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Whether ounovets were helpers of fascism? Teams and legions of the Ukrainian nationalists.

the Ukrainian nationalists began to cooperate with the German intelligence agencies since the beginning 30 - x years. The German department of the Ukrainian Military Organization under the leadership of Richard Jary came into contacts with the head of SA Ernst Ram and Adolf Hitler. At the same time Jary pursued the aim of creation and training of the militarized divisions from among the Ukrainian emigrants. In 1933 between it and Ram the agreement according to which to young fighters of UVO - OUN were given opportunities for military training at the SA bases in Germany was reached.

the Training centers for the Ukrainian emigrants on the lake Himzy and in Kventsguta for preparation of the fifth column on a case of the beginning of military operations against Poland and the USSR were created in 1938.

of 250 Ukrainian volunteers passed special training in uchebno - training camp near Dakhshtayn in 1939.

In anticipation of military operations Abver started arms of OUN groups in the Soviet territory, transporting them the weapon through border.

One of the first Ukrainian formations of Abver was a so-called Legion of the colonel Roman Sushk, in the German documents it appeared as Bergbauernhilfe (VVN). It was well armed group of members of OUN (A. Melnik), numbering 200 people. The group was formed in Germany for maintaining diversionno - intelligence activities in the back of the Polish army in the first days of attack of Germany on Poland. The Ukrainians from the Organization of National Defense of Carpathian Sechi who were in time to smell gunpowder in fight for independence of it nobody the recognized state became recruits. The staff had mountain and landing training in the Alps. The course also included topography, conspiracy, diversionary and drill. A staff - the apartment of a legion was located in Breslau, and training center in Zaubersdorf. Legionaries were dressed in a standard uniform of Wehrmacht, but without distinction signs, armed with submachine guns and had the division of motorcyclists.

the German command decided not to engage a legion To action with the Polish parts. The legion was taken away from a front line and on September 1, 1939 was reformed by the order of the major von Demmel (the chief of a staff of ACT Krakow) in Industrial protection (Werkschutz) - the formation bearing security service of industrial facilities in Poland.

the Most prepared and devoted OUN legionaries were then part DUNOV Roland and Nakhtigal. In Verkshuttsa the Ukrainian youth had military training and was considered by the management of OUN (Miller) as a basis for expansion in the future of national military divisions. There are data that the legion nevertheless was used on the Polish front and Mr. Sambor carried out capture.

In March, 1940. the management of OUN, by order of Abver, sends diversionary groups to Lviv and Volhynia for the organization of sabotage and civil disobedience actions from which most part is neutralized by People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs.

Before attack on the USSR in Germany began creation of Teams of the Ukrainian Nationalists: Roland (Rolland) and Nakhtigal (Nachtigal - the Nightingale).

the Set of recruits made S. Bandera`s OUN. The first battalion received the code name “Organization Roland“, the second battalion was called “special forces Nakhtigal“ since had the chorus.

Roland was created in March, 1941. The OUN Vienna bureau under control of the colonel R. Yary behind which there was ACT Vienna. Evgeny Pobigushchy - the former officer of the Polish army was appointed the Ukrainian commander of a battalion, the captain Novak was appointed the German commander. Preparation of part of staff took place in Austria near Vienna. Preparation of rolandovets was conducted by Abver`s officers from ACT Vienna. Before attack Roland arrived from Vienna to Romania where it was included in structure 11 - y the German army.

on June 27 the battalion received the order on support of the German troops in combat operations on the Prut River. In the same time the colonel Yary with the staff of the Ukrainian propagandists joined it. On July 2 this staff was dismissed under the decree OKV, his many employees joined structure of a battalion. Jary left for Lviv. on July 26 Roland passed

under command 54 - go the Army case and took part in combing of the territory and protection of roads at the Dniester River. By this time Roland totaled 9 officers and 260 soldiers - 4 companies till 50-65 of people. The battalion was supposed to be filled up with 150 volunteers - Ukrainians from the “freed“ territories. The arms were made by 6 easy machine guns of the Czech production and the Soviet rifles - three-rulers. On July 29 Roland acted in the region of Chisinau-Vaduluy-Voda then made transition to the line of the railroad Proskurov-Odessa. At this time the staff 11 - y Armies received the telegram from higher instances: “After consultations with the Reich Minister of occupied territories of the East, Roland is required to exclude the Organization from participation in a campaign for the political reasons“.

