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Hunting for werewolves. The extremely topical novel - the detective story. Chapter 3.


of G. Shapovsk, a glade of “Golden eagles“


the Honey agaric gloomy considered a wheel of the motorcycle. On the one hand, flattered it that it, such ordinary-looking and mean member of a gang, the leader appointed as if “looking“ behind the new territory in Tuleevsk and entrusted one of the most important missions - collecting a tribute. It was a signal that the Golden eagle appreciates the Honey agaric. On the other hand, it imposed also huge responsibility. In others city where they - Golden eagles - already thoroughly “ran“ over prostitutes, they are defenseless if to face the truth. The honey agaric massaged the short-haired head and by a squeaky voice asked the leader: - Listen to

, the Golden eagle, and does not seem to you that tomorrow it is necessary to move all our group to Tuleeevsk again? I understand, it is necessary to go! Tomorrow time of payment of a tribute to us approaches. And suddenly there wait for us? And heads will turn off? This Stiletto and its people. Or perhaps cops us “graze“ there, or serious tuleevsky mafia interposed in this matter! Horse-radish knows what there to wait for!

- You will go not one! Three ours will go with you! - the Golden eagle cut off.

- It of course is cool, but a tribute - that to collect to me! And if that, then me to the first the head will be cut off! As to a honey agaric in the wood some fucking mushroom picker cuts off a hat! - the Honey agaric began to squeak.

- If you were frightened and got cold feet, then and tell! - derisively the Golden eagle told. - We then pampers will buy a pack to you. Or we will more strong put the guy over prostitutes of Tuleevsk!

Other members of a gang began to guffaw, and the Honey agaric reddened and frowned.

- is fine! All right, Honey agaric, not dreyf! - quietly the Golden eagle spoke. - I will not allow you there just like that will be put. One. If to us there the ambush was made, I will not allow to get into it! I have one drizzle how to leave from a setup.


at the time of this conversation all gang had a rest around a big fire. Time came by ten in the evening. Rain clouds hung over their heads. Near a fire there was a combined brazier. On skewers pieces of meat and sausage shkvarchitsya. The golden eagle drank vodka. His boys sipped beer. Little girls savoured the liqueur bought by the Golden eagle and semisweet wine. One of them, known as Wavy, tasted pineapple liqueur and was glad to drink:

- As is tasty! And tell, the Golden eagle, here the Cracker … It as, for a long time on a hospital shkonka pleased? there is no

- Yes. It will be healthy soon. The head at it cracks thoroughly after his tuleesvky souteneurs a baseball bat applied. But, it seems, there is no change, concussion small. Doctors advised not to drive on motorcycles yet. To be careful! They think that it fell from the motorcycle! We to doctors banished in ears that the cracker in a tree on the motorcycle drove.

Set in short silence.

- So you thought up, the Golden eagle? - returned conversation to the experiences the Honey agaric.

the Golden eagle slowly splashed to itself in a disposable glass a portion “Capital“, removed the smoking skewer from a brazier, said a short toast “For healthy Kalgan of the Cracker!“, overturned in itself alcohol and stuck teeth into crisp sausage. Having had a snack, he shared thoughts.

- Tomorrow afternoon I will send to Tuleevsk Grey that he estimated an on-scene situation. He will go one, to “Izh - the Planet“. But I forbid to come around on Liteyny Avenue! Gray! - he addressed the lanky guy. - You will park the motorcycle on parallel Liteyny Avenue Street. Is called Pig-iron. With yourself you will take a backpack in the city, you will put on simple jeans and a shirt. You will arrive, you will park, you will remove a helmet, you will hide it in a backpack. As well as leather jacket. That is you will turn into the ordinary pedestrian citizen. To Foundry you will already go on foot, you resemble there, but so that not to become familiar. You have a baseball cap?

