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Hunting for werewolves. The extremely topical novel - the detective story. Chapter 4.


G. Tuleevsk, summer 2010, the barchelor small apartment


Pyotr Prokopchuk, the operative of investigative management of the city Department of Internal Affairs No. 2, hardly razlepit eyes and raised the head over a pillow. Yesterday he was twenty six years old, and he celebrated this event rather widely. High, a nutbrown hair, his greenish eyes sparkled a hitrinka. The holiday happened yesterday, and today Pyotr rumpled hands the head, trying to improve roundabouts the state. He pokryakhtet, was scratched, and after this short massage with interest looked at the female head on the next pillow. “Who is it? Lenka or Mashka?“ - asked to itself a question young operas. Yesterday he added champagne with vodka, drank tequila and martini, sipped red wine with ladies and ground all this light draft beer. Pyotr was surprised to himself: unlike most of people around, the younger brother Stepan Prokopchuk, peers, he did not love beer in no shape or form. But yesterday he used it and today decided to connect not really fresh morning state with this fact of the use of frothy beverage today. Prokopchuk grabbed a bottle of mineral water from a table, densely stuck to it. After a thirst satisfying Pyotr nevertheless got down from a bed, bypassed it, bent to a headboard and began to consider a woman`s face on a pillow. “Olesya Viktorovna!“ - with surprise he recognized the secretary of the direct head, the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Tuleevsk, the militia colonel Melnikov Fedor Ignatyevich.

“ Now Melnikov if finds out, will just gobble up me and will spit out stones under legs to Olesya Viktorovna“, - the thought at the young man flashed. He looked round the room: the female underwear hung on a chair. Pyotr thought only now that from clothes on him only the chromeplated watch on a leather thong shone. The young man looked eyes for the pants and found their thrown on the radio tape recorder in a room corner. Pyotr directed to this piece of men`s wear, seized them and went to a bathtub.

the Guy took a contrast shower and began to pound himself a terry towel. After hundreds of vigorous movements, passed on kitchen where dissolved and took a sparkling medicine of aspirin. Soon he felt almost fresh and began to construct a simple breakfast. At this moment in a doorway there was a woman of years of thirty five, pretty, dressed in his dressing gown.

- Good morning, Olesya Viktorovna! - officially Prokopchuk greeted and a little bashfully lowered a look in a floor.

- Ah! As officially you address me today, Petya! And yesterday called me Olesenka, the queen called! Sang the song all the time:

“ Olesya! Olesya! As birds shout! As birds shout! As birds shout in skies! Remain with me, Olesya!“. So beautifully sang, plaintively, sincerely! And what in a bed got up! Robber and only! - she burst out laughing, - it is fine, I in a shower, and you make coffee so far, my king! Also call me as yesterday - Olesenkoy!

- Ugu, Olesya Victor... Olesenka, - somehow the young man uncertainly muttered, - I was already engaged in a zavtrakostryapaniye! Pyotr loved

tasty was able to eat, prepare and did it with pleasure.

So far the lady took a shower, phone rang out and Pyotr lifted a tube. He at once learned a low bass of the chief - the colonel Melnikov. It was the stately man of forty nine years, with a hedgehog of a gray hair. It differed in equal, quiet character, judiciousness. Its voice, deep-voices and creaking, many knew in the city.

- Well that? How it is had a rest? - malicious as it seemed to the young man, voice the chief asked. “He knows everything about today`s night!“ - with chagrin Prokopchuk assumed.

- I have a day off today. Official!

- you are mistaken, a falcon! In the city murder. And not “domestic squabbles“. So, you will have a rest later. You became one year more senior yesterday, so, even more responsibly, I hope! No laughing matter! I wait in office, - the colonel ordered and hung up.

“Here so always!“ - with some bitterness the young field investigator thought, - “There is nothing to do - the service is service. Here what nasty thing can commit murders at birthday of decent people!“ - the evil swore operas.

On kitchen entered Olesya. From it smelled of pineapple shampoo. Pyotr inhaled this pleasant smell, moved a nose. He wanted, was, already to offer Olesya to begin today as aristocrats - with cool champagne and accurately cut pineapple segments, but remembered Fedor Ignatyevich`s order and an office debt, and fatefully told the woman:

- In the city murder. We go to work.

Kept silent and added: “Separately“.


the Office of the colonel Melnikov, to 12 hour is 45 min. the same day, the building of the Department of Internal Affairs No. 2

of Tuleevsk


Pyotr sat on a chair and attentively listened.

- the Bullet passed through a protective helmet and carried to the boy the head. Here photos from the place of murder. We wait for results of ballistic examination.

