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Hunting for werewolves. The extremely topical novel - the detective story. Chapter 6.



Tuleevsk, Liteyny Avenue, summer of 2010 - y year.

the Childhood friend of Stepan Prokopchuk - Dmitry Stupitsin, with indifference looked on the “moths“ walking on Foundry. He already got used to them, as to the integral landscape of the prospectus. They did not disturb it. He lived on Chugunnaya Street, and to the place of work of girls of easy behavior left to walk the favourite - a sheep-dog by the name of Bella. Today there was a day off, weather stood warm, solar. Dmitry put on a sports suit, sneakers on a high sole as he decided to warm up thoroughly this morning, having run about with Bella in the and her pleasure. The owner and a dog crossed the prospectus and went deep there where waste grounds and numerous bushes closely nestled to Foundry. Stupitsin bent, took a long thick branch from the earth, the sharp movement broke it about a knee. As a result in a hand at it it appeared otlomok from a half a meter in length. The owner of a sheep-dog lifted a stick over the head and loudly shouted:

- Bella! Bella! Watch what I for you have! the Dog ceased to play

, stared at Stupitsin and at once understood everything. For pleasure her tail began to move to and fro very quickly as though the accelerated pendulum. The owner offered favourite entertainment: to chase the thrown elementary toy.

- Well that, we will go, we leave and we will run about! - cheerfully Dmitry offered a dog and strongly threw a stick on the waste ground. Bella was immediately thrown to look for and select otlomok branches. Stupitsin in a sports suit and almost new sneakers ran after a dog. Then it several times showered a stick in bushes. In the last throw there was unusual: Bella, instead of grasping to young people canines a piece of a piece of wood and to bring to the owner, began to sniff to the earth and to bark. Stupitsin ran up to the place where the dog fussed, and was taken aback: the grass in this remote part of the waste ground was covered with red spots and trampled thoroughly down. The man did not create special illusions about an origin of these traces. It is, for certain, blood, but not paint. “Here obviously someone was beaten. Or even killed!“ - Dmitry thought. He looked round around and noticed that the wheel whether the motorcycle, whether the moped nearby sticks out of a dense bush. But not the bicycle, it precisely. Painfully wide rubber with relief drawing of a protector. Curiosity got the best, and Stupitsin approached closely bushes and even put in them a little. Moved apart prickly rods and exclaimed:

- Wow! Yes here a cemetery of motorcycles!

Before it on the earth lay four razkurochenny motorcycles. The broken headlights, bent spokes of wheels, the broken gasoline tanks, the bent system of ignition and supply of fuel. Dmitry recoiled back, examined vicinities on as much as possible. Signs that exactly here someone was killed and dug, at first sight it was not succeeded to find. But the fact that there was something terrible, obviously. Stupitsin wandered a little more, studying vicinities, reflected and asked aloud Bella:

- As you think, once Stepan Prokopchuk calls? Its brother, Pyotr, apparently, in city militia works?

the Dog wagged a tail.

- Or 02 to call at once? - the young man mumbled.

Bella turned the head sideways.

- Or in general not to call anywhere? Home we will go? What to us in general to all this business?

a sheep-dog responded To this offer dissatisfied bark.

- is clear! Means, we call Stepke! Eh! And from what it we with you, the beauty, such not indifferent citizens?!

the Sheep-dog lowered a muzzle to the earth.

Dmitry got the cell phone and pressed the memory button. Bella with the raised ears listened to conversation of the owner as though she understood the human speech. Sheep-dogs have such widely open eyes and, looking in them, apparently, that the dog really understands about what people talk.

- Yes, you represent! - Dmitry spoke in a tube, - the Waste ground meters in hundred from Liteyny Avenue. I speak to you, Stepa, it is blood! Here all grass of a pritoptan and four at all smashed the motorcycle. As though their some Hulk ruined! Who such Hulk? Green such, huge person who can grab the tank and throws it as a handball ball! You what, you do not watch film at all?! Yes, huge, green. No, I have not a delirium tremens! To cause militia? Yes they will wear out me on evidence, and your brother serves in it. It can be interesting to it. Corpses? No, I did not find corpses. Come, look at itself. Or to Pyotr tinkle, he will send a dress. Here something very bad happened, it is impossible to disregard it! And? All right! Got that! Yes there is nothing, Stepa. See you again!

