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What to eat during a heat? Once again about cold soups

Here and the summer came … This year it is from the very first days such roast that in the head by itself Pushkin lines arise and turn: “Ah, glorious summer, I would love you when not dust and heat and mosquitoes and flies“.

However except food spiritual, whatever one may do, it is necessary to be supported and physically. And cold soup for this purpose is necessary as it is impossible more by the way.

About okroshkas on pages of the magazine it is written already so many that it is simply awkward to continue. Gazpacho and botvinye appeared too. Therefore I want to offer recipes which were not published yet.

Holodnik vegetable

we Will cook the peeled beet (1 piece) also we will chop straws or we will rub. Let`s hard-boil 2 eggs. We will cut couple of fresh cucumbers with bars. Let`s chop several branches of fennel and several feathers of green onions (it is desirable - with lukovichka) and we will pound with salt, we will add a mustard teaspoon to greens.

Having mixed all products, we will fill in with mix of kefir or curdled milk (about 1 l) with 1 - 2 tablespoons of beet broth and the same quantity of a cucumber brine. Let`s sustain in the refrigerator up to the required temperature, and when giving in portion plates we decorate a holodnik with segments of eggs. Holodnik berry

we Take

250 - 300 of berries (strawberry, raspberry, currant), we pound (or we wipe through a sieve) from 100 g of sugar. (Or liquid kefir) we add 1 glass of sour cream to 1 l of sour milk, properly we stir and we fill in berries. We give with wheaten toasts.


of Tyur

From a half-loaf of black bread we cut off crusts, we slice, we dry in an oven and we rub with garlic (how many will take, on average 1,5 - 2 cloves), we cut on cubes and we spread in a bowl. We crush and add 0,5 bulbs, and green onions, spicy herbs and salt - to taste.

Generally - all this. It was necessary to fill in with kvass and at once to give. They say that kvass can be replaced with potato broth, but I did not try and somehow there is no wish.

Cold Norwegian borsch with herring

Boiled beet we cut thin straws, to steam of boiled potatoes - cubes, 125 g of a salty herring - too. Small we slice several feathers of green onions and 2 - 3 branches of fennel. For filling we add a glass of low-fat meat or chicken broth to a glass of kefir, slightly we shake up mix a nimbus. We salt to taste.

Preliminary the wetted white loaf (100 g, I prefer a baguette) we connect Salmorekho`s

to 1 kg of the tomatoes peeled of a thin skin and 2 garlic gloves, we crush in the mixer. At will it is possible to add apple cider vinegar, sugar and pepper to taste. And if there is no time or an opportunity to potter with tomatoes, then they can be replaced with liter of dense tomato juice. We draw mix in the refrigerator, - the longer, the better. When giving we add bars of a meat balyk (30 g or more if it wants), 30 g of olive oil, segments of two eggs.

Tomato sheep cheese soup

Is pounded by

with salt 2 garlic gloves, we add a half-glass of grated sheep cheese and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. We fill in pulp of tomatoes (1,5 glasses) with a glass of water and we shake up to a uniform consistence. We mix products, we add salt, sugar, ground pepper to taste. When giving we strew with small chopped parsley.

Soup on ayran

1. Small we cut 8 redisok, we rub 4 small fresh cucumbers without peel and a garlic glove, we chop greens (on a small bunch of green onions, fennel, steam of branches of mint). We fill in with cold ayran, we add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and we mix.

2. My favourite recipe. It is simple to impossibility: in 0,5 l of ayran (or a yogurt) we throw a handful - another of boiled rice and as much - chopped cilantro. That`s all. It turns out quickly and tasty.