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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on June 4 - 5? “Ickx`s people“, “the Bachelor party 2“, etc.

is Summer not only beach season, a country time and the period of mass holidays and school vacation. At movie theaters the summer is a season of the highest activity when on the screen weekly start long-awaited the audience of a picture. The first film week of summer of 2011 an exception will not become. On the Russian screens two long-awaited projects - background of the comic book “Ickx`s People will appear at once: First class“ and continuation of the “hungover“ comedy “Bachelor party 2: From Vegas to Bangkok“.

Hollywood is also presented by the thriller “Game without Rules“ while other debutants not to take away cash desk from leaders, are taken obviously by the principle of the greatest exoticism. Here and the documentary Youtube “Life in One Day“ project, and brazilsko - the Spanish historical drama about life Lope De Vega, and even a tape of production of Bhutan. And now is more detailed:

1. “People Ickx: The first class“ (X - Men: First Class, 2011)


, the heart has a will of its own. Here and my relations with the franchize “People Ickx“ somehow did not develop. All movies of these long-playing film series (it is already the fifth, since 2000), except for the very first part of the director Bryan Singer, for some reason seemed to me fresh. Despite active promotion in mass media, production scope and presence at a shot of rather good actor Hugh Jackman.

The comic book with the rich history lasting from the middle of the seventieth managed to acquire in ten years of the new millennium two continuations, one backs - offy (“Ickx`s People: Beginning. Glutton) and now here the prequel telling about how everything began.

Financial progress of the franchize speaks for themselves - nobody will produce just like that continuations. Nevertheless, unlike other marvelovsky comics like “Spiderman“ or “Iron Man“, “Ickx`s People“ always differed in excessive gravity and even a pomposity of the narration, at total absence of self-irony. Immemorial fight of mutants and people partly reminds annoying desire of homosexuals to prove to the whole world the right for existence. Poor mutants politicians and simple people, and they snub eternally, sufferers, cannot understand in the ranks in any way: it appears, there are mutants good, and is and not really.

Actually, opposition angry and kind “people X“ is also a basis for development of a plot, demonstration of superabilities before ordinary people of Earth constantly threatens to develop into genocide. Among themselves mutants are at enmity more intensively though, in fact, sympathies special do not cause either those, or others.

Presence at a director`s chair of talented Mathew Vaughan (“Fuck-up“, “Star dust“), and also a “unexpected“ foreshortening of the story where we should learn true background of the conflict between old enemies - professor Ickx (James Makevoy) and Magnito (Michael Fassbender) can become advantage of the new movie.

2. “Bachelor party 2: From Vegas to Bangkok“ (The Hangover Part II, 2011)

the Phenomenal success of first “Bachelor party“ two years ago (467 million world collecting at the budget in only 35) forced many audience, even those who in principle do not accept the American sense of humour, to rush in movie theaters. Thanks to competent public relations - campaigns chain reaction, slightly similar to that worked that brought such projects as “The witch from Blair“ and “The paranormal phenomenon“ to top of charts.

Honestly I admit, having waited for an exit of “Bachelor party“ to DVD, I was slightly disappointed. In the comedy Todd Phillips showed nothing essentially new, and the only light spot, in fact, the role of Zac Galifianakis whom the director literally opened for big cinema is. I do not argue, a spot big and remarkable, but whether it costs nearly half a billion dollars?

Creators of the sequel decided not to deviate the general line and in continuation forced heroes to do the same, as in the original of biennial prescription. At first a party, then a long hangover during which characters gradually restore events of last night. Only the city was replaced, this time Styu, Phil and Alan moved to solar Thailand where the specifics of misadventures. You believe that the shell two times in one funnel does not fall? You are mistaken! Already today the sequel can brag of almost threefold excess of collecting in relation to the budget.

3. “Game without rules“ (Fair Game, 2010)

Dag Lyman`s Tape (“Born`s Identification“, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith“, “Teleport“) - the last picture of this week leaving in a wide release. Lyman who ate a dog on espionage perturbations last year addressed favourite subject again, having invited in the project Naomi Watts and Shauna Penna.

“Game without rules“ (or if to translate competently, “Fair play“) is based on the autobiographical book written by the main heroes, the ambassador Joseph Wilson and the agent of intelligence agencies Valery Pleym. In other words, unlike everyone invented Bornov and Smitov, this picture describes the events taking place.

Americans practically ignored the movie in hire. Reasons for that a little. In - the first, a genre of the political drama (in thrillers the tape was written down obviously hasty) in the financial plan successful it is impossible to call in any way. In - the second, American film figures subject of Iraq and dirty frauds of the government of George Bush - younger already rather wore out. In - the third, authors did not manage to play on bravery too: to expose the president who already left the post - the merit is small.

Considering all these aspects, to tell the rolling fortunes of “Game without rules“ at movie theaters of Russia there is no need. Everything clearly and no comments. The movie will be interesting only to ardent admirers of talent Watts and Penna who in drama roles especially manage to show it.

Having finished with the main group of film novelties, we will fluently be run according to the movies starting in limited hire.

First of all, I pay your attention to the documentary project , ambitious and very interesting from the point of view of execution, “Life for one day“ (Life in a Day) . Collected on pieces from thousands of amateur rollers of the YouTube service sent especially for the project it is, actually, the first movie of a similar genre shown on the wide screen. Live, real material allowed the director Kevin McDonald (“The last king of Scotland“) and producers among which the famous brothers Scott, Ridley and Tony, to create the show, not similar to anything, telling about one day of our planet from the point of view of the most ordinary people.

Fans of the Spanish cinema were lucky twice. In - the first, with the drama “Afterparty“ Alberto Rodriguez. In - the second, from a large-scale biografichesko - an adventure tape “Lope De Vega: The profligate and the temper“ in which the famous playwright and the poet, efforts of the Brazilian and Spanish cinematographers, successfully competes with Don Juan`s glory.

Finish the list of film premieres on June 2, 2011 two tapes which the turn can not reach at all. “the doctrine of Milarepy“ and the Canadian drama “Death signs“ is about the butansky biographic movie . Both tapes are so specific that their emergence on the big screen - it is rather, a question not of money, and the principle.

Fight between “People Ickx“ and a Trinity of poor fellows from “Bachelor party“ will be, most likely, frying. Both blockbusters are focused on youth audience therefore will desperately compete. Everything depends on what the audience this week - distribution on the screen of tasty slaps in the face or to supervision over how three losers investigate back streets of Bangkok will be more located to.