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How masterpieces are created? Secrets of poetic kitchen

- Who there?

- Open! It I, your muse.

- At last, was tired of waiting already. So much in the head crowds, and you are not here. As I am glad!

- Only this sloppy sentimentality is not necessary. The make-up slobbered, rumpled a tunic.

- Yes you without tunic would be. Stars of cinema and a platform just jump out of a dress to advertize the silicone delights. And you at your dazzling beauty to be bared not the sin at all, and even god ordered.

- About Apollo you speak? You do not know it. It in off-duty time jingles on a cithara also songs of frivolous keeping of little fools - spoils nymphs. And with subordinates in the Department of Arts just an animal. Gave full-time job on most there is no place, develops constantly new scenarios of actions, and we carry out them. On service all dress - a code is observed: tunic, sandals, lira. We with its help carry out communication and we move. And among people it is necessary to drag it on himself not to draw attention. Heavy, an infection, I at an entrance to an entrance leave it. To hardly anyone it will attract.

- What brought, the darling? Poem?

- Went crazy? Who will master it up to the end presently to read? A rhyme small about sufferings because of parting that long not to bullshit readers.

- Or perhaps about love unearthly we will write?

- Now! To whom is it necessary on this planet? Better about the most great terrestrial value - about money.

- Muse!!! It is not a shame?

- It to you has to be a shame to walk in torn jeans. All your intelligence of doubtful power appears through holes, there is no riddle in you. Young you still, naive, on elevated poetry pull you, and time not that. Now it is fashionable to love money.

Masters of song lyrics Siskin - Masiskin and Mochilin - Vsortirov do not strain, and live in clover. “Mus - pus, a Torah - la - la, love me - and put everything“ on Siskin`s verses - Masiskina all country sings.

And this crushing song from the horror film “Fair Privatization“: “Fifteen applicants for one equity stake, yo - ho - ho - ho! The boss ordered to wet on one“! Mochilin - Vsortirov on it as the poet - the song writer to himself made a name. And state too.

Oligarchs chorus Turkish invite her to the parties to execute and sing along. Very much it to them fitted on heart. However, itself choose about what to write. Today special day - about what you will write, you will receive.

- You advise something about money to compose?

- As you want. Give, the friend, be inspired, and that I also to both celebrities should be in time.

- And in my purse which year of in a row

of the Note do not rustle, coins do not ring.

There now, again I about sick. Wrote nonsense.

- But it is realistic. You are not Roman Abramovich and even not the poor prisoner Mischa Khodorkovsky. It is not pleasant? Create anew.

- I in bright future when the time comes, to Masiskin will repay debts to

. Vsortirov will wait.

- Yes, it is visible at once, to cut cabbage - not your fad. But, time undertook about attract to write, strain finally and give up already this world evil. Yes do not sigh deeply - seams on jeans will finally creep away. Happen such regrettable event - and works, all our with you, will ruin. I am afraid, the degree of your inspiration Kelvin will reduce to zero. Well what there at you still outside asks?

- The ticket lottery was bought by me once

I Jack - sweat won suddenly.

With happiness prokhvatit a diarrhea, not to each

there is it. Not all are so lucky.

Now that`s something like it!

- You about Jack - sweat or about diarrhea? “Not all are so lucky“?

- Muzochka, about Jack - sweat, of course. Now it mine? And diarrhea another time. All right? But only without damage of my reputation of the poet and the person!

- Agreed! Receive the blood. It is happy? Well, so far.

- Flew away … It is necessary to think up still, where to put these denzhishch … Knocks. Forgot something? My God, two enforcers!

- This robbery. Grandmas drive, brains we will knock out not that!

- A muse, return!! Give better about love unearthly!!!


- Called

? Sorry, at Mochilin - Vsortirova was late. Hardly worthy his talent the sum was picked up. Did not ask either love, or sincere advantages. Money, speaks, more reliably. And what it you lost some?

- Muse! Robbed! All acquired by ours with you back-breaking toil bandits took away an hour ago. Why only on money lined me!

- So it was necessary. I explain. It were our people. I told you - today special day. The firm carries out an action on activization of creativity of your writing fraternity. Through an emotional stress. For all poets an action according to the same scenario: a gift from firm, a robbery, shock. Apollo says that the talent ignites with sincere experiences.

For you to receive as a gift love unearthly and right there to lose it death it would be similar. And we should preserve your talent for descendants.

- Therefore on money persuaded?

- That`s it. I see, the shock did not pass for you completely. There is a wish to create? Ripen so far, and I to Mochilin - to Vsortirov navedatsya. Probably, after a robbery wets bitter tears the toilet. But what poetic masterpiece here - here will give out!

And there already and Siskina - Masiskina the time will come to present and afflict. As a result tremendous mus - pus have to turn out at it. Hit of a new season! Fast we will bungle it - and I to you again. I spin, like a squirrel in a cage.

- Come back. At me already the plan ripened. Let`s write contrary to everything the poem of pleasure, let not for contemporaries, and for descendants, - the anthem of life in our amazing country.