- Is. - you Will put on

tomorrow also. You Potopat along the prospectus, you will see to whores. Who drives up to them what people. You will pass all Foundry up and down whether you will have a look are hidden where motorcycles. Look whether there is no cops` ambush. Pay attention to all men what you will see. How many them where walk that is done in what are dressed. You understood? On all! Even if the percher stamps with a lap dog or on crutches! You will pass all Chugunnaya Street also, later you will glance to Barsukov Drive. Pay attention to the masking people. Minibuses, machines with tinted windows. A task - to notice an ambush of cops or “Werewolves“ if, those will be there. Look for congestions of motorcycles. “Werewolves“, as well as we, love them. Them starshak - the Stiletto, I was told, in general calls the group not a gang, and some there, understand horse-radish, the politician - patriotic club! Prostitutes with Foundry - its ancestral lands. We fine ran last time into their business. Otmetelili of two people of the Stiletto. Souteneurs. So people of the Stiletto can wait for us there tomorrow. Your task to check everything and to stop ringing to me! I see?

- is clear what not to understand. If suspicious I see women, too to call?

- Of course! Everything that suspiciously looks, notice and report on me! Also do not forget to put on charging the cell phone tonight! You understood?

- understood Everything. Here we will arrive today home, and first of all on charging I will thrust “Samsung“. - burkul Grey.

- is excellent. Further. The honey agaric will go for “bucks“ with three of our children only after the fact that as I will receive confirmation from Grey that on the prospectus everything is “pure““. Now, the Honey agaric, listen to me. We gave them so thoroughly “thrush“ that I think whores soglasilsitsya on our requirements. They were frightened to death! I will not be surprised if which - which of them obossatsya for horror! And here the Stiletto and “Werewolves“ can try to stop us, and to us, perhaps, it is necessary to battle already directly against “Werewolves“. There is “maza“ that all and will be. But it is business of the future. So far, act so: you will drive up to the place and if you see something suspicious that Grey did not pass, or suddenly any fears, then behind a tribute do not drive up to prostitutes! Sweep by just like that as though you on walk. By the way, leave jackets with our symbols in the form of a golden eagle at home. Put on windbreakers simple, jeans. You are three, - the Golden eagle pointed to boys by a row, - do not remove helmets in general. Prostitutes saw and remembered the person Openka so to it the tribute will be transferred. But, I repeat: Behind money come only after Grey everything rummages around and will check. You and after it turn round and round too, have a look. You, gray, have to be on Chugunnaya Street already at this time. If there drive from the back some suspicious the guy - at once gather Openka. At the slightest suspicion on a setup, an ambush - be taken up! It is clear?

- is clear! - inertly declared the Honey agaric. - And maybe, we in general will not go tomorrow to Tuleevsk, time all so stremno?

- we surely have to Appear there. Tomorrow the appointed day of payment of a tribute. Whores obviously transferred to the Stiletto what we are cruel and powerful children. The stiletto, most likely, will not go against us war. There all - not really big chunk, on Foundry. Clients there all generally from the markets, greedy. So botat my source of information in Tuleevsk. To speak in any case, street prostitution is to you not an organized brothel! So, quite possibly, the Stiletto will recede and tomorrow all of us - will receive our money. If whores give the sum smaller, than I demanded - all the same take! But at once declare that the Golden eagle will be dissatisfied! Let`s look what from all this will turn out!

G. Tuleevsk, next day

Grey appeared in Tuleevsk alone. It made the way on Chugunnaya Street, threw off the attire and equipment of the motorcyclist in a backpack and, similar to the fan of hikes, in a baseball cap, with an easy backpack potopat on Liteyny Avenue behind the back. He noticed them at once: about couple of tens “women of easy virtue“ in defiant clothes, walked on the sidewalk. Sizyyuvidel a tree among bushes, approached it and looked round. From here, through foliage of undersized landings, the prospectus rather far deep into and, the main thing that “moths“ were visible, clearly was not bad checked. The guy took seat on the tumbled-down log, got from a backpack a bottle “Forfeits“, and began to do that why it here and was sent: to remember and observe.

