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“Demons 2“: by whom frighten the Italian children? If you it is not aware of

, modern genre cinema, especially regarding horror films, it is in many respects obliged to works of the Italian cinematographers. In due time, thanks to such directors as Mario Bava, Antonio Margeriti, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Ruggero Deodato and so forth, Italians were considered as leaders in the embodiment of nightmares. Among them and the well-known Lamberto Bava who inherited passion to zhutika and thrillers from the father Mario, a final authority in a genre.

On Lamberto, of course, the nature a trifle has a rest. At cinema it is difficult to convict of innovation of its work as Bava - younger preferred to go down stream. Constantly rotating in a circle of fatherly companions on film shop, Lamberto decided not to play the fool and work in the same style. It carried out the first experiences as the assistant to the father, and then began also solo career with the terrible thriller “Makabro“ based on real events.

The most known creation Lamberto Bava remains to this day the picture “Demons“ of 1985 which the director samolichno continued twice (in 1986 and 1988). Actually, about the second part of the movie which in the Italian original sounds as “Demons 2: Return of a nightmare“, will also go the speech in this article.

… The television and electronic security aids will not bring to good. Especially if that, and another suddenly sharply is up in arms against the creator - the person. Once upon a time there were in one hi-tech apartment German house Italians with acquaintances to pain the English names George, Sallie and Hanna. So far George prepares for examination in physics, and his pregnant wife Hanna does exercises on breath, their neigbour Sallie threw a party in honor of birthday. Neither guests, nor especially numerous neighbors also suspect that they soon will become witnesses and direct participants of really dreadful events.

There was terrible: while Sallie was absent in the neighboring room, it was devoured by the demon from the TV. A sting of these creatures - piece infectious, therefore after several minutes the cheerful party turned into the reporting from meat-processing plant. Having degenerated in it is sharp-toothed - toothy demons with the burning eyes, guests crowd began to rush about along corridors of a high-rise building which from - for short circuit of an electrical wiring (blood at demons, appears, acid) turned into “dream“ of a klaustrofob.

It is simpler to kill the demon of the soared turnip if near at hand is ruzhyishko or a piece of an aluminum pipe. The problem is that monsters become more and more, and adequate inhabitants - less. Outside nobody knows about incident therefore survived it is necessary to lay a way to an exit independently, by means of a brute force and words abusive. Also be sure, without shout “All of us will die!“ will not manage …

Amusing kintso. Under the word “amusing“ I do not mean bloody details of dreadful slaughter at all, and the fact that Lamberto Bava shot the sequel in a little parody key. The black humour actively alternates scenario mistakes from which the events on the screen become even more picturesque. What is costed by the student - the physicist with model appearance or his pregnant wife who, having been four months gone at most, manages by the end of night to give birth to the healthy child. To see for fear not only eyes are big.

In peak to the “cine“ original where demonic fever extended among the audience of elite movie theater, continuation by a source of the universal evil made the zombie-box (as in the people it is accepted to call the TV now). There was it slightly earlier, than Americans thought up the “Telemertvetsov“, and long before the dead girl liking to get out of the blue screen in Japanese “Call“. The metaphor is simple and convincing - not all telecasts are equally useful. You should not read the Soviet newspapers before a breakfast, and for the night to be fond of the Italian horror films.

In general, others can almost not confuse the Italian horror film with something. First of all, thanks to a characteristic visual component. Germans, French, Spaniards habitually stuffed the production with a philosophical delicacy about opposition of the good and evil, psychologism and existential digressions. The typical Italian nightmare is a bloody bath with all that it implies. The specialist in a make-up - actually the second person on a shooting stage, depends future success at the viewer who got used to demonstration of frightening forms at periodic lack of adequate contents on his efforts.

Verdict: a cheerful film trash in the best traditions. Today`s film figures seek to improve in every possible way ways of forcing of horror, and favourite methods are loud shriek in the middle of silence or the spiteful ugly face which is suddenly formed on the screen carefully brought to perfection by experts in computer graphics. Dense Italians disdained similar experiments with mentality of the viewer, stocking up to shootings with ketchup tons. Therefore horror films of the eightieth not so much frighten how many cause in the bulk the laughter, or disgust at especially weak a stomach.

P. S. In a picture the film debut of the juvenile daughter of other master of a horror took place. To whom it is interesting, it is well-known Asia Argento, Dario Argento`s daughter later lit in the Hollywood blockbuster “Three Ickx“ with Vin Diesel`s participation.