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Hunting for werewolves. The extremely topical novel - the detective story. Chapter 5.


Tuleevsk, June, 2010


Strelnikov Pavel Afanasyevich, director of firm of realization of « oil products; Admantis “ accepted Pyotr Prokopchuk in the office. Pavel Afanasyevich - severe and rigid person - thoroughly “ handed over “ after news of death of the son Timur. Usually, even in an interview body it usually appeared at TV viewers the person active, active, and through a frame of his points even on the screen it was possible to see clever, naughty eyes. Now from a former luster there is no trace left also. Now in his eyes there lived hatred and rage. Pyotr expressed condolences and, without having begun to wriggle, asked a direct question:

- Pavel Afanasyevich! Tell whether you connect death of your son with actions of the regional company “ Terrarius “ what about ten gas stations in the city and fifteen shops of spare parts plan to open?

Strelnikov kept silent, and then answered with some colourless voice:

- Is quite possible, Pyotr. Quite perhaps.

- And who could know when what route, with whom there will go your son Timur?

- Yes many! Neither I, nor he, ever from anybody hid in our city. It with friends always gathered hours in eight - nine evening, listened to music, danced, hung out, in a word. So at them speak. Played soccer if there was enough light-, cleaned and brushed thoroughly motorcycles, then went to the country. They left Tuleevsk always through Veernaya Embankment, then left towards the Moscow track and already there had a really good time. I am sure, he was tracked down, watched. Sniper shot! The sniper, whether you know, costs much. Especially, good sniper. This worked accurately: one shot - one corpse. Corpse of my son. .

Strelnikov squeezed cheekbones.

- whether you Received any threats, Pavel Afanasyevich? Whether threatened personally, to your family, business?

Strelnikov did not answer.

- Understand! We want to contact those who employed this killer. At everything to you respect, but we have much more levers for investigation and carrying out any examinations, detentions, arrests etc. Shoot in our city! Militias it too, as a bone across a throat.

- I know that I do not understand, Pyotr! - Pavel Afanasyevich evaded the direct question. - Why they did not move away me, and moved away my son? I am a person noticeable. My protection is not numerous. I often go on the city, I inspect the gas stations and shops of spare parts. And I move in the regular car. Why did not move away me?

- It is quite possible that so they wanted to intimidate both administration and personally the mayor, which, as we know, your schoolmate and the close friend. And all have children. It is the most ublyudochny, forgive for expression, but also an effective way to force the person to do what he does not want to do. And even what he cannot make.

- is possible, you also are right, Pyotr, - perplexed the businessman exhaled.

- I will repeat a question concerning threats in your address or to your family. There was it?

Strelnikov hesitated for a time, but answered:

- Was three phone calls. Their essence was as follows: if I try to block further allocation of the land plots through the people in the city hall for the regional company “ Terrarius “ from Zelenodar, “ consequences can be tragic both for you, and for your people in the city hall “. It literally. As you can see, threat was addressed, first of all, to me and my acquaintances in power structures of the city. But not a family. And now they achieved the return: I will definitely not let them in the city, and heads « will be responsible for Timur; Terrariusa “! - rigidly, as about something self-evident the oil king of Tuleevsk reported.

- Pavel Afanasyevich! I ask, do not do nonsenses! There is no direct evidence of participation « yet; Terrariusa “ to murder. You will begin war - she will mention all city. Give us time, do not undertake anything yet. I understand you, to you it is heavy now.

- At you, Pyotr, is children? - the opera the director of “Admantis“ interrupted. there is no

- Yes, so long! But, hope that will be!

- Then to you not to understand me! - firmly Strelnikov, &ndash cut off; I will act, proceeding from the reasons. Pyotr looked at

on the businessman - that it is concentrated wiped glasses of points. The young man slightly bent to the interlocutor and told:

- I Advise you to change routes and time of your inspection trips on gas stations and shops.

- Thanks for council, Pyotr. It is already made.

- Still a question, Pavel Afanasyevich. At your place the automatic determinant of number is established?

- Of course!

- Calls with threats arrived on this number?

- Quite so. But these people not laymans. Numbers were not defined.

- And you did not check all memory of AONA for longer period? I advise you it to make and to transfer information to me. Any unfamiliar numbers, mezhgorod, frequent calls, unclear about whom, on number - everything can help with investigation. And still: Timur did not speak to you about threats in the address? Whether you noticed at it the conflicts?

- Anything similar. My son was an ordinary teenager.

- whether were concern signs in his behavior Recently? Strangenesses, timidity, nervousness?

