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How to earn on the Internet?

All hi. Now many people are interested in a question of earnings on the Internet with little effort. Now would yakhotet to you to tell the main sources of earnings in the Internet - space.

1) the Website - you create the interesting and useful website (blog) with good attendance, advance the website and place advertizing (a banner, the detailed description of goods, service or the website, or you place the point-policeman - 1 - 2 offer on goods or service).

2) it is Also possible to work with Google Adsense. You post advertizing of Google on the website and receive money for cliques. But it is spare option since in Ukraine and Russia the price for cliques, in difference from foreign countries, quite small and makes kopeks. By means of this system you can earn in a world wide web only in case you have very popular website, high attendance on it and it is a lot of regular readers.

3) It is possible to be registered at various exchanges of articles and to write unique articles for the websites and blogs, to translate texts and td.

4) you Can, also, earn from cliques, but it for children of school age since for pressing the reference which you receive on the e - mail a lot of money will not be given, you understand. So you can earn kopeks.

5) Surfing - you to a prosmatrivata the websites of sponsors in the automatic or manual mode. It is, in my opinion, an easy way of earnings, but you will not receive for it much. How to earn? You are registered in systems of surfing (it is desirable in all) and a prosmatrivata the websites. This type of earnings too, so to speak, for school students.

6) Earnings on post sponsors - you receive on the e - mail the letter with the reference to a certain website or the blog, pass to it, look through and press advertizing which is posted on the website.

the Most optimum as it seems to me, option - to create the good, qualitative and interesting website and to place on it advertizing. The main thing to remember - it is necessary to place advertizing within limits that readers were not frightened off by a large number of banners and td.

of Good luck!