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Why women cry?

Female tears are both the weapon, and protection. Tears of the woman can plunge the man into a stupor, irritate, dement, attract. Women skillfully learned to use the weapon given by the nature. But women not just like that cry?

Strangely enough, but the increased tearfulness of a fine half of mankind, in comparison with man`s part of the population, has also a dry physiological explanation. Blood of the woman contains hormone Prolactinum, it - that also is responsible also for allocation of tears and that is interesting, for formation of milk during feeding of the baby a breast. Men have hormone testosterone which opposes to tears, without allowing plaintive liquid to collect.

Since the childhood sometimes speak to us: “Cry, cry, it will become easier!“ Tears are not only psychological simplification, but also evidence-based process of clarification of an organism. The chemical composition of tears differs in stress hormone availability. It is allocated in especially brightly intense moments of life when the person is overflowed with emotions, whether it be negative feelings or positive feelings. Tears thus bring toxic substances which are formed at a stress and an overstrain out of a human body. Having cried, the person calms down.

Women can cry for the reason and without, just female essence in itself assumes its emotionality of experiences and a special susceptibility of everything that occurs. Traditionally the woman is a keeper of the center who worries for children, the husband, the family. It does not remain indifferent to anybody: neither to people, nor to animals, nor to sufferers, nor to healthy.

Actually, God and the nature the woman was given such enormous strength that sometimes it just overflows it, and the woman explodes tears. It is ready to fall and rise, go constantly further, at the same time supporting and preserving close people. To the woman her personal solvency is not important, it has to be constantly to someone necessary, and she disinterestedly gives the love and care to people around, loves and cherishes the children what they would not be even if they are ungrateful it.

It is considered to be that women are a weaker sex, but actually the woman, gentle, tender, wise, sometimes quick-tempered, and sometimes and excessively sentimental, is a support to the man, his confidence in life. Creating a cosiness and the warm atmosphere in a family, the woman supports the man, assures him of the importance and a demand, love and security. A time of the woman take offense at insufficient attention of the man, his coldness and avarice of emotions. Offensively to tears. And women cry. But despite shortcomings, aggression and an inattention of the men, women wait for them and love, sincerely and truly.

Women cry when something is impossible to them, and in minutes when it seems that the whole world against them. Cry with injustice and offenses. At the sight of a homeless kitten or a puppy in the face of the woman there are pity tears, and in soul - desire to embrace and defend the whole world.

A time of the woman are excessively sentimental, but if it was not, the whole world would be cruel and aggressive. The romanticism and children`s naivety of women softens hearts of men, awakens in them the desire cares for the woman, to protect and preserve her.

And, of course, women cry with happiness. They so close and strongly endure any feelings that to them insufficiently simple smile or laughter. The woman can break into tears at the moment of the highest happiness, and to the man of it not to understand.

Therefore if your darling, mother or the daughter cries, do not shout at her, do not say that it weak and weak-willed, and regret it, sympathize if it is tears of disappointment or pain, or be glad together with it.

And just understand. Anyway.