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Egypt. From where legs at revolution grow?

will make a reservation At once that I realize that I do not know much and I do not understand, but what I understand, is quite enough for a conclusion that not everything is so unambiguous with this revolution as to us broadcast on the Russian mass media. And world too.

I have many friends in Egypt (and itself I am rather often there), they are not oligarchs who could be accused of self-interests at Mubarak`s regime, but also not the poor. The people who made themselves: at one - the dayv - the center, at another - gold shop and a jeweler workshop, at the third - small a rent - carat on 4 cars, the fourth - the realtor, the fifth - the hired employee in travel company, the sixth - the civil engineer, the seventh - the dentist.

As you can see, kompashka very raggletaggle. At us it is called middle class - the base of economy. And so, this middle class shocked by an event. Reasonably there is a question: and who all those “millions“ which did “revolution“ in Egypt and tried to crush a pearl of world heritage - the Cairo museum?

At once I will tell - I do not know. And I only know that:

1. It is not millions, and it is significantly less.

2. They to Cairo were carried by buses from country depth.

3. The main loud-hailer of the events - the channel of Al - Dzhazira, the old enemy and Mubarak`s opposition.

4. Egyptians with middle-income on a family of an event do not support.

5. Rich Egyptians (it is possible to tell, oligarchs) already left the country and observe everything from the Emirates, Turkey, Greece, England or Cyprus, or are under arrest.

6. Mubarak`s rating in the people is rather high to this day. At least, is significantly higher, than we have ratings of a ruling clique. But it does not prevent to keep it under arrest.

In general, I have certain associations with Russia of 1917 when the initiative small group on the German financing, at silent non-interference of the people in general and with assistance of part of the deceived army, could take Winter with all the known consequences.

And now give more seriously. For a start it would be desirable that all had an understanding about Egypt as about the country. I drew a conclusion long ago that the most honest and adequate idea is given by viewing of magazines of real estate. I recommend become interested to visit some website trading in real estate in Egypt and to attentively look - what is on sale as for what money.

We go further. What represents Egypt geographically? The most unique location! It at the same time both in Africa, and in Asia (Sinai) that gives it the chance to influence policy in both of these regions.

The Suez Canal connecting the Mediterranean and Red Sea deserves a separate mention. In - the first, it besshlyuzovy, in - the second, without it the way to round of Africa increases by 8000 km, in - the third, it is strategically important all (!) to seaworthy world powers. Only for post-crisis 2009 - y by it there passed nearly 35000 large-capacity ships. That is the one who controls Suez - controls world economy.

If mentioned crisis, in the separate line I will tell that Egyptians answer the question “How Crisis Was Reflected in You?“: “What? Well, we on TV heard something about it“. And it not because they are idiots but because it was not reflected in their life.

I will give price level in rubles that there was an understanding, about what I:

- 1 liter of gasoline - 8 rub 20 kopeks;

- 1 kg of strawberry - 25 rub;

- 1 kg of potato - 10 rub;

- 1 kg of fresh-caught fish - 15 rub;

- journey in a minibus - 5 rub

are farther. Agriculture . The valley of Nile, as well as 5000 years ago, feeds a lot of people. You when the last time bought potato? Looked from where it? 99 of 100 that Egyptian. And taking into account the future problems with the food this “trump card“ of Egypt becomes simply not killed.

Cotton . According to experts - textile workers, it remains to the best in the world to this day. How you think where there is production of overwhelming number of world textile brands? In China? There only the mass cheap model range is sent away. Low-quality. In Europe? Ridiculously … Correctly, in Egypt. My acquaintance very much was surprised when he on a shildika of the jeans bought in company shop of Prado in Vienna found the inscription “manufactured in Egypt“.

Oil . Egypt is an oil-producing country, and cost of production several times is less, than in the Russian Federation or where - nibud in Texas or Norway. Comments are excessive.

The Sumed oil pipeline capable in days to miss 2,3 million barrels...

we will not touch the tourist`s industry, with it and its profitability and so everything is clear.

Argument that in Egypt is made by many automobile world brands, Mercedes and VAZ (itself was surprised) including, against the aforesaid already somehow grows dim.

Now about Mubarak . Tyrant? Yes! Usurped the power? Yes! Whether is it dissatisfied? Of course and! But in general in the people it is extraordinary popular, and looking at the prices, it is possible to understand why. Plus to everything, it does not twist a nut, unlike our authorities, in economy of small and medium business does not climb at all.

The firm within 5 years from the moment of the education is exempted from taxes in general! A real estate tax worth up to $100 000 (and it is just a national segment) - zero! A transport tax - some there absolutely the kopeks unworthy even of a mention! The communal flat on the apartment of 95 sq.m is located in $100 a month together with electricity, water, service, gardening and cleaning!

So information which is spread around in mass media that allegedly “the hungry and indignant people groaning under oppression … a bla - a bla - the bla …“, does not maintain any criticism.

Of course, in any country (the Russian Federation, the USA, full Europe - not an exception) there are elements marginal, dissatisfied with all. I will not argue. Here who brought together them, organized, provided with food, water and transport - why about it nothing is told?

Everything is spontaneous? All right, do not lie - from Aswan (as an example) to Cairo about 1000 km, they on foot there to hold a meeting and plunder shops reached?

Well it too, however, all right. A question in another - why and for whose account?

Egypt in the next years will be a kernel of world economy and policy, a certain gray cardinal about whom many even did not hear, but nevertheless it - that somehow influences their life. And over time this its influence taking into account the aforesaid has to increase.

Here who wanted to take by Mubarak`s change and establishment of the puppet government under control so significant knot? This the real question about which it would be necessary to speak!