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Hunting for werewolves. The extremely topical novel - the detective story. Chapter 7.


G. Tuleevsk, Pyotr Prokopchuk`s apartment. 1 hour 32 minutes of night.

- And let`s discuss legal aspects of philosophy of Freud once again? - Olesya Viktorovna Tashkova, the secretary of the colonel Melnikov whispered on an ear to Prokopchuk. Guy already really “ was sleepy “ lying in a bed. It slightly opened the sticking together eyes and zaprichitat:

- As? Again?! I cannot more today! Well, it on figs, this Freud! I want in Morpheus`s kingdom!

- Well, all right, all right, the kid! - slightly Olesya, &ndash took offense; You and so tried today wonderfully well! Sleep, sleep, meeting with Melnikov on an operational situation tomorrow.

- I Know. What there will be - that on the agenda? - asked, yawning, Pyotr.

- Prevention of household murders, robberies, plunders of state ownership, autostealings. Now it is very hot topic before elections.

- And the died motorcyclists?

- They faded into the background so far. Timur`s murder still somehow is discussed, and explosion old “ Rising “ almost forgot. A cap - that there was sonny neither deputy, nor the person, famous in the city. The ordinary boy from a working family. I heard that the city traffic police is going to toughen requirements to technical condition of motorcycles, to forbid operation old and worn-out. The city hall is already going to allocate funds for purchase three modern Japanese “ Kawasaki “ that the traffic police had an opportunity at least to catch up with the motorcyclist - the violator of traffic regulations. And by cars of militia them not to catch that: on the motorcycle the offender - nyrk to the yards or in the wood. Also was such is.

- would be good if buy!

- Only when all this is made! Years can pass!

- And here tell me, the beauty! Knows millers about us with you? - transferred conversation to a subject, actual for itself the militiaman.

- Yes calm down you! It is my private life! To what to speak to it - that? I am a woman free! I will want, I will meet ten men!

- With ten? - was surprised, was, the young man, but did not begin to develop a subject as the dream wave rolled again and covered a brain. Soon he already peacefully snuffled, slightly smacking the lips in a dream.

Pyotr, as well as his younger brother, Stepan Prokopchuk, loved chocolate and chocolates and, probably, it dreamed the seas of melted and warm chocolate in which it bathes and smeared with it as cream for suntan. Olesya Viktorovna with tenderness looked at the young guy, lowered light and buried in glossy women`s magazine “ It is cosmopolitan “. Olesya Tashkova considered herself as the independent, loveful woman. A voluminous nutbrown hair, a flexible figure, all this promoted considerable interest in it from an opposite sex. Since young years at it was on some lovers and this state of affairs it quite arranged. They made advances in a different measure to its whims that extremely was pleasant to it. With Pyotr, however, she behaved very softly, to own surprise.


After meeting with the colonel Melnikov Fedor Ignatyevich police officers effort control over household crimes and autostealings. Joint night raids of traffic police and police officers became frequent, it was checked regarding stealing the maximum quantity of motor transport. Thus, the coming elections to city council of People`s Deputies returned to some inconsolable owners the stolen cars. District police officers carried out next, this time more rigid conversations with brawlers and violators of public tranquility. Some especially zealous disturbers of an order were placed on administrative detention for fifteen days with a performance duty socially - useful works.

And when wives of these fighters, rowdies, house tyrants went down the street, it was extremely pleasant to them to see the men who are ineptly sweeping streets, painting a fencing of the fences collecting garbage in huge black garbage bags. Some of wives and mothers of these poor creatures even began to be proud of the “useless“ men and sons. Several women got acquainted with each other, quickly approached because of discussion of “stronger sex“ and began to go to look at convicts on socially - useful works as on a wonder. - it is so unusual to

to see It how wash something with hands does! The fence, for example, paints, but not behind beer since morning runs! It is so interesting to observe it how it works as puts dabs paint, admires results of the work! - one of wives in interview of regional TV company explained. - It directly as the artist, as Michelangelo, looks at the cloth! Yes, let here not a canvas, but fence, but all the same it too peculiar (let under duress), but - creativity! Perhaps, it will be pleasant to it, he will stop kicking up a row, to me to give punches, and will be fond of painting and will become not the drunkard, but the artist! Many of them fed similar hopes. However, soon the situation changed again.