- I will not remember. It in general was a zhizneradostnymrebenok, had fun, is skillful to tell a joke. It it also remained before death.

- Tell, and he did drugs?

Strelnikov angrily sparkled eyes, but Pyotr quietly explained:

- is Fifteen years such dangerous age in this plan. - Allow

, but why to you it? Killed my son, but not the son killed someone!

- For this reason I ask you this question.

Strelnikov hesitated for a time, but answered:

- it seems to me, he occasionally smoked a grass. But that any pricks, coke he did not use it I precisely know. Therefore as checked its blood test. Besides I am the former physician, the young man. So I would define existence of narcotic intoxication at once.

- found the minimum traces of a grass In Timur`s blood, - reported operas, - I Thank for answers, Pavel Afanasyevich. You could not call to me several people from a circle of his communication? With their phones?

- I am a busy person and not especially I watch his friends. But I know three children. I will give their coordinates. Ordinary boys.

- And the girl at it was?

- Yes, it met Lena Balakireva. They since the childhood together.

- That for the person Elena?

- the Pleasant girl. Father - professor of our automobile institute, mother - associate professor of medical sciences. The daughter is very cultural, polite. She even once asked me to talk over with Timur that he ceased to use foul language at it. Said that understands that Timur wants to seem adult and “abrupt“. But all this is childishness. Lena in general very judicious girl. I talked over with the son and, as far as I know, Timur ceased to use foul language. In any case, at Lena. In a circle of peers, I believe, considerable changes in style of communication did not happen.

- Timur could be to someone owes money?

- I would know about it. I brought up Timur in respect for money: he did not live in misery, but I also did not indulge him. Though, the equipment to it was bought good. The same “ » Honda; - it was the new motorcycle. No, with money it had no problems, as far as I know.

- That! - the field investigator rose from a chair. - I Ask you to tell me data on friends and a circle of contacts of Timur. I will check all calls for its cellular number, and also for your home telephone number. I am sure, we will talk to you still more than once. Accept once again my deep condolences.

Prokopchuk already left when he was called by the father of the killed:

- Pyotr! I have to you a request! If you dig out something in the matter of murder of my son, I ask, tell me. I all - the father! I will be your debtor! It is about assistance in office growth and growth of welfare. Have it in a look.

Prokopchuk silently left a director`s office of Admantis firm, and Pavel Afanasyevich Strelnikov got the toy gun from a case box. It was the toy of the dead loved in the childhood of Timur now. The man clicked a plastic cock and unexpectedly his eyes were moistened, and avaricious tears added even more bitterness in soul.

. Tuleevsk, the city Golden eagle hospital No. 3

sat with two helpers in a reception of Tuleevsky city hospital. All four his fighters lay in traumatologic office. According to the nurse, two had fractures of hands, numerous bruises and grazes. There are suspicions on severe bruises of internals. At the Honey agaric small internal bleeding in a stomach opened. The fourth member of group of golden eagles was lucky more: strong traumatic damages and furthermore changes, at it are not revealed. And at the youngest - the Gudgeon - there are no beating traces at all. Now the leader of a gang patiently waited for

. At last, the Golden eagle was passed in chamber to his wards. Even he possessing strong nervous system squeezed lips and nearly shed a tear, having seen in what state his fighters stay now. Worst the Honey agaric looked. With plaster on a hand, with the redressed head, all in bruises and bruises, with the turned-off jaw, the fellow was silent. The golden eagle approached to beaten to the namesake of a forest mushroom and reaped his hand. Two other fighters were also registered “chairbound“, and the leader of group made the same: just shook hands with them. The youngest of them, absolutely still the boy by nickname the Gudgeon, only could move independently. The golden eagle called him in “smoking-room“ where the Gudgeon told what occurred on Foundry, and gave a piece of paper with number of the cell phone on which, besides figures, only one name &ndash appeared; Stiletto. The gudgeon reported that it pass the message to him was transferred by a Stiletto. “ Werewolves “ having slammed a trap on Foundry, forced four golden eagles to remove then helmets, and main of them - The Stiletto, punished to the people: the most smaller - the Gudgeon - only slightly “ to popinat “ but no more.

- I so understood: he chose me because I the smallest on age appeared among all four. And it needed the message to you, the Golden eagle to transfer. Through me. He wants to meet you in an honest fight. Told when you are ready, call by phone that on a piece of paper it is written down.

- You though tried to fight? - severely the Golden eagle asked, trying to extinguish a cigarette stub about bank from - under coffee, used as an ashtray, - Only do not lie! Say how is!

