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What birdie to choose?

of the Canary, crows, parrots, amazona, a huge number of birds were tamed by the person. The tradition to keep fowls in a cage, at home, as a pet - very ancient tradition. And now, today, many families get houses of birds. But, before taking this step, it is worth reflecting on what after all a birdie to choose.

Birds - interesting beings. They are capable to please hearing and an eye of the person. And, of course, all know about what birds it is possible to teach to tell. To have the bird whom you brought up also itself taught to speak - dream of many. Really, will be what to brag to guests.

However, not everything is so simple. In - the first, without having experience of care of birds, you should not undertake “difficult“ birds. Take in pet-shop an ordinary canary, a wavy popugaychik, for example. They it is simpler. Though with them efforts you will not be gathered.

In - the second, you have to feed, treat the pet, the cage him needs to be kept clean! Then it to you will become attached, and, sooner or later, in case work is enclosed, will please you with the speech or, at least, singing.

In - the third, it is necessary to pick up a cage, good and convenient for a bird. To a bird it has to be “cozy“ on the present. Then your soul for the pet will be quiet.

At last even if the birdie is bought in pet-shop, it is necessary to observe hygiene - to wash hands before contact with a bird then if something happens do not catch an infection.

With leaving, in principle, the situation cleared up a little. So what such a birdie to choose all?

Some will want to support domestic producer, having bought our, Russian bird. Let`s put, from continuous catching it is not easier for Russian bird to live on broad free lands. So it should be taken into account “tropical“ options.

Restless, as bright, as also sociable family of parrots on temper much. Their rolling “Silly women - cancer!“ it is distributed in thousands of houses. At them only one - too they like to gnaw and peck a shortcoming. Coming back to a question of the choice of a cage: to parrots it is necessary sound, “firm“, the cage - wooden most likely will not approach. It will be taken to pieces by a parrot.

Kind and talkative wavy popugaychik too very much will please you. They can have extremely big lexicon, they will surprise not only you, but also your guests.

Amandina, with her very effective appearance, is difficult in leaving. It not only is more beautiful, but also is more expensive. The noble bird whom stuck to live in a gold cage.

There are still crows. They frighten many by the external blackness and some slightly mystical image. Ravens are difficult in the address. But if your purpose - to teach to speak a crow, then this bird yields big result, having become your wise “interlocutor“.

There are birdies who do not speak, but sing so beautifully that their song says to us much more, than words. To listen to such singing, it is possible to buy a canary. A canary - a birdie very unpretentious. There is no place to look after her more simply. At the same time males of canaries will please you with the song nearly all the year round.

Each bird is the, peculiar personality. Therefore in the person of in appearance ordinary, apparently, birdie, you receive the loyal friend.