Before the colonel the fan of photos lay. Prokopchuk took them in hand. First of all, he studied results of the focusing photographing. In the pictures made from a remote point the high-rise buildings standing along the embankment, two roadside shops and Azimut cafe distinctly were visible. The perspective of shooting was carried out from two different points. One more picture showed the address of the house opposite to which the crime was committed: Veernaya Emb., 22. On images of detailed photographing Pyotr saw the motorcyclist`s body in black clothes. The broken blue helmet, with a sticker, unclear on a photo, remained on the head of the killed. In other detailed picture “Honda“ was imprinted. If to judge by a photo, the two-wheeled “iron horse“ did not suffer. Without visible damages the powerful car lay on the carriageway.

Young operas accepted also from the head the plan of the place of murder which is competently made in the linear and digital scale thanks to which it was possible to learn easily distance from the place of death of the teenager to houses, cafe, shop. The scheme of a crime scene, nacherchenny already with smaller diligence was attached to the plan. The shooters showing exact distances did not differ in faultlessness, but, in general, to sort schemes, at desire, did not make work.

- the Resolution on initiation of legal proceedings you, Fedor Ignatyevich, already let out as far as I can judge? - Prokopchuk took an interest, looking at scheme heading where it was specified to what protocol of inspection of the scene the drawing belongs.

- Yes. The case is submitted you.

- is clear. What is known of the victim? - efficiently Prokopchuk asked.

- the Shot made somewhere fifteen minutes of the first. The killed - the boy not idle time. He is a son of the owner of a network of city cars of gas stations and shops of auto parts “Admantis“ - Strelnikov Pavel Afanasyevich. Called the guy Timur, and years to him only fifteen was. Let`s wait for results of ballistic examination and, later, it is necessary to talk over with the father of the dead. You now especially on it do not press, you understand itself. There is a background here. To the city the large regional oil company is torn. Naturally, it is not pleasant to Strelnikov at all. Competitors are not loved anywhere. I do not draw any conclusions yet. But to shoot at the boy.... It is already a lawlessness the sheer! - the colonel twisted in hands a glass for handles and pencils. After a pause added:

- And tell - to me, the friend my sitny: yesterday Olesya Viktorovna together with all staff of our department celebrated your birthday?

- Yes sir, companion colonel! And what is the matter? - as if the young man indifferently asked.

- Just it somewhere is late today. I, of course, understand - celebrated birthday, drank, walked, danced. You, incidentally, do not know where it now?

- Houses, I believe. Will have a sleep a little and will come to work.

At this moment phone near at hand rang out, and the owner of an office lifted a tube.

- Yes, companion general! Of course, learned! - the colonel waved a hand young the opera in the direction of a door and that hasty and not without pleasure left. Inquiries about Olesya to it were absolutely to anything now. He knew that between gray-haired and severe Melnikov and his secretary intimacy was established. Pyotr sympathized with this woman too though she also is more senior than him. Plus she is still the secretary of his chief. Now Olesya became also his beloved. Here is how everything twirled on 26 - y birthday!

Pyotr passed Pyotr Prokopchuk`s office, 14 hours 22 min.


in the office and was accepted to studying of case papers. It was necessary to study the protocol upon violent death of the victim, to lift which - what archives. “This business special“ - as was constantly reminded by Melnikov, “in a type of the identity of the father of the victim“. So also experts conducted researches in emergency mode. Through a couple of hours on a table the opera the judgment from ekspertno - criminalistic management of the Department of Internal Affairs No. 2 of Tuleevsk laid down. Prokopchuk began to read:

“Came to management of criminalistics the bullet taken from injured Strelnikov Timur Pavlovich`s body.... Traces of cuttings on a bullet, their step, the steepness, and also width, nature of imposings on the steel core, a bullet form...“. According to the official conclusion, the signed expert Dmitry Dmitriyevich Shatsky, in management it is simple - “Mitrich“, the shot was made from a sniper rifle of Dragunov. Shot from distance of about seven hundred - eight hundred meters. The angle of occurrence of a bullet approximately indicated the place from where the shot could be made. All this surprised the young investigator. “It turns out, shot from a long distance. Even not from nearby houses! To them, according to the plan and the scheme about hundred meters! That is why as a result of round by the district police officer of apartments and interrogation of witnesses nobody saw anything and did not hear. “Shot from far away! Sniper rifle!“ - Prokopchuk was puzzled. “The guy went on the embankment. There was one shot. One shot - one carried head. Obviously order. The killer knew time, a movement route, distinctive features of the victim. To whom could the very young boy, the teenager prevent? On the other hand, he is a son of the large businessman in the city. Smells “zakaznyaky“. There was no grief! Let`s look what we have on this Timur Strelnikov“.

