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What to do if the boss is sillier than you?

of Clever bosses are not enough, silly - much. It is an axiom which in our country even should not be proved. With new work the lottery - “will carry every time / will not carry“? But what to do if the boss of design department comes to meeting with the book “Design for Teapots“? Well, not to kill?!

So, there is obvious a main issue: what to do if the boss is sillier than you? For a start it is necessary to find some good way of a relaxation and calm, for example - boxing after work or respiratory gymnastics. The second is even more preferable because the respiratory gymnastics can quite do and when the boss gets up something interesting again. And here boxing, alas, you will not work.

Many people proceeding from the experience of fight against silly bosses advise to find to them approach, so though his narrow-mindedness will constantly not beat you. Others advise to try to re-educate, but if there is no mind - that and will not be. And if you have an option, as they say, such - “more terribly than the fool only the fool with an initiative“, then you can only sympathize, and with an initiative will make nothing.

Psychologists advise to imagine the boss in ridiculous situations, but often silly boss himself creates these ridiculous situations, and does not become ridiculous at all.

People in such situations present to a thicket how they throw darts into the chief`s portrait, or go and actually do it (with a portrait, certainly), and thus let off steam a little. It helps both with teachers with school, and with bosses at work.

It is impossible to give to the boss, especially it, to make you “whipping boy“, the behavior of the boss will be copied also by others, and then work will become absolutely intolerable. In total - you have a self-respect!

If the boss shouts at you, wait until it is shouted. Later it will be possible or to explain how business looks in reality, or to apologize, but to mention that shout in this situation was not so necessary. Here most to solve in what way to communicate easier with your boss.

For cases with impassable nonsense which makes the life miserable, you remember: your life, nerves, mental health is more expensive. Look for ways to retreat - where it would be possible to pass from this work. Having the fool in chiefs, this question should be thought over for itself surely: you never know to it will knock on the head tomorrow?

Except a relaxation, after work begin to find time for your hobby, it is better - every day. It well restores mentality and helps to fight against gloomy thoughts. Go on nature more often, have a rest with a family, children. But if you were lucky with work, and you are engaged in what you all life dreamed of, only the boss spoils all picture, begin to look for the additional ways of earnings connected with your specialty. And there already surely in detail ask workers on their boss not to fly so once again. Who knows, maybe, over time you completely there and will pass?

One more question, of course, too can disturb. When you see what place is taken by the silly person, and you see that there someone clever is obviously missing, this question arises involuntarily: whether it is worth scheming against the silly boss? It is difficult to tell unambiguously, of course. But if you are sure of yourself, of the forces - forward! Only do not forget about ethics and about norms of morals: to scribble denunciations - not the best way to fly up above, can behave also against you. Weigh all pros and cons, your desires and the purposes and prove!

Generally, try to keep peace of mind and physical health, without looking on any bosses. Work changes, bosses change, and we remain. So think first of all not of your boss, and of yourself.