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Whether it is necessary to force the child to learn everything?

Such question arise at parents irrespective of age of the child. At preschool age there is a wish to teach the child to everything to the maximum that then it was easier for it - at school, at university and in general in life.

At school age the question is transformed: if the child studies as “three“ whether it is necessary to do with it something whether to force it to learn all program completely?

Each age has features. If to speak about preschool - it is necessary to remember even fragile mentality of the child, the mental processes which were not established yet. Many parents start training children in one or even to several foreign languages when the child plainly is not able to speak also on the native. As a result development of the child slows down - he tries to realize what want from it?

Present that you gave to the computer two different labor-consuming tasks, he tries to execute them at the same time and … hangs. Training in something at preschool age has to correspond to physical development of the child - learning of foreign language perhaps after studying native when the child is able to speak and to write a little, training in the letter - not earlier than 5 - 6 years, earlier muscles necessary for this purpose just are not formed.

It is impossible to forget about health of the specific child: if you want “to load“ the kid with loading, still not really feasible for it, surely consider features of his constitution - with weak children psychologists strongly recommend not to make such experiments.

But here your kid went to school, and here he is already systematically forced something to teach. When every day it comes home with tasks, parents surely have to control their performance. Whether it is necessary to help it? Of course and, but never to do work for the child. If the reproductive task (that is to solve a problem on a sample) is given - with similar “help“ he will never learn assiduity and patience; if creative - it slows down imagination of the child in development.

The child needs to impart love to study. I do not think that many children constantly want to study in the first grade - to them to play, take a walk on the street, with friends more cheerfully. Therefore manuals of parents are so important. The child has to get used to daily feasible work, at first small and short, but it has to increase on time with each class.

Probably, all parents are upset when their child brings bad marks from school. On the one hand it is correct. Your frustration stimulates the child to learn better and to receive only good marks, but it cannot be constant only this way! Bad marks serve as a signal for parents that to the child, perhaps, it is necessary though a little to help - to spend more time with it, to talk why something did not turn out, together to consider and prompt the course of a solution.

At younger school age children willingly tell that was at a lesson and as they received this or that assessment. Bad marks signal also about that how many a negative your child received. It too very much upsets him, he worries and about the place in a class - the teacher does not consider it as the best now and how other children will look at it?

If irrespective of the used efforts nothing is impossible to the child, there can come apathy to study. Talk to the teacher why she gives such marks that, in her opinion, is not enough for your girl or the boy. Eventually, it only opinion, you can have also another, but the opinion uchitelyaochen is important for the child at younger school, the prejudiced relation can give up as a bad job desire to study in general.

Whether it is so necessary to force the child to learn everything? At younger school it is necessary - to try to do all it, it is the knowledge base for the rest of life. It is necessary to learn the multiplication table, it is necessary to do written exercises. Many parents advise even to agree with the child that to 4 - go a class he will study, and further - as will want.

If at high school at the child it is impossible to learn everything at once, all objects, it is possible to try to help him. If with your help he feels at lessons more surely and more comfortably - help, but do not overload the child at all. He already tries very much.

Do not forget to be attentive to the children and their problems. Also you remember that the child in 4 years very strongly differs from the child in 6 or in 8.