On Timur Strelnikov nothing serious in the database appeared. There was a protocol on its participation in a fight in a disco. But which of children did not fight in discos at this age? With this scanty information it went to the colonel Melnikov and when entered a reception, saw that Olesya Viktorovna already sits at the secretarial table, and the colonel in a reception reads just come fax. The guy tarried for a minute, but then vigorously greeted the woman:

- Good afternoon, Olesya Viktorovna! I want to thank you for that attention which you paid me on the occasion of my birthday yesterday! the Colonel with condemnation looked at

on the secretary, and on combining jobs - the mistress.

- Hello, Pyotr! - she answered the guy, and explained to Fedor Ignatyevich:

- I stated to our young colleague on his birthday some aspects of philosophy of doctor Freud, so to speak, from the legal, law-enforcement point of view yesterday!

- What, what aspects? - not really the gray-haired man understood.

- Companion colonel! Allow to report on you on information which is available at the moment! - in time the young man butted in by a command voice.

- Yes. Work - first of all. Let`s pass in an office.

the Wide back of the chief disappeared in a doorway, and Pyotr looked at Olesya. That sent it an air-kiss, and operas pretended that caught it and tenderly leaned against the right cheek.

- Pyotr! You what, got lost? - the bass from an office was distributed. there is no

- In any way, companion colonel! - quickly Prokopchuk reacted, - I Go on the report!

When Pyotr stepped inside and covered for itself a door, Olesya Viktorovna pensively stared in a window.

of G. Tuleevsk, Pyotr Prokopchuk

apartment the Owner of the apartment looked at the display of the cell phone which is persistently strumming a popular melody. His friend and the messmate Semyon Chukhlebov, the owner of Karat real estate agency wanted to hear Pyotr`s voice. Despite young years, Senya managed “to rise“ successfully on a field of purchase and sale of apartments and the land plots, cottages and to expand activity of agency out of borders of the Russian Federation. As a result of mass “washings“ of numerous transactions Chukhlebov, since the childhood inclined to completeness, extended also in other direction: weight under hundred thirty kilograms prevented it to live normally and he continually went on diets, plus tried to twist exercise machine pedals. And still Semyon constantly called Pyotr to himself for work.

- Hi, Senya! - the field investigator greeted.

- Hi, Petrukha! - a deep voice Chukhlebov welcomed the schoolmate.

- On what diet this time you sit, Senya? - Prokopchuk took an interest. - You chew carrots, a kapustochka you crackle? Come to me on a visit! At me the fat mutton leg in the freezer is based, we with you for improvement of a diet also will fry it under vodka!

- Oh! Mutton! Under the misted, cool vodka! Sorry, I cannot. And on a diet I know what I sit? On personnel! My last head of the sales department was clumsy, profukat several good bargains which left to competitors! And the summary - what beautiful drew that! Nearly with curls in corners, on expensive paper!

- Curls, Senya, only beauty sign, but not professionalism! - philosophically Pyotr noticed.

- And I about the same! Petrukha! Still I ask you, throw you these ranks militia! I understand, investigations, criminals, pursuits, firefights and other romanticism attract you. But look in what you there dirt sometimes dig! What people to you meet! Murderers, murderers, maniacs! And at me would sit in expensive suit, under the conditioner, would ride abroad, would move from the tiny apartment to the spacious house. Instead of “nine“ - I new “Foltsvagen“ will allocate at once to you! You want, to steam of long-legged secretaries and if it is not enough, so I all will impose you with them! From the North, from the South, the West and the East! Only stop investigating you these corpses personally and in photos! Go to me the head of the sales department, you will contemplate beauties live. And you will begin to study pictures with houses on the coasts of the warm seas, majestic mountains! About a salary and to speak there is nothing at all! And? Petrukha? “The researcher of corpses“ heaved

in reply in a tube a deep sigh.

- Invitingly you broadcast, Senya, invitingly! As usual. Thanks for the offer, but is forced to refuse. Sorry, buddy.

- Again “excuse“ it! - with insult Chukhlebov prosipet in a tube. - Perhaps you will change the mind?

- Perhaps, Senya! I will let you then know. When we meet - that everything together? With our children from a class? Brochettes we will fry?

- Ah! I now on the steamed not salty rice sit! And you torment me with brochettes! So far, Petya!

- To a meeting, - smiled the field investigator and hung up.


of G. Tuleevsk, in two days prior to collecting a tribute Golden eagles


- Werewolves! - the Stiletto addressed the group, - Shapovsky “Golden eagles“ should not remain unpunished! These morons made a spittle to us in a face on our earth. It is our city! We are owners here! If we weaken though on slightly - slightly our influence on Foundry, then not only “Golden eagles“, but also the, will cease to respect us here! If we do not stop these shapovsky clowns, then they will go further! Will try to take away from us the kisloty market in Tuleevsk. Further - it is more. They will fly here as Egyptian vultures and to bomb outlets in the city. We should battle against new threat from suburbs of Tuleevsk!

