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Faint: how to give first aid?

Loss of consciousness - the phenomenon widespread. More than 30% of people at least once in life faced it. And as each of us had enough or still it is necessary to observe a faint, useful will be to learn about ways of first-aid treatment.

of the Reason of a faint

Let`s deal with what causes faints at first. At externally similar manifestations of loss of consciousness, the reason of a faint happen the most various. They are always a disturbing symptom of trouble in an organism.

It is known that in the 19th century of the girl fainted much more often. General carrying corsets was the cause. In a pursuit of a narrow waist went on hungry diets and often tired themselves out. As a result, was a professional disease of women of fashion “õëîðîç“ - display of anemia which characteristic sign was faintly - a greenish shade of skin. Anemia was the main background of development of unconscious states.

The physiological reasons of faints can be also warm - vascular and sugar insufficiency, the chronic disease of lungs extended among smokers, violation of work of heart and some other diseases. For this reason at the first emergence of a faint it is necessary to see a doctor.

Quite often the faint happens is caused by stressful situations, sometimes most “trifling“: type of blood, medical needle. Also pregnancy, stay in the stuffy room, blood loss, a long immovability and stay in a sitting position can be the cause for a faint. Loss of consciousness is usually caused by a lack of oxygen of a brain.

faint Symptoms

Characteristic symptoms of a faint are nausea, dizziness, a ring in ears, darkening and flashing in eyes. There is a weakness, arterial pressure decreases, breath becomes superficial. The faint from several seconds to several minutes lasts. It is necessary to notice that a faint in most cases appears at sedentary, the standing and going people. At lying it usually does not arise.

First-aid treatment

the Attack of loss of consciousness is caused by narrowing of a blood-groove to a brain. Therefore, first of all, the patient needs to be laid in such situation that legs were above a trunk. Open all windows. Weaken a collar, and also everything that complicates free breath. Let`s smell liquid ammonia, but it is careful that it did not get on mucous membranes and by that did not cause a burn. Sprinkle the person water. If the patient does not recover within several minutes, call “ambulance“.


should not be forgotten also about prevention of faints. Regular physical exercises as they strengthen blood vessels are extremely useful and improve blood circulation. Daily half-hour walks in the fresh air will be also useful. If you feel approach of a faint, deeply breathe. It will improve a blood-groove in your organism.

Remember that faints very often are a consequence of serious violations in an organism therefore it is worth consulting surely with the doctor. Do not postpone it, only you are responsible for the health.