G. Tuleevsk

, summer 2010

Message that all on the same Veernaya Embankment one more motorcyclist is killed blew up the city. The bullet carried a helmet and the head to twenty-year-old Alexey Ladynin - to the son of the director of a « retail network; Beauty “ Vasily Stanislavovich Ladynin. In the people rumors and analogies with « at once spread; Washington sniper “ which killed people absolutely unfamiliar to it in the USA. And, it had no special motive.

Still said that war of business for repartitions of spheres of influence as children of large businessmen perish began. Others claimed that they just bored someone continuous noise and races of bikers on city streets and, not in forces to influence this situation, this person just began to shoot motorcyclists. The third assumed that someone liked to shoot at moving targets, as in a dash. Pass - the conveyor with targets runs, the shooter shoots, figures fall. Or not. Rumors went different. Up to that a certain loony began to hate motorcyclists, got somewhere the sniper gun, and now kills for the sake of own pleasure.

Pyotr considered all versions. Before it the conclusion of ballistic examination lay. The shot was made from Dragunov`s rifle, approximately from the same distance in seven hundred &ndash again; eight hundred meters, only the angle of entry of a bullet into the head differed from the first victim. Means, the murderer changed dislocation. Also other parameters of a bullet, such as the cutting width, her steepness and a step coincided. It was fired from extended forest area that a long dark wall rose ashore. Veernaya Embankment went just along the river. The site of the massif was searched with guard dogs, but traces of the sniper and any other proofs of his stay it was revealed here not. Sitting in an office at Melnikov Pyotr took in hand photos from a crime scene. It was terrible to look at a corpse: the shot carried to Alexey Ladynin the head as a water-melon. Hands and legs of the victim are unnaturally twisted. Splinters of a blue helmet of protection are scattered on the carriageway. The part of them are blood-stained. And here « brand motorcycle; » Honda; again did not suffer. “ Well, it is necessary to visit the regional center again. To the nice city Zelenodar! “ - Prokopchuk thought.


Mr. Zelenodar, the regional center, the million-plus city, summer of 2010


- We have no relation to death of the son mister Strelnikov! - measuredly the director of regional fuel company « repeated; Terrarius “ Nikolay Omelin, - And about the director`s son “ Beauty “ and it is not necessary to speak! “ Beauty “ - it is perfumery, it is not so our profile. And would not come to our mind to do harm to the child! In the statement mister Strelnikov accuses us of terrible sins, nearly of infanticide. He is sure that it we subject it and members of a city administration to threats and blackmail. All these charges are groundless! I and told last time it to you!

- But we have audio recordings of threats! - Pyotr noticed. He sat at office of the « company; Terrarius “. Nikolay Arnoldovich Omelin answered questions and at the same time rotated walnuts in palms.

- is mentioned In these threats a company name “ Terrarius “? - in turn Omelin took an interest and few times scrolled nuts in a palm.

- Directly about it it is not told, - Prokopchuk evaded the question.

- you know, Pyotr! After murder of the son, Pavel Afanasyevich Strelnikov absolutely turned obstinate and does not want to enter with us in any dialogue. Moreover, as far as I knew, he makes plans of vengeance! It, in - the first. In - the second, murder of the teenager and so considerably complicated to us upholding of our interests in your city. Image of infanticides - it is terrible image for any normal person and the company! Understand you, at last, that this murder brought us one troubles and difficulties! Also try to inform of this thought mister Strelnikov. You often meet it in your city?

- Happens, - vaguely the field investigator answered.

- yes understand you! We did not send murderers to Tuleevsk! - with pressing the head of “Terrarius“ told. - Think: it would be much more reasonable to push aside an obstacle which prevents us to enter on the market of the city. Namely - Strelnikov Pavel Afanasyevich. But not to go in a roundabout way. Especially, such terrible, brutal! Prokopchuk listened to

. Omelin continued to warm up fingers of hands, rolling walnuts in a palm.