- Yes what to fight there! - with a sincere regret the lad, &ndash answered; Two “ elk “ I was held, I also could not rypnutsya! They are higher than me on two heads, is more senior much more and healthy such, broad-shouldered!

Leader of a gang “ Golden eagles “ looked at the teenager`s constitution sickly so far. “ Ooh, rather early to it in a gang, rather early! “ - the thought in his head flashed.

- Beat strongly other children?

- is not weak. Slightly the soul was not beaten out, but the Stiletto stopped all the time the fighters that at all crippled was not. But those nevertheless dispersed outright. You see, we have two changes and the beaten-off interiors. There the grass red became from blood. Beat out from us all money that we took away, and together with them also our own.

- And prostitutes that?

- They over us did not see punishment. But knew, seemingly, that the Stiletto will not allow us to leave. Very much fearlessly whores behaved.

- And why did not see - that?

- the Trap “ Werewolves “ behind turn of the prospectus arranged to us. We tried to be washed away at once as “bucks“ were received, were developed, but also there to us barred a way to retreat. The mousetrap slammed.

- is clear! Dismantling on the carriageway took place?

- What for? Not, they dragged away us on the waste ground. Nearby, in an environment of bushes and trees.

- And motorcycles?

- And they baseball bats and pieces of fittings destroyed our motorcycles. Turned into pieces of metal.

- Cops came to a bolnichka?

- Came. But itself you know, to us to contact them to anything. I told that unknown attacked us, grabanut, otmudokhat. Wanted to take away motorcycles. But, type, our motorcycles were not pleasant to them, too old and not prestigious. Robbers, I speak, type were enraged from failure, destroyed ours “ iron horses “. And us in addition.

- Believed? - with doubt the Golden eagle frowned.

- Not especially, in my opinion. Well and horse-radish with it! But more with questions did not come.

- As all of you were hospitalized?

- So to us the ambulance also caused a Stiletto! At first nearly killed, izmochalit as a punching bag, and then this as it … Well, I on a TV set heard? About! Them starshak showed humanity! At me called an ambulance. “ Werewolves “ left, and in minutes twenty and the bolnichka on wheels appeared in time.

- Yes! Boys behind “bucks“ went, you will tell nothing! - the evil was spitted out by the leader of shapovsky group. - Listen to

, the Golden eagle, I here what not a glade: Gray it was stopped ringing, reported that noticed nothing suspicious. From where there is so much “ Werewolves “ povysypat us “ to mutuzit “? Where it directed the eyes?

- I Punished it already, the Gudgeon, punished. Speaks, he got a fright then. And was frightened not of people, and Funtik.

- What Funtik? - the Gudgeon was taken aback.

- Yes a Rottweiler. The grandfather there, in bushes, with a dog walked. Rottweiler by nickname Funtik. And a dog of the size of a young bull-calf. Gray says that the grandfather nearly set this The Hound of the Baskervilles on him. I climb drives that ran away from a dog.

Differently Funtik would tear it on small pieces.

- to Escape from a Rottweiler? - with mistrust the Gudgeon, &ndash asked again; Strange!

- I too so thought. And you are a boy though small, and the head cooks, the Gudgeon! - praised the lad Berkut. - I am sure - the Grey, coward hare lies!! But, now, there`s nothing to be done! But I punished him: our children of its otdubasila and I expelled him from a gang! It grow wiser and is more courageous than persons interested to join us much! And this son of a bitch set up both you, and me. All right, the Gudgeon, recover, and look after children. I told your ancestors that we on fishing left.

- Yes only as fish we appeared, and as fishermen “ Werewolves “! - bitterly the lad noticed.

- So left. Means, the Stiletto on fight calls me? When I am ready, asks to be stopped ringing? The meeting place wishes to designate? - Berkut specified.

- Calls. Told, in an honest duel will deal with you as in the law it is told.

- is clear. Proshchevay, brother! I time in two days of the messenger will send you with “ grevy “. To devour, drink, cigarettes. And itself I will come around.

- we Will meet! - the Gudgeon said goodbye. Berkut`s

left the building of city hospital in thoughtfulness. Its plan for capture of part of the market of tuleevsky sexual services by cruel arrival failed. The leader of shapovsky group got from a pocket a note with the Stiletto phone number, looked at it, and whispered the evil:

- Uroyu, a reptile! Under the earth I will dig! “ Werewolf “! A silver bullet to you in a temple, a bough! A dagger under heart! Brass knuckles on the head! In poddykhat a wooden stake!

At this moment of an eye of the guy radiated hatred and fierce rage.