. Tuleevsk, forty five minutes later, the waste ground at Liteyny Avenue


Pyotr Prokopchuk considered a scrap metal heap which was called motorcycles until recently. The militia cynologist Pavel Limonov with a dog, again cut circles on the district and adjacent bushes. Half an hour later Pyotr interrogatively looked it. That negatively shook the head. Pyotr approached Limonov and asked:

- you Think, they were killed here and brought corpses still where - nibud?

- is possible, - Pavel evasively answered. - All right would plunder expensive wheelbarrows - “Kawasaki“, “Yamahas“, “Hondas“. And in bushes - the real second-hand articles: “Izh“, one forced “Rising“, two Dnieper. And stickers on tanks with some bird, you did not notice?

is a golden eagle. Moreover, drivers of these Izhey and Dneprov, seemingly, not local children. I at us did not see them. In the light of the last death of motorcyclists in our city, this find strongly disturbs me. Millers and the city hall are pressed and how to me to track down the murderer or these murderers? One shot - one corpse. Passes into nothingness, - the field investigator frowned.

- What your killer uses? - Limonov took an interest.

- the Sniper rifle of Dragunov. SVD - an eshka as lovingly it is called in military spheres.

- Yes! It is serious. And here at first a fight was, on the waste ground, and only then motorcyclists were killed. But what for? their equipment you will not sell expensively. No, here not your sniper worked, - Limonov bent and stroked the dog by nickname the Gourmet. there is no

of Corpses therefore to speak about murders rather early. If it is my killer, then he absolutely went balmy. It turns out, he fought with four motorcyclists here, “killed“ them, and took away corpses? It is not glued, some marasmus turns out! All right, it will be necessary to look at reports on the city attentively. Perhaps from hospitals information will give something.

Pyotr knew that Pavel Limonov differs in extreme sociability and has a set of acquaintances in the most different spheres. Eight years ago it served on border where perfectly coped with duties of the frontier guard by means of the chetverony friend - a regular army dog. To army, esteem, since the childhood adored Pasch pottering with a miscellaneous dog. And those in turn also favored this cheerful fellow. Here and now, already serving in militia, Limonov consisted almost in all known film logical clubs of the city where people from the most different segments of the population entered. Here such democracy with a dog bias. Limonov in 28 years looked the real dandy out of official service. It is always well dressed (the benefit the additional income from sale of puppies allowed not to live in misery), high, stately even. Therefore Pyotr also asked one more thing:

- the Pasha! You have exit on “moths“ what on this prospectus hang out?

- Was one acquaintance. Only why to you these street girls? I to you will adjust phone of such cool brothel that there you in a moment will forget about mertvyaka! You will plunge into the sea of paid love beautiful, however!

- Well, joke, joke further. Only little girls with Foundry could see something. Nevertheless occurred absolutely near their place of work. I will go, I will talk over with them, but is sure that the result will be as always: “I know nothing“, “saw nothing“. And here we are engaged not in prostitution, and air we breathe, we walk to and fro instead of fitness.

- Yes I, Petya understood, your thought. I will try, I will ventilate this question. As soon as what I find out, I will report.

They said goodbye.

G. Tuleevsk, summer of 2010. Veernaya Embankment


the Sniper softly pulled rifles the trigger. Almost in the same second the two-wheeled “horse“ who is bringing up the rear from tens of motorcyclists exploded on the run. The shooter also marked at a gasoline tank. This time, the driver`s body explosion rejected back and its black leather jacket flashed on it already when his body was the dead. One shot - one corpse. The bullet stitched an old gasoline tank, gave a spark and was thrust in a grass already far from the road. From an explosion roar some motorcyclists and their passengers among whom there were many little girls lost balance, and together with the cars were filled up sideways. Now all of them reclining looked back. Explosion destroyed absolutely very young boy by nickname the Cap, years of sixteen. His elder brother managed to earn on not new, but nevertheless the working Java motorcycle, and gave to the Cap old “Rising“. Both brothers were from a simple working family.