“ And there is in his words a logic! “ - reflected operas, - “ Definitely is. Though Strelnikov received threats from - for the fuel project. In their other occasion was not. Or we know nothing of them “.

the Colonel Melnikov was convinced, as well as many others of the city that Timur Strelnikov and Alexey Ladynin fell the victim of dismantling in business. He recommended to Prokopchuk to press, whenever possible, on “ Terrarius “ to work with the Zelenodarsky Department of Internal Affairs and prosecutor`s office more densely. Pyotr knew that Strelnikov has influence on the mayor, and the mayor, in turn, presses on the city Department of Internal Affairs. The public opinion is extremely important in such business. Image of the company of the infanticide can bar easily the way “ alien “ to firm - just Omelin`s corporations. And Omelin - an old bird. The rich and influential person in the region. “ It is easy to tell - to press! As here you will press when a direct evidence is not available! “ - argued operas. And the management “ Terrariusa “ personally Omelin notified militia of Tuleevsk that are ready to give any help in investigation of murders in the city in which they plan to be proved seriously and for a long time. It - if literally. And it is very unpleasant that the name “ Terrarius “ can equate in the heads of citizens to the concept “ predators “ “ murderers “ “ dirty competition “. The CEO of the company Omelin Nikolay Arnoldovich even gave interview to tuleevsky television in which expressed desire to carry out free repair in city hospital No. 1 of Tuleevsk, it was really necessary. It is enough to tell that the last repair was dated the beginning of the eightieth years of last century. Times still Soviet Union. It turned out, its owners are ready to spend considerable funds for positive image of the company. What does not match image of firm in any way - infanticides. No, from this point of view terrible crimes in Tuleevsk are unprofitable to “Terrarius“.

Tuleevsk, on September 16, 2009, the indoor parking space near jeweler salon “ Gold Alligator “

- the Main thing - suddenness! - explained the Stiletto, the leader of a gang “ Werewolves “ ward Lech - Skepke “ and to Vitya Porogin by nickname “Claw“. - Look! In that shop, - he pointed by the screw-driver to « salon; Gold Alligator “ people go with money. Will ask the price. Or just to look on “ red “.

is hto such? Shop assistants? I was &ndash there; it is mute red there! - scratched Lech Skrepk`s nape. - Oh, you! Well you and brake!! So gold in underworld call! - explained the Stiletto.

- And - and - and! And what it I asked? I know all this! I to you not a finger forced! I, wons, the Claw only wanted to check! And itself - that I know all this! And here the Claw still it is necessary to ask...

- Do not distract! - the leader « killed verbalizations of the fellow; Werewolves “. - Tell - me, Skrepk how you will choose object?

- If only a handbag was more! “ Bucks “ there gets much! I on “ to a box “ saw hundreds of times!

- And you, the Claw what you think? - The stiletto turned to Vitya Porogin. That nervously gnawed nails on the left hand. Because also received the nickname.

- is good to have aiming. So the increasing thieves work.

Vitya Porogin served in army, to him there was the twenty second year. Strong physically, to army worked the milling-machine operator. Passionate love it flared to motorcycles which was able to repair perfectly as well as cars. Tested constant thirst for an opposite sex that quite naturally for its age. However, girls did not reciprocate to it as Porogin did not differ in pleasant appearance. And the guy lacked money for life. In search of crazy and fast means it also got to a gang. The stiletto took it for force and excellent combativity.

- You did not grow to aimings yet! But, at Vitka though something in a head cooks him! And you, Skrepk, “ fig “ you do not catch mice! Here the aunt some with a large leather bag will come into salon. And what to plunder it? Nonsense! I to you speak that people can and come just like that into shop, take a look, dream, at last, of a beautiful bracelet with diamond, for example! And with itself not to have money! And here such aunt after « will come; dairy “ where will buy the sucker - the husband a bottle of kefir and a pack of cottage cheese for the morning and yogurt to the lokhovsky sonny, and later just will want to admire, as a hobby, in jeweler salon beauty of pebbles and “ ryzhya “. And what at it valuable, except kefir and yogurt? Horse-radish! First of all, “ Werewolves “ pay attention to appearance! Look narrowly that for jewelry hang on girlfriend what shoes she wears. That for clothes. If on the young woman the fur coat from natural fur is thrown if you see “ ryzhya “ on it there is a lot of, it - our client! Notice that at it in ears, on wrists what rings on hands. If only one wedding, it any more not that! Any married woman carries it now! I will teach you to distinguish the real fur from artificial. Look narrowly, remember. The main thing, you understood how to work? From salon stand apart, to kill the engines, it is even better a little in bushes or in a shadow of a big tree “ to zanykatsya “. The woman of meters for three hundred then act will depart! Quickly, it is reserved and is effective how the real werewolves! And without production do not come back. I see?

