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The size is more important than a form?

In order that in short lines to develop and pump up the muscles, you have to work hard over it, are available I will enter, trainings of physical activity. There are various methods how to pump up muscles of hands, breasts, backs, bast shoes. Nevertheless, you have to know how to execute certain exercises what certain groups of muscles are used at those, or other exercises. Therefore the individual instructor who will help you in this case is necessary. You, of course, can accept steroids, nevertheless, consider that you can have problems with a potentiality and if is not, then all the same, you will not be able to have the successor. Therefore do not even consider option with steroids. But, how it is possible to pump up muscles in house conditions?

Experts in this sphere reached a conclusion that to strengthen the muscles the person does not even need to play sports constantly. It is possible just to do exercises or some elementary physical exercises from time to time. All know that muscles are reduced, reacting to impulses which make motor neurons. And their signals, in turn directly depend on elementary signals of a brain. Thus, having strengthened the frequency of signals from a brain to muscles, it is possible to imitate physiological loading artificially.

Physiologists from the USA, Ohio, Cleveland, for example, began the researches with little finger muscles. They began to use a technique of increase in muscles behind the theory which says that muscles can be pumped up by means of visual gymnastics that they also investigated. Researchers made experiment, having involved the strongest and working biceps and a biceps. People age from 20 to 35 years took participation in experiments, experiment was made five times a week. In the course of experiment experimental imagined that their bicepses actively work, and scientists fixed electric activity of a brain at this time. At the end of experiment scientists made the repeated analysis of results and as it appeared, the volume of muscles increased by 13, 5 percent. Moreover, volume remained in such form three more months after completion of exercises with imagination. Now scientists are going to make similar experiment with participation of people age from 65 to 80 years. They believe that results of experiment will promote people with paralysis to restoration activity, and elderly people will return themselves physical shape. Not to bring damage to an organism, it is necessary to be engaged in physical exercises correctly without overloads, and also not to limit itself in rest, but it is not necessary to be overzealous.

The overload causes damage to your organism, especially, when it is not ready to big loadings. Food plays very large role when swing muscles, observance of a diet and correct food allowance will help you with achievement of your purpose. In the course of training you lose from 300 to 500 calories, thus, you need to eat enough to keep earned by a hard work the volume of muscle bulk. It is necessary to eat before training. Before training food gives sufficient energy to muscles, and after training restores become invalid. After training it is good to drink a glass of juice which will saturate muscles with vitamins.

There are different diets and diets for swing of muscles, but it is necessary to remember that it is not necessary to be overzealous. It is impossible to undereat or overeat to or after training, is it is necessary moderately not to overload your organism that will influence a metabolism. It is the best of all to consult to the expert and to pick up to itself own diet, following which you achieve desirable result.