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When there comes the end of a human civilization?

Various psychics and predictors designate dates of a doomsday already for a long time. However, to a consensus they cannot come yet. Nostradamus told one, Globa - the second, the woman Vanga - the third, and still exists a great number of the homebrew prophets expecting a doomsday next week or next quarter. I would like to offer a bit different opinion concerning a doomsday. More positive.

At once I will make a reservation: I do not apply for knowledge of the ultimate truth at all, and this article - only thoughts aloud, a statement of some ideas occupying me long time. Perhaps, still these ideas will seem to someone noteworthy.

So, doomsday. Generally it is connected with threat of global nuclear war. What is rather doubtful. The person - the being who is surprisingly adapted. As, by the way, and all animals. Pay attention to an exclusion zone of Chernobyl. In the same place just life blossoms. The great number of various animals not only does not think to die out, but successfully breeds, and populations grow. However, they that is called “shine“, but it does not stir them wellbeing.

People are capable to survive in very difficult conditions, and to that there is a set of examples. Yes, it is possible to claim with confidence that at nuclear catastrophe there will be millions of the diseased, dead, dead etc. But all history of mankind says that even in this case there will be enough people again to occupy Earth.

Most likely the human civilization will be finished not by(with) wars and accidents, but quite peaceful and humane development of such sciences as biology, genetics, etc. at all. The death sentence of a human civilization will be signed not by military and politicians, but peace and intelligent people in hrustyashche - white dressing gowns.

You do not hurry to wave checkers. These scientists will think least of all of a civilization sentence. On the contrary, their dream - the person immortal. But what is meant by immortality? What its consequences?

It is necessary to dream up, address science fiction writers who nearly from the moment of the birth of the first person try to imagine immortality a little. And here at whom what there was enough imagination for. Someone imagined Koshchey Bessmertny, someone is attracted by idea about immortality of part of any human being, someone considers that immortality - gift by the electee that they could conduct other mankind in happy tomorrow … How many people - are so much also opinions.

All people always dreamed of immortality. But it was necessary to reconcile to realities - the person is mortal, moreover, he “is suddenly mortal“. And the only type of immortality which was available to the person - immortality in the descendants. That is eternal life was reached and reached by relationship of floors to this day.

But if scientists nevertheless are able to achieve immortality? All prerequisites to it are, and is predicted that the mankind will receive immortality nearly in the near foreseeable future. What then?

First of all what many authors scientifically - fantastic novels wrote about, what was predicted by Malthus: shortage of resources, places etc. And - control of birth rate, that though somehow to provide growing (and immortal!) population of the globe at least minimum of the benefits. Searches of the place for expansion - the neighboring planets, distant space etc. And is farther what?

Focus is that the person for immortality needs someone an opposite sex at present. And the instinct of extension of a sort is directly connected with dream of immortality. And if immortality already is in hands, to breed - that what for? In general, in principle - what for? Moreover, distinctions between floors lose meaning. They - that are necessary for extension of a sort, for preservation of descendants, for providing their survival at that stage when descendants are still helpless and dependent. So most likely distinctions between floors will begin to disappear - not only in psychological aspect, but also in physiological too.

Yes, it is process not fast and will borrow very much, it is a lot of time. There now approximately as much, how many fishes came out of the water, those turned into monkeys, and already - into the person modern. But immortal there is no place to hurry, they can evolve how many for their soul it is necessary. To a condition of a bespolost.

Here only all human civilization known to us keeps on sexual distinctions, development of this civilization is provided with relationship of floors - beginning from Adam and Eve, distinctions between the first man and the first woman led to exile from Paradise.

A conclusion arises: there is no floor - there is no relationship of floors also, and there is no relationship of floors - there is no human civilization also.

What, by the way, does not mean that there is no civilization at all. Here only at such apportion there will be it not so human. Successors of modern mankind - it is possible.

So it is not necessary to hurry to bury mankind wholesale and retail, it is not necessary to hurry to trust gloomy predictions of prophets. Perhaps, the mankind expects the great future. But hardly we, modern, will be able to understand and present aspirations and hopes of those, future, sexless and indifferent (from our point of view), not anxious is sexual and not worrying about descendants. Those whose time - infinity, it is also not necessary to hurry anywhere. To plant a tree, to build the house and … Well, instead of the child`s birth they will think up something - they will be able at any time.

Whether here it will only turn out to find incentive motive which would push forward? Other incentive motive, instead of the sexual distinctions which are available for us now.