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How to make tasty stuffed cabbage?

you Want to diversify the house menu? Make stuffed cabbage - a dish tasty, useful and not too labor-consuming. The main secret here - to turn the tough and fragile sheet of cabbage in soft and elastic which at first is easy for curtailing an envelope, with this or that stuffing, and then to knife it without effort on a plate. Let`s give couple of checked recipes.

But at first we will open the mentioned secret. How you will prepare cabbage leaves, both taste, and appearance of stuffed cabbage will depend. Preparation aerobatics - stuffed cabbage with translucent leaves through which the stuffing is looked through.

It is correct to prepare leaves for stuffed cabbage simply. At a cabbage head of cabbage from a cabbage stump cut off about a third. The remained its most part is put in a pan a cut up, filled in with boiled water, closed a cover and maintained before full cooling. Then, having taken out from water, the head of cabbage is accurately sorted on separate leaves in which further and wrap forcemeat.

Here too there are rules. Stack a forcemeat handful on inside of a cabbage leaf, cover it with the lower (petiolar) part of a leaf, on it twist lateral parts from two parties and turn top. The classical stuffed cabbage created thus from a cabbage leaf has an appearance of a volume envelope though it is possible to make stuffed cabbage and in the form of tubules.

How it is correct to cook stuffed cabbage? Practical advice skilled hostess: do not pass onions for forcemeat via the meat grinder as all do when cooking cutlets, and small cut it. In such look in stuffed cabbage it will be some kind of baking powder of a stuffing.

the Recipe of stuffed cabbage with meat

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For preparation of stuffed cabbage any meat - beef, pork, mutton. Most tasty stuffed cabbage with a stuffing from mix of beef and pork in equal shares turns out.

For preparation of forcemeat wash out meat, cut pieces and pass via the meat grinder. Take the washed-up rice in water of 1 - 2 hour. Peel onions and carrots, wash out, small chop also to a spasseruyta on vegetable oil. Connect the browned vegetables to forcemeat, rice, salt, pepper and carefully mix.

Lay forcemeat on cabbage leaves, create envelopes, place them in a pan, fill in with abrupt boiled water, add bell pepper, bay leaf, salt and you extinguish on slow fire to readiness of rice.

It is approximately also possible to make stuffed cabbage from leaves of a Savoy cabbage, beet, a rhubarb, a ramson, leek and so forth for

Ingredients: on 500 g of meat - 1 kg of cabbage, 200 g of carrots, 100 g of onions, vegetable oil, salt, pepper to taste. the Recipe of stuffed cabbage with grated cheese

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a head of cabbage In the beginning: cut off excess part, remove a cabbage stump, steam or boil thoroughly (no more than 2 - 3 minutes). Cut on one bulb for forcemeat and for sauce. Crush greens, garlic and carrots. Husk tomato and cut it in cubes. Turn meat via the meat grinder, weld rice and wash out it cold water. Connect ready rice, mincemeat, onions and greens, mix, salt and pepper. Add a cup of cold water as rice absorbs a lot of moisture - again properly mix.

Sort cabbage leaves, cut off thickenings or break them the back of a knife. Put forcemeat on inside of a leaf and create stuffed cabbage. Pour in vegetable oil on the warmed frying pan, evenly fry stuffed cabbage, cover and take on weak fire several minutes.

Take out stuffed cabbage and shift them in a baking pan. On the same frying pan where there was stuffed cabbage, fry onions and carrots for sauce, add garlic and pour in cream. When they begin to boil, bring greens and pieces of tomato. Salt and, stirring slowly, evaporate part of liquid (sauce has to thicken). In shape fill in stuffed cabbage with sauce and strew from above with grated cheese, then bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 to a ruddy crust.

Ingredients: is 1 kg fresher than cabbage - 400 g of beef, 200 g of pork, 200 g of onions, 200 g of carrots, 200 g of tomatoes, 200 g of rice, 200 ml of cream, 100 g of vegetable oil, 100 g of cheese, garlic, parsley, fennel, salt, pepper to taste.

Here so skilled hostesses cook stuffed cabbage. The stuffing for them can be practically any, even fruit. It is not forbidden to dream. Bon appetit!