- This old wreck nevertheless blew up and, seemingly, killed the Cap! - the guy of years of twenty by nickname the Semaphore when shouts of little girls became silent began to yell, - we Ring a mentovka! And in the ambulance!

It began to reap buttons of the cell phone. Young motorcyclists who very much would like to look adults with fear in eyes looked at the Cap body spread and rejected by explosion.

- Eh, spoke to it, do not sit down on this tumble-down house! - in a fit of temper loudly declared the Semaphore. - Better than money would save and is newer than what took! So is not present! I want to go, and all! And why it was only accepted in our circle! With such iron tumble-down house under a bum! Democracy! On horse-radish it such is necessary! It is a pity for the Cap...

Building of the Department of Internal Affairs No. 2 of Tuleevsk. Summer of 2010. An office of the colonel Melnikov


Prokopchuk studied photos from the place of the next tragedy. Same embankment. Again death of the young motorcyclist. This time a cause of death - explosion of gasoline in old, still the Soviet production, the Rising motorcycle. Here the photo of the bent “iron horse“ lying in the middle of the carriageway. In six meters as it is written down in the protocol, the Cap body. The singed clothes, a black hole instead of a stomach. The blue helmet of protection of the head which turned black from explosion.

- is not lucky something to motorcyclists now! - concluded with bitterness young operas, - And lads absolutely perish! For various reasons, differently die. It explosion of a gasoline tank, according to the expert opinion killed. And a result - one. Snotty they are absolutely! And to drive everything pulls! Even on jalopies!

- They chose to themselves a dangerous hobby! - the colonel Melnikov agreed. - When driving motorcycles was safe? Always was on the contrary - dangerous! Though if to be frank, and I at their age adored sweeping. On anything, though on a rusty motor scooter! Were then such, ordinary-looking by sight. As licked. Ooh, and heavy in management and weight considerable! And now wons what handsome is offered for sale! Easy, bright, shine as the Olympic gold! On the traffic light powerful jeeps bypass! How many time saw! Eh, it is a pity for children and their parents! Here tell, Petya, you think, these two death will stop someone from them? Last year we six corpses received these a grief - racers! Four guys, two little girls. And what? This year povykatyvat on asphalt of lads on pieces of iron even more!

- And as soon as their parents release? - the young investigator was surprised.

- As, as! And you try them do not release! New generation, want freedom in everything!, in the fourth Department of Internal Affairs the case was. Caught the sonny of the local businessman on breaking of trade tent. That there it was necessary for it, he also, judging by the protocol, did not know. At examination money of three thousand three hundred rubles was found in it. So he could buy beer, chips, cigarettes and a chewing gum the whole lots in shop through three hundred meters. What else in tent you will steal? So not, got. The guy is full age, proceedings were initiated, closed it in PTDC. And you also know that our PTDCs, so to say, not numbers luxury as in Holland, we will tell. You will think, louses bit it there, rats by ran about. Well, caught a cold: housing and communal services turned off heating for a week. Accident at them. And this lad filed a lawsuit, represent!

- In court? On whom? On louses and rats?

- On the Ministry of Internal Affairs! Like, violated its civil rights! Lodged to rodents, a mattress - second-hand articles, insects chewed, feeding - rubbish, the address of protection not courteous, the sanitary standard of temperature indoors is not respected also other. And papanya still the lawyer adjusted. Threatened to file a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice on human rights. It was cold to the asshole, you see in PTDC! And we what, to it from the house the heater has to be dragged? If housing and communal services cannot patch breakdowns in heat conductors in time! The guy committed a crime and thinks that to it the suite overlooking the sea will be provided? So, young people now canny, senior for them not the authority!

- And that in the claim against the Ministry of Internal Affairs? What result of business?

- And a result simple. The guy was conditionally given, and that in reply took away the claim and refused to write to the international instances. Such here the sdelochka turned out. Besides papanya compensated all expenses to the owner of tent with interest. Here were also reconstructed! To convicts of a louse, you see now are not pleasant!