- is clear what here not to understand! - children began to nod.

the Stiletto mistrustfully yawned.


Fall of 2008, Tuleevsk, the apartment in the house near jeweler salon “ Gold Alligator “ the Young girl shook 18 hours 40 min.


the head in front of the mirror and cast away sideways a bang of a fair hair. She looked at the reflection and smiled. Since the childhood she liked to dream, is skillful to represent herself, the fairy godmother, the angry crooked old woman, the princess who pines at a window waiting for appearance of the fantastic prince. The childhood passed, and in her life the real favourite young man Let appeared he approached not on a white horse, as in her imaginations, and on white “ To » Toyota“ but the analogy to children`s dreams was available. She was 24 years old recently. Youth and love filled her heart, she was going to get married for Pyotr Olyalin. The young man worked as the manager in department of marketing of tuleevsky plant of reinforced concrete designs, loved sport, white cars and future spouse. Margarita Galperina without effort presented herself in a white veil of the bride with an air cream hat and the pinned flower, in graceful snow-white gloves. On a wrist a curved bracelet from gold with impregnations from jewels. No, it not bright, not elaborate, namely graceful. This real work of jeweler art as the girl considered. She saw it in jeweler salon more than once, approached to admire its sides, a play of light in stones and when Pyotr Olyalin asked that his bride as a gift wishes, long fair-haired beauty did not hesitate.

She, owing to youth and vivid imagination, liked to make impression on men. Followed the fashion, wore shoes on a hairpin, used the real and expensive French perfume. Her parents - ordinary people. Mother - teacher, father - engineer. They could not support financially Margarita`s aspiration to expensive things, but the prince on white « appeared; To » Toyota; also began to indulge the young girl. Pyotr and Margarita met more than a year. During this time the manager of plant of reinforced concrete designs gave many gifts of Galperina. Everything went to a wedding.

- Margo! - the girl heard a weak voice of mother, - Give I with you I will go!

- is not necessary, mother, lie! You need to recover! And on the street it is windy. You in a drugstore still need something?

- Thanks, the daughter! Everything is. Come back quicker!

Margarita put on over a blouse an easy cape from a sable, easily pulled shoes on hairpins. Again looked in a mirror. “ Beauty and only! It was lucky my future husband with me! “ - not unreasonably the bride thought.

the Girl clinked thin high heels on the sidewalk, wind inflated floors of an easy coat from a sable, the fashionable leather skirt with a small section rustled when walking. Margarita felt easily and surely, with a faint smile noticed how men turn around in her following. The tipsy guy overtook for Galperina and tried to get acquainted. Beauty quietly “ sent away “ annoying gentleman. In ten minutes it came into elegant doors of jeweler salon “ Gold Alligator “ where was going to buy that graceful bracelet and a wedding ring, and at desire still ear rings and a pendent. Petya generously supplied the bride with money. Day promised to be wonderful.

- You saw this girlfriend in a coat? - asked Lech Skrepk Vitya Porogin.

- And that! Such it is necessary to notice! - the Claw grunted in reply.

- “ Cabbage “ at it to see, as on vegetable warehouse! I am sure, to us not to find the best object! Especially, one chapat! The husband, probably, at work of a vein tears that to execute its whims, and she on boutiques gads.

- Such is worth it. If we and get today nothing, then the Stiletto will expel us, on horse-radish! This girlfriend - our client. Galperina bought


in salon only the most desired - bracelet. Neither rings, nor earrings, nor pendents were pleasant to it. But with this jewelry it was possible not to hurry. Main thing - bracelet. “ And for days off we will go to Zelenodar! There and the choice is more, and jewelry stores the sea! “ - the girl thought, slowly coming back home. It densely pressed a handbag with purchase and the remained money an elbow to a body. Passersby met halfway. Margarita did not pay attention to a motorcycle engine crash behind herself, she did not manage to think at all that occurred! Some powerful force jerked a handbag from a shoulder, her body departed on the sidewalk, and the head strongly hit against a border. The consciousness instantly left it, accurately laid locks of a fair hair began to become covered darkly - red blood from the punched skull. As women cried around, the bride did not hear any more. The motorcycle without registration number, without stickers, difficult definable brand, with the driver and the passenger in not striking clothes and in protective helmets, promptly left towards the narrow yards. At the same time the person behind the driver strong pressed to himself expensive ladies` handbag with the torn-off handles.