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How to choose a wedding dress of the dream?

at the sight of wedding dresses in salons, on a show-window of shops heart of any girl fade or on the contrary - begins to fight quicker. It is our weakness! We furtively can admire snow-white dresses, dreaming that one of them once will gently fit our fragile figure, decorating and emphasizing it. We are ready to represent for hours ourselves in it, mentally feeling as the poured fabric from which it is sewed pleasantly rustles.

As there is a wish that it was so elegant that everything, and, above all IT, noticed how we in it are divinely good.

And here, there came that long-awaited moment in life. HE at last made the proposal. And we, maybe, even for this purpose that children`s imaginations became reality to feel extremely fine in that wedding dress which was drawn to themselves in dreams more than once, without deliberating, agreed.

How to choose a wedding dress of the dream? For what criteria to pick up model that not only to feel in it comfortably, but also to emphasize a figure in the most advantageous light, having hidden at the same time all its shortcomings? How at the same time to emphasize the identity?

How many questions! On all these and many others, the questions arising at the choice of a wedding dress, we also should find answers.

What it is possible to advise as without excess stress, and on a turn, having derived pleasure from the process, to choose that only wedding dress?

Many deny existence of some uniform rules or certain standards for the choice of a wedding dress. Probably, first of all it is possible to advise to dream up over creation of the image. It can be various. Beginning from the fantastic princess, the charming and gentle mermaid and, finishing, of course, with a defiant image of the lady - vamp.

Then it is necessary to decide on a style and color of a dress. It is no secret that successfully and competently picked up style of a wedding dress with ease can hide a couple of excess kilogrammchik on a waist or disguise too wide hips, emphasize the beautiful line of your neck or will help to increase a bust visually. Correctly chosen style of a wedding dress is already 100% of guarantee of your success. And only after they are to select the wedding dress and accessories corresponding to the created image.

Selecting a style, very often many face such problem as their big variety. But the wedding fashion is noted by the conservatism. It is possible to allocate three main plots: the tight fitting dress fitting slightly flared from top to bottom and ball.

Wants to be advised that you at the choice of the wedding dress did not look at the stereotypes which developed in society that the wedding dress has to be without fail ball. Consider various models. For example, nothing so will emphasize female forms as skintight a dress, flared below knees.

At the choice of a wedding dress its color is important too. Without doubts, white color, the embodiment of purity and innocence, will always remain in fashion. But, in spite of the fact that it is crystal white color long since was considered only permissible for a wedding dress of the bride, recently many give preference to other shades: pastel, cream, brown, turquoise, pink, nebesno blue etc.

Should note that the dress of bright red color, red - the most glamourous of all flowers will smartly look on the bride. But not only it can provide you success in festive evening. It is necessary to choose that shade or color which to the person which will refresh you and is even more attractive for doing to you.

And here that is recommended by stylists. The shade of a wedding dress has to be in harmony with color of your skin. Blondes with light skin will suit warm shades of white color: caramel, cream, pink, an ivory since cold shades can make pale and before light skin. For this purpose to emphasize gentle suntan, it is necessary to choose beige shades. For girls with swarty skin recommend bluish snow tone.

At the choice of the wedding dress, however, do not forget about a golden rule. The main thing not its color or a style, and the fact that it has to be pleasant to you. You have to feel that this that dress, a dress from your dream. And it is not important that it will not be the most expensive or from a new exclusive collection, richly decorated pearls or the embroidered gold. For example, the coquettish flower from tapes on a shoulder can become a refined detail of a wedding dress of the simple fitting style that will turn it into the real work of art. Or such detail as, decorative finishing by the Swarovski crystals along lateral seams - than not a good reason that your choice stopped on this model of a wedding dress?

And, at last, do not forget about wedding accessories which will bring the last stroke in the unique image created by you. The elegant hat showered with jewels a diadem gentle, as if a breeze, a veil or gloves - as without them in day of your wedding?