- Absolutely became impudent! - forcedly Prokopchuk was indignant.

summer 2010, Tuleevsk, Pyotr Prokopchuk`s

office of

Pyotr considered the application lying before it. In it the director of Admantis firm Strelnikov Pavel Afanasyevich informed law enforcement agencies that it is exposed to threats, including threat of life, from people unknown to it. Were enclosed to the application by audio - records of these threats in which the female voice demanded “not to make difficulties big business - to the project in the city. “ Further in the statement it was said that in the very first call business - the project was concretized: it was talked of an entry into the city market of oil products of regional fuel company “Terrarius“. However, this, very first call, on audio a film was not written down. “After death of my son“, - as Strelnikov Pavel Afanasyevich wrote in the statement, - “Bodies of militia in my house installed the sound recording equipment. The following call which is already recorded with the carrier arrived after Timur Strelnikov`s murder. The same female voice assured that people whom it represents have no relation to the tragedy. The woman even expressed condolences to the businessman as to the father, the lost child. But this tragedy does not influence in any way the requirement to cease to interfere with the implementation of the project famous to Strelnikov and personally through the mayor“.

In oral conversation the oil tycoon of Tuleevsk declared that the decision will address to law enforcement bodies, it accepted on the advice of the school friend, and nowadays mayors. Near this statement another lay, already from the mayor of Tuleevsk where too it was indicated the threats arriving to it from unknown persons. Case on fight for the market of oil products of Tuleevsk and the area continued to gain steam, to come to new level. Now the field investigator had

the official reason to visit office of the Terrarius company in the regional center, in the large city of Zelenodar. In an ancestral lands of the governor of the region.

of the Department of Internal Affairs No. 2 of Tuleevsk, Pyotr Prokopchuk

office In the native Department of Internal Affairs Pyotr attentively studied the report of criminal incidents lately, and also signals from five city hospitals. Judging by these data, the part of the city conducted very active life, both on weekdays, and for the weekend. Here the woman was hospitalized with an injury of the head of moderate severity. The husband and the wife drank, quarreled, as usual, and the wife went to the husband with a frying pan. That grabbed a stool and, having evaded from blow a kitchen subject for preparation of veal chops, brought down from all force to the spouse on the head creation of the Russian furniture industry. The fan of chops was detained, the wife in a condition of average weight in hospital.

The group of teenagers attacked the eleventh-grader when that came back home. Brought down from legs, beat, took away three hundred fifty rubles, the cell phone and a gold chain. The guy in hospital, attackers are looked for.

The man with damage of the left eye came to hospital No. 4. At night, having come to a balcony to smoke, he with surprise and indignation noticed three dark figures that pottered with its two-year-old car. The man grabbed on a balcony a piece of a metal pipe that was left by plumbers, and rushed to protect the property. He took off from an entrance in an undershirt and boxer shorts, with a pipe atilt, shouted to car thieves: “Went from my car, a dog!“, also rushed off on posyagatel. Those already opened the car, removed the alarm system, and now pottered with the anti-theft device. Thieves did not want to lose such production therefore when the man in pants almost ran up to the car, car thieves opened fire with traumatic guns at the owner of a car. As a result, the car nevertheless is hijacked, and the owner with numerous bruises and bruises, stays in hospital. Whether it will be possible to rescue the injured eye, so far it is unknown.

Whole list of stealings, fights, household knifing. And this information can be interesting:

Four young men with traces of a strong beating came to hospital No. 3. All of them arrived to the city of Tuleevsk from nearby year of Shapovsk. Judging by clothes - motorcyclists, members of some informal association. The victims of a crime declared that they were attacked by hooligans, beat, took away motorcycles. The victims did not remember faces of attackers. To the city, according to them, came to buy fuel pumps for dvigately. Refused cooperation with bodies of militia. “It seems that my clients. It would be good! As these, in a bolnichka, zhivekhonky!“ - with hope Pyotr thought. - It is worth visiting these children!“. The investigator united to the colonel Melnikov and shortly reported that he is going to hospital No. 3 on the case of murders of motorcyclists. The colonel, though was busy, but wished young the opera “it is better to dig the earth and to dig the unknown killer as it is possible rather“. Prokopchuk answered: “Yes sir, companion colonel!“, also went “to dig the earth“ further.