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How to learn to write verses?

of the Shower haunt! Feelings demand an exit! For people creative it is happy moments. The real poets for expression of the internal state without effort are at proper words and rhymes. Lines and flow on paper. It is given to the people who are not tempted in versification more difficult. Words occur not those, feelings are soon lost, and the result of work time seems ridiculous.

I have for you a good news! Not important, at what level you are at present. The writing of poetry is a skill which it is possible and it is necessary to develop. To reach skill or not is your choice. All of you decided? Then went! the Magic formula of versification

It is formulated by

as follows: + to FEEL the NOBILITY + to IMAGINE = to CREATE

we Will consider in detail each of these points. to Know

That it needs to be known to write better? First of all, we will remember that we know about rhythmics of a verse. Understand rules of alternation of unaccented and shock syllables in line as a meter. Meters share on disyllabic (a trochee and yamb) and trisyllabic (a dactyl, an amphibrach and an anapaest). The rhythm distinguishes verses from prose. We will not consider in detail this point. You will be able to find the description of each meter with examples in the Internet.

Yes, the stage of studying of rhythms can seem boring and difficult. But the main thing to learn to feel them and to distinguish. You should not think for hours of what type of words approaches the chosen size. As soon as you work skill, everything will go much easier.

And whether it is necessary in general, many safely compose verses and without knowledge of the theory? To solve to you. Remember that, having mastered rhythmics, you will say goodbye to inconsistent verses.

One more secret is the knowledge and application of various art means. Metaphor, metonymy, hyperbole, allegory, comparisons - here only the small list of the graphic receptions allowing to make verses less flat.

Daily recitation will become a powerful impulse for you. It is very important stage! Without it do not hope to compose something standing. It is not excluded, as Pushkin could not become the ingenious poet if did not read very much. You will feel how you after reading of the favourite poet will begin to speak verses. Try to alternate classics and works of modern writers. Acquaintance to different styles and forms will increase quality of your verses and will make them less uniform.

Is natural to Feel

that they write always that it concerns. Verses, “written by intelligence“, without soul, will not be able to draw anybody`s attention. Even they will not be of any value for you. Make feeling the main dominant of your creativity. The thoughts directed by live feeling will become more precisely, words - are brighter. Wonder: “What do I feel at present?“

to Imagine

Development of imagination, figurative and associative thinking - necessary skill which will allow you to create the unexpected and clinging images. At someone it is developed well. But if you feel that here your weak place, begin to train it. Level of your verses to a large extent depends on it.

Useful tips

1. Increase the general literacy . Your verses will cause laughter if in them there are violations of coordination of members of offers, misuses of participial and verbal adverb phrases and to that similar mistakes. It is impossible to correct them in poems often.

2. Rhymes have to be exact . In a good rhyme both the shock vowel, and the concordants following it coincides. If first it is difficult to you to think out them, address electronic dictionaries of rhymes.

3. Expand the lexicon . Everything is simple: read - read - read! Books are not only a well of intellectual knowledge, but also a source of words for your lexical stock. Increase of a lexicon - a way to freedom! Also it will be useful to address dictionaries of synonyms.

4. Write as often as possible . Your level of skill directly depends on how often you practice. Write 100 verses, and a little from them, believe, will be tremendous. You remember words E. Hemingway: “I write one page of a masterpiece on ninety one pages of shit, and then my purpose - to throw out shit in a recycle bin“ .

5. Write addresses . There is a question: what to write about? And whether you know that messages are the whole genre of literary works. All great poets - classics wrote poetic addresses. To you always is what to tell your friends, so why not to make it in the form of a verse? It will be pleasant to them, believe.

As soon as you will begin to apply these recommendations, your skill of versification will sharply increase. You will save time and will not enter a creative stupor any more. Progress to you!