He saw that periodically “moths“ were approached by cars. Negotiations went through an open window and, depending on result, the girl or got into the car, or is not present. Gray noted about himself that smart cars did not come around here. “Those go to brothels more abruptly! 2 - reasonably the teenager judged. Weather stood solar, and the observer carried out on the tumbled-down log for about one hour. Then he got up, threw with a backpack a back and went away from women of easy virtue towards the beginning Foundry. Only now it went deep into bushes and trees from the opposite side. Here Grey looked out of bushes on the waste ground and grew cold: in two meters, directly before it, having bared kinzhalopodobny canines, there was a huge Rottweiler and, gutturally growling, watched it. The mighty neck of a dog was surrounded by a collar in the form of a strong chain with metal thorns. Gray wanted from fear, was, to move back and run away, but only took a step back as the sharp-toothed monster began to roar even stronger and moved afterwards. The guy forgot at all who is he and what does on this waste ground in the city, not native for himself. Besides four years ago it was bitten by stray dogs. There were many pricks, pains, fear. “It also will have enough once that me in half to have a bite!“ - shot thought in the head of the boy. And here spiteful growl was heard by the owner of a Rottweiler. That called the dog:

- Funtik! - heard Grey a nickname of the monster, - Funtik! Faugh! Leave this tourist alone! - the voice ordered to a dog.

Grey saw that the voice belonged to the low wrinkled grandfather in a cap. The owner of a dog held a lead in hand.

- And you, the young man that so stared at my Funtik! Somehow threateningly! It is not a shame to you? - reproachfully the grandfather read the notation, - you so can frighten him! And he is still a young puppy, his nervous system is unstable! And you so look at it as though want to strangle him!

the Old man approached a dog and fastened a collar to a lead. Funtik joyfully waved a tail and somehow at once lost interest in young. And the sweat droplet rolled down from a forehead Grey.

- the Nightmare! That for the prospectus! - leaving, the old man lamented. - Whores walk about, as on a promenade! The juvenile fleecers hating doggies hunt right there! And where only the militia looks! Let`s go, Funtik, from here, we will go! Home! There any fleecer will not offend you!

Grey is bewitched looked as a huge and powerful telok by nickname Funtik was afraid for the owner. Itself called for anything “fleecer“ the fellow regained consciousness as he after a long dream and, winding, jerked back through the prospectus further on Chugunnaya Street to the two-wheeled iron friend. He removed a massive chain from a back wheel which he chained the motorcycle to a shod fencing. Gray undid a backpack and took a motorcycle helmet. The teenager strenuously drove air in lungs, trying to appease a shiver in knees. “This Funtik is the most terrible than that rack of mongrels that bit me! I am afraid even to look whether I peed the pants!“ - thoughts in the young head crowded with the commotion.


The matter is that Grey, despite belonging to a high-growth gang “Golden eagles“ in the town of Shapovsk and sixteen years of life still started up a stream in trousers at stressful situations. For example, a year ago it went with the girl who very much was pleasant to it, on park. Around blessed even forest birdies kept silence.

And the hare at a huge speed, and after it the improbable sizes the marble mastiff pursuing big-eared in full silence took off for this moment from bushes directly under legs Grey. The girl screamed. And here the guy had an embarrassment: he carried to bank with a sparkling aquarian small fish in a hand, bought by the girl in Underwater World shop. The temporary lodge of the underwater inhabitant slipped out at the gentleman hands, fell to asphalt and broke. Right there Grey started up a stream in white summer trousers. Thus, the provoker a hare, the hunter the mastiff and the small fish who died on the earth became the reason of a rupture of the romantic relations and the subsequent sneers. After it the fairly clever boy decided to make secure and began to hook pampers for adults before the forthcoming concerning and dangerous events. Here and now Grey with pleasure remembered that helping-out “Haggis“ hooked before a sortie to Tuleevsk.