Roland arrived on August 26, 1941 to Fokshany where it was surrounded with machine guns and is disarmed. The staff was thrown in Mayerling near Vienna. On September 16 the Gestapo arrested R. Yary, captains Barabash and L. Ortinsky, two more officers of Roland.

of DUN Nakhtigal had training in connection Brandenburg - 800 and on the ground in Noykhammere. A set in a battalion (350 people) made the OUN Krakow bureau under control of ACT Krakow.

a battalion was thrown on June 18 to border. Formally Roman Shukhevich ordered it, the commander 1 - go a connection battalion Brandenburg - 800 was the German head. In nochs 22 for June 23 the battalion crossed the border near Peremyshl and, without engaging with parts of RKKA, moved in the direction to Lviv. As a part of 17 - y armies he since June 29 participated in fights on the Lviv direction.

In Lviv from the first day of war became more active the German fifth column which was made by ounovsky underground workers and abverovsky saboteurs. The agency resisted to the Soviet troops and parts of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, captured strategic objects, made punishments.

the Nightingale entered on June 30 together with 1 - m a connection battalion Brandenburg - 800 Lviv. By then in the city the main fights between local ounovets and the receding Soviet parts ended. Battalion Nakhtigal left to

Lviv on July 7 and soon arrived to Proskurov where it was attached to the Alpine security division. Together with it he participated in fights around Brailov.

in Nakhtigal came on August 13, 1941 the order on departure to Noykhammer. On arrival the Nightingale was surrounded with machine guns and disarmed. Arrests in Lviv by the German intelligence agencies of heads of OUN S. Bandera and Ya. Stetsko by order of A. Hitler who demanded “to put in order this gang“ became an occasion to it. According to other information, the battalion was liquidated from - for the discontent with the German occupational policy growing among his military personnel in Ukraine.

After elimination DUNOV were made mass arrests of members of OUN, and the bailed military personnel was transported to Frankfurt an der Oder where from them it was created 201 - y Ukrainian shutsmanshaftbatalyon (a name E hut. Konovaltsa). the Leader of the Ukrainian nationalists of S. Bander wrote

: “End DUNOV was such: Roman Shukhevich with considerable number of foremen, subforemen and Sagittariuses DUNOV, last not only good military training, but also got strong confidence and military knowledge came back to revolutionary ranks. The main thing that they brought with themselves, is a knowledge of the organization, strategy and tactics of the guerrilla fight experienced by Bolsheviks in World War II and the German technique of liquidation of guerrilla groups. This knowledge very much was useful during creation of UPA and deployment of its fight...“

Comments are as they say excessive. There is only one question to the Ukrainian authorities - as it is possible to consider as heroes of Ukraine leaders of OUN, and to equate their helpers to veterans of the Great Patriotic War; how many it is possible to follow the tastes of the galitsky neo-Nazis and their supporters calling themselves National - patriots, the Ukrainians poisoning with the promotion of soul of the younger generation - knocking them into the heads that they have to support galitsky values, their concepts about history, culture, and it is unacceptable for most of the Ukrainian people. Speak Ukraine it was a colony of Russia, - - nonsense, even in the Russian Empire generals and ministers, Ukrainians on a nationality, was more than competent galichan in Avstro - Hungary. Position of Ukrainians and Russians in the Russian Empire, was absolutely identical - what it is a colony, the African or Indian leaders to the English nobility in the rights were not compared, and especially ministers and generals did not make. But now Ukraine becomes a colony of the killed Avstro`s province - Hungary - Galicia.