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What expects us in the future?

Hello, dear readers. And you sometime thought of what expects us in the future? I am sure that at least once, but you asked this question to yourself. Here look only - there is everything: the Internet for fast search of information necessary to us; phone - for communication with people at distance, a photo and video cameras in order that the best moments of our life were remembered to us forever; television - for carrying out leisure and... Well I, of course, could continue this list infinitely, but it as you understand - long. But all of us perfectly know that the science does not stand still and constantly thinks out some novelties. And so, now I would like to provide you information on what will expect us in the future. the Popular newspaper “The Times“ interviewed

at Mitio Kak who told a lot of interesting information, for example, that in 2030 in the world new contact lenses will appear, kotor will be carried by people not only people with a poor eyesight. They will have are instant access to worldwide network and to translate text information from a foreign language on yours. Fantasy? No, development of science and technologies is simple.

Also, to Kak noted that in 2040 people will be able to seize telepathy. You do not trust? Then listen, today in the paralyzed people already implant speialny chips which will help them to write e-mails, to play games and td. Impresses? Then we go further.

Scientific, the same, claim that in 100 years people will be able to fly without problems to space. And not only billionaires will be able to afford it.

we will depart from sciences and technologies of the future Now, and we will talk about another. Here, for example, in 2015 English will be learned by more than 2 millard of people. British will fall into a difficult situation since the majority of them will know only one language - English.

B natural resources of Russia, unfortunately, will be settled 2015. Reserves of oil, radical gold and uranium which made notable profit in the budget of the country will run low by this time.

B will start over again doing to 2018 attempts of development of the red planet - Mars. Scientists already estimated the cost of this project and for today it is the sum of 104 billion dollars.

B the population of the planet will make 2025 8 billion people. (The population of Earth for 2010 made 6, 8 billion people).

B will occur same 2025 successful cloning of the person. Someone will have the double who only for several years will be younger.

I again in 2025 the number of millionaires will exceed 1 billion people.

B from AIDS will die 2028 more than 600 million people. This illness will be recognized as the most dangerous and killing in the history of mankind.

B in the first child will be born 2030 in space.