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In what insidiousness and cynicism of the female pickup?

are A little “lyrics“: from the point of view of pikapersh, the woman changing men as gloves feels like the true queen. And the queen - it is obligatory that to whom submit. And not just submit, and stay the real puppets in hands of skilled puppeteers.

Moreover to get acquainted and untwist on sex or even to get to fall in love as much as possible men for the sake of an entertainment - it is very important for a raising of a self-assessment of the woman. And men get out the most attractive and remote. And, of course, pikapersh solve with whom to them to sleep.

At pikapersh the question is not necessary as it is successful to marry - they whether the tyk method solve this problem, whether the law of large numbers: the bigger number of men will be tested for a role of the partner in life, the choice will be more right. But, anyway - women really choose, “sifting“ hundreds of applicants …

A severe man`s “reality“ now: such women - top of cynicism, insidiousness and even meanness. And that is why:

In - the first, the woman - pikapersh beat the most weak man`s spot - they show interest in their sincere experiences. It is known that men like to talk about themselves, favourite. And the “genuine“ attention of the woman to its inner world, to it “gained and unexpressed“ so discourages that it becomes similar to the small trustful child … Badly “small“ to deceive.

In - the second, pleasant surprise for men a certain independence of women looks - they never ask about anything, do not encroach on their personal vital space. Do not demand at all and do not wait. They do not “strain“ them - only artfully spin networks and wait when men by kindness sincere offer … They will ruthlessly take then all.

In - the third, knowing as men are eager for female delights, women - pikapersh skillfully use a so-called kinestetika - they the first begin to touch men with the concerning forms. The first gently and tenderly kiss … Allow them a lot of things so that from man`s critical consciousness there is no anything left.

In - the fourth, unlike the ordinary women striving for various sexual impressions (“idle“ as in the people speak), women - pikapersh not always bring the matter to sex. Warmed by improbable female sexuality and believed in the next night of love, the man already absolutely was left without “roof“ - demolished it from such woman. And the woman is cold and cynical in the thrift … Prostitutes are angels in comparison with it.

In - the fifth how such woman can think seriously of a marriage, especially - about education of children? On belief pikapersh “to dig“ to itself the interesting hero, it is necessary to dig over a lot of “slag“. Comments are almost excessive - “from a ryabinka will not give rise to an apelsinka“. In my opinion, such women cannot have children.

In - the sixth if ladies to whom it is far for thirty succeeded in the female pickup - managed “to enchant“ the inexperienced young man who has hormones “too much“, then for certain in this world will soon go - to wander one more deformed soul. It is unlikely after female lie (which will surely open) the man will manage to recover quickly … Quite perhaps, at this time it will pass by that which waits for it.

In conclusion there is a wish to tell that the female pickup is a mean phenomenon. Vile and unnatural … Hunting behind male hearts and purses will not bring anything, except the broken hearts and holes in the family budget. There is no such fashion - “to matrosit and throw“ men, there is an immemorial aspiration to be a faithful companion to the man for the rest of life.