And here Grey stood on Chugunnaya Street and hardly recovered, with regret thinking of some features of the organism. At this time the big group of motorcyclists whose distinctive feature was an existence of blue helmets with the image of the grinned werewolf slowly proceeded on Liteyny Avenue. The leader of a gang “Werewolves“ by nickname the Stiletto stopped at the place of a congestion of prostitutes, about something talked over with Egg, Lizka, the Glowworm. Then all “Werewolves“ crossed the prospectus and at a slow speed disappeared in the numerous trees and bushes framing Foundry. The stiletto was not going to leave arrival of a gang of young children from Shapovsk without answer.

Tuleevsk, summer of 2010, on June 02, 00 hours 17 min.


the Impressive group of motorcyclists rushed on the night city. Trajectories of the movement of motorcycles were crossed, dispersed. Powerful engines of modern cars easily obeyed management. From outside it seemed that these two-wheeled “iron horses“, like bees, escaped from the closed beehive and directed on freedom. The crash of tens of cursors destroyed silence of the night city. From windows of the houses built along the main embankment of the city of Tuleevsk under the name Fan, the woken inhabitants maliciously looked at this group. But to children and girls on motorcycles was on it to spit. The exciting feeling of freedom, feeling of similarity to wind, all this inspired. When you ride at great speed the motorcycle, sense of danger and, even, fear, mixes up with exciting feeling of inflow of adrenaline in blood. So was also at them. Many already managed to smoke “grasses“, their consciousness extended and played new paints. Others laughed unclear to what, but that was and it is unimportant. “Grass“ had an effect. To these laughing loudly youths even ordinary rare passersby were amusing. Universe borders in their consciousness considerably extended, and one of them even began to point a finger on hardly the moving man, probably, coming back home after a long sit-round gathering with friends. In special helmets of midnight racers with the built-in music dynamic and clockwork melodies sounded.

Timur Strelnikov, the fifteen-year-old son of the businessman Pavel Afanasyevich Strelnikov, famous in the city, conducted the two-wheeled horse of the Honda brand easily and surely. Costed to it slightly - to slightly turn the handle of supply of fuel on itself as his iron mustang instantly reacted to it sharp acceleration. Timur quickly left from group forward, purposely lagged behind again to catch up and overtake. In earphones the cool composition of Europe group of “It is final countdown“ rumbled. From smoked recently “kosyachka“ a body it seemed to lungs, weightless as a fuzz. The fellow very much wanted now speed, but its that, just and it was necessary to reduce: ahead “the lying police officer“ loomed. All flow of motorcyclists began to dump too “died away“. Timur caught a high from all this action, from himself and the friends. The Europe group sang the song which text was translated approximately so: there is a countdown before start of the spaceship and astronauts do not know whether they will return sometime to Earth, home, or not. And the countdown is already started, there is no opportunity to return back, and only uncertainty and cold of space waits for the people leaving the earth.

And for the teenager there came the truth moment: when it already approached a road obstacle, “was instantly rained on the parade“: small explosion carried his head in a blue protective helmet with a sticker in the form of the grinned werewolf from whose canines brightly red drop of blood dripped. Already dead Timur began to be filled up on the device to the left, almost on an oncoming lane. It dropped out of the saddle bent by an arch and calmed down on asphalt. The others spendthriftotsiklist stopped, in perplexity removed helmets and looked at the companion lying without the movement on a roadbed. All knew Timur as, despite age, and could not understand rather skilled driver how it did not keep balance when overcoming the elementary obstacle moreover so nonprofessionally fell out of a saddle and hit the head, why, probably, fainted. It happens when falling, especially on a hard coating. Sitting of the next motorcycle was come off by the girl, removed a protective helmet, approached Timur. Bent, some time stared at a body, her eyes extended for horror, and she stridently cried: “Ma - and - and - m - and!“.

The curious grandmother from a high-rise building that it was once constructed along the embankment, hasty drew a curtain: from a chilling cry of the maiden the shiver of fear ran on a senile body.