk.

of People with a hood on the head moved on the wood zigzags. Went forward, came back. Went quietly, almost silently. Periodically he bent down, darted glances on the parties. Squatted on hunkers. In hands it had a knife. Or rather, knife - it is too strongly told. A convenient folding knife with a short edge which the traveler cut off the coming across mushrooms. With a hood carried a wattled basket where at the bottom already were which - what trophies of mushroom hunting in a hand of people. Big gumboots gave it the finished type of the mushroom picker. However, the mushroom picker, probably, did not understand gifts of the wood at all. Usually, true professionals (and the beginning fans) before throwing a mushroom into a basket, attentively examine it, and only after that decide whether it is worth taking a trophy. The same person gathered all mushrooms in a row, passing a lot of really good. Even noble white, aspen mushrooms and birch mushrooms. At one high tree the mushroom picker was late, sat down, began to smoke a cigarette. Having finished smoking, and having once again studied the district in the district, cast away a hood. Got under the tree basis. The hiding place was reliably hidden from others eyes. The mushroom picker took an oblong subject from there. It was the case for the weapon which is wrapped up in several layers of dense polyethylene. It unpacked all packing, got the sniper gun and brought closer an eye to a sight. Through optics examined vicinities, the look on a birdie on a branch detained. The little bird was filled in with a cheerful, shrill trill. There was a dry sunny day, and feathery rejoiced to the high sky, the warm sun, abundance of food. She did not pay attention to the observer below. At this moment the finger of the owner of a rifle pulled the trigger, but a shot did not follow. The gun was not loaded, and the shooter knew about it.

Having smiled to a little bird who continued the trill, the person began to hide the gun in floors of the long raincoat with a hood. Then he took a basket in hand again and began to leave as suddenly heard an easy crunch of branches behind the back. The matter is that, in connection with elections, the militia began literally pass not to give to Sergey Kamorin, and one sergeant directly to it advised to leave the city for a while. What the BUM also made. Went quite far to the wood where came across the deaf town with huge trees. The cripple built to himself small shalashik, then drank the whole bottle of the cheap vodka bought in shop, jammed all this bread with canned food and was filled up to sleep sluggishly and immoderately. When he woke up and became, groaning, to get out of a tent, saw how the person with a hood and a basket for collecting mushrooms, climbs under a tree. It was surprising to meet live soul here. Sergey stood, but branches under legs foully crackled. The person in a hood already left, but, having heard a crunch of branches, stopped and froze. Stood and became to be removed. Kamorin hid back in a tent and for about one hour sat in it, without getting out. Then went to the » wind; and, the last that he heard in the life, there was a whistle of the heavy Finnish knife flying with a huge speed. The edge easily stitched Sergey`s throat. From - for a tree there was the same mushroom picker, approached the dying poor fellow. The murderer did not hurry. When the tramp published the last rattle, the false mushroom picker took it for legs and dragged to a hollow where there was an excellent place to hide a corpse.


Tuleevsk, the Department of Internal Affairs No. 2, an office of the colonel Melnikov, summer of 2010


- So you found the victims? Whose it is motorcycles? - Fedor Ignatyevich Melnikov creaked a hoarse voice.

- Found them through hospital reports. They in the third bolnichka on treatment. I went to them, talked over.

- And what result?

- Shapovsky children are living. The victims claim that they arrived to Tuleevsk from the city of Shapovsk, and they were robbed by unknown. Boys do not want to cooperate with militia. Said to me that arrived behind some spare part for the motorcycle to the city. With absolutely peaceful intentions. Still I know that their motorcycles in bushes a heap of scrap metal lie. I, using the powers, examined their clothes in a left-luggage office of hospital. And so, on their jackets the same stickers in the form of a bird of prey - the Golden eagle - what on gasoline tanks iron horses in bushes on Foundry. For me good news that all of them are living. Here what I know.

- With peaceful intentions came, speak? Behind the spare part for the motorcycle, you speak? - Fedor Ignatyevich stayed in thoughtfulness.

- So they claim. Lie, of course, but they - victims, how on them to press? It is visible that shapovsky children are already ready to run away from a bolnichka to themselves home. But I know,

as everything actually was. These children arrived behind a peculiar spare part - an envelope with money. It is a tribute which they intended to receive from prostitutes on Foundry. They - members of a gang Golden eagles from the town of Shapovsk. Some time ago, according to my source, on Foundry the tragic scene was played. Couple of tens motorcyclists drove up to women of easy virtue on Foundry. Are armed with baseball bats, chains, pieces of fittings. Frightened girls fatally! Their leader declared that from now on they, that is girls of immoral behavior, will render to its gang tribute for protection racket . Was called the Golden eagle. According to my source, it is shaven, defiant fear the young guy. It is cruel, is able to tell speeches. Even seized one of moths for hair, and a knife cut off it a big ringlet of hair, threw them up that all saw and remembered!

- Cut off hair from the head a knife? - Prokopchuk`s chief asked again.

- Yes, a knife! Directly, as Indian! Only those scalps were removed, and this promised all that if its orders are not executed, then it will return. Also will already cut off the heads, but not hair!

- the Golden eagle, appears, his nickname?

- the Golden eagle. And the gang is called Golden eagles .

- is clear. Means, flew Golden eagles to our city that to take away a piece of criminal pie!

- Precisely! At a raid, one of prostitutes rushed with calls for help to two souteneurs that drove off to have a bite and returned. So Golden eagles to it slightly the head was not hurt! Brought down from legs. It has a concussion.

- And that souteneurs? Protected the wards?

- Tried. Golden eagles their otdubasil so that those will remember it well. My source also reported that the leader of a gang by nickname the Golden eagle, a baseball bat destroyed the car of souteneurs! Carried a windshield, lamps, headlights and other illuminants. Generally, all pokrushit Golden eagles all were frightened. Who was beaten. Ordered to collect a tribute through certain time. And here behind a tribute - that also there arrived these four good fellows that in a bolnichka No. 3 now.

- Means, waited for them already. And motorcycles are not just like that destroyed and as revenge for souteneurs and their car. And a lesson that were not put more on others territory and to the city in general.

- Precisely. Protects prostitutes with Foundry a gang Werewolves with the Stiletto at the head. Our, local. It speaks to you about something?

- Continue! I heard about the Stiletto!

- And so, the Stiletto did not disregard this attack, was prepared. Made an ambush to four messengers of the Golden eagle who a priyekhawhether behind the first tribute.

- And why the Golden eagle did not arrive?


- I do not know. I know only that Werewolves so hospitably met competitors from Shapovsk that those appeared in hospital at us in the city. So, here from where that blood on a grass and scrap metal heaps.

- And that? Now war is planned between shapovsky and tuleevsky? - the colonel was disturbed.

- is similar to that! - Stepan answered.

- The Stiletto ordered to transfer by everything that it and it Werewolves will understand with stray and that prostitutes were afraid of nothing. It nearby. And now nearby six his strong children on motorcycles constantly are on duty. It is clear, that if it is required, there in a moment still pieces twenty fighters will be brought up.

- Means, there will be somewhere a dismantling Golden eagles with Werewolves . Oh! As I do not want that still mertvyak in the city appeared! And so works too much! Press from all directions, especially the administration regional! Even it is difficult to breathe! - on - family complained Millers. - You, Pyotr, peretolkuy with the Stiletto densely! Though it will hardly go for contact.

- Peretolkaya, Fedor Ignatyevich. Surely! - the field investigator nodded.