“Werewolves“ according to nodded. They also understood all this. Yes, the blood smell soared in air, war was coming serious. But everyone knew that the gang has undoubted plus: war will go on their territories. They will protect the possession, the income and a habitual way of life.

- Our blue helmets have to boss in the city, but not alien “Eagles“, “Golden eagles“, “Falcons“ and others. My plan such is. At first we will slam a trap for collectors of a tribute. According to our maids with Foundry it will be the sickly bald teenager. Smekhota! And then we will engage with “Golden eagles“. A task is as follows: not to cripple messengers of the Golden eagle, but to teach a good lesson thoroughly! Do not forget about how this freak cut a ringlet of hair at our ward! Remember what they made with Lizka, Taranom and Mowgli! But, I repeat: we work without corpses!


of G. Tuleevsk, day of collecting tribute. Liteyny Avenue


Grey saddled the “an iron horse“ again and now rumpled a protective helmet in hands. He slowly recovered after a meeting with charming Funtik and thought that not up to the end executed an assignment of the Golden eagle. The guy hesitated in decision-making. What to do is farther? But after it all - got down from sitting, laid equipment of the motorcyclist back in a backpack, pulled down a baseball cap on the head and again on foot moved towards Foundry. Came to the avenue and again attentively examined vicinities. The guy did not notice any changes. Having observed about twenty minutes, looked for hours. Then returned on Chugunnaya Street, trying to notice something suspicious. After fluently examined Barsukov Drive. Time to be stopped ringing to the boss approached. The spy of “Golden eagles“ began to mince towards Chugunnaya Street, getting cellular from a pocket. When the subscriber answered, reported:

- checked Everything. Noticed nothing suspicious. It seems that whores quietly wait for us.

is precisely? You carefully checked everything?

- Vernyak! Saw nothing strange.

- the End of communication! - the Golden eagle interrupted conversation, sipping fresh beer in Bochonok cafe in the hometown of Shapovsk.

And in Tuleevsk four motorcyclists drove in due time to group of “moths“ on Foundry. Last time leather jackets with the image of a golden eagle were put on them, but today prikid was other: jeans, windbreakers. The honey agaric slowly, pompously removed a helmet and showed to girls a bald skull which they had to remember in the first visit of a gang of the Golden eagle.

- Recognized me? - strictly he asked prostitutes. - All prepared?

- Prepared! - Lizka came forward, - Only when collected a half of the sum. The people, probably, and men, in particular, prepare for holiday. Money is protected. It is not enough clients. Here what was succeeded to collect, - it gave to the Honey agaric an envelope with notes.

The guy, trying not to hurry, with serious, it is possible to tell the terrible person, opened an envelope and a forefinger of the right hand began to touch bank notes. It is generous to recalculate the accuracy of the sum did not become. Scratched a bald skull and it is loud, by a dissatisfied voice declared:

- In vain you did not collect the full sum, your mother! My boss will be very dissatisfied and can arrive here again soon! Surely will arrive! the Guy watched

at reaction of prostitutes. He was surprised a little, without having seen in their eyes feeling of horror which so well was swept up last time when the Golden eagle the perfected blade disfigured the girl`s hairdress by nickname the Glowworm. Now on the Honey agaric looked indifferently. It connected it with the fact that here, now, there is no his leader in person: at the Golden eagle even a look such that scares stiff the person. “Therefore, he is a leader, but not I!“ - with despondency the thought in a bald skull flashed.

Four collectors of a tribute started motorcycles and slowly began to taxi for return to Shapovsk. And one of “moths“ already imperceptibly dialed number of the Stiletto on cellular. The honey agaric moved away from group of prostitutes sure that it executed an assignment of the Golden eagle well. What expression of surprise on his face when behind the place where Foundry does turn to the right, he came across a wall from several tens motorcycles which drivers and passengers, in blue helmets on the heads, held pieces of fittings, weighty chains, baseball bats in hand was. Four “Golden eagles“ got up as the fear and an instinct of self-preservation driven before an unexpected and ominous obstacle, however returned them to life, and they began to develop hasty “iron horses“ in the opposite direction, by the beginning of the prospectus. However, from roadside bushes the person fifteen young people besides in blue protective helmets with stickers in the form of the werewolf ran out and barred to “Golden eagles“ a way to retreat. The trap slammed, and the Honey agaric with fear thought of destiny of the shaven skull this warm evening.