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Grant for presidents. p. 7. Life and death - unity of life.

If to consider the Universe as an organism, and any organism lives at the same time in the real and unreal world, then the Universe, knowing the future, “tries“ to realize the potential by means of the derivatives, in particular people. This process is quite natural during time of existence of the most universal organism.

We, people, got used to register only an active component of life of the Universe, and passive which version is the dream, in consciousness of many of us does not exist whereas it - is indispensable part whole, immaterial reflection of reality, is the energy supplementing matter to a neutral state, to a certain harmony of soul and a body. For this reason spiritual, immaterial, measurement of human life has the right for that it was recognized as a studying subject with all that it implies from this consequences.

So why all live needs a regular dream, i.e. temporary interruption of a continuity of consciousness? It appears, this state not only human, but also any other organism, and it, naturally, corresponds to the Law of the Uniform Universe. At such statement of a question, the daily dream should be considered how the end and the beginning of sequences of functional cycles of the considered organism which quantity turns into new quality of life is a necessary condition of life, i.e. reproduction similar.

Reproduction similar from a cycle to a cycle - is the Organic principle of existence of the Universe and all that it comprises. Every morning, beginning a new cycle of life, any of us with various ways including unconsciously, tries to change the existing order of things, to change, improve, conditions of the existence. The nature and its derivative, society, create conditions, i.e. suggest to work according to a certain scenario, - thus quantity of cycles, as a result of functional actions of the person, turns into new quality of life, often, irrespective of desire of the person. In a dream to people new ideas and solutions of problems come, in a dream of people gets sick and recovers, and, at last, in a dream there is a mobilization of an organism for further fight against circumstances - “Tomorrow is a new day“. In general, recurrence is characteristic of any universal processes.

Some religions directly speak about a natural way of immortality, about reincarnation. And in general, concept of the soul, an incorporeal human essence capable to remember life situations in which their flesh once stayed, not incidentally is present practically at all religions as life after death.

Nothing, not giving in to an explanation, from positions of the Organic Universe, remained. Organic approach to the solution of human problems can expand space of interests of Mankind considerably. But such as now, the archaic methods of knowledge of the unknown only feigning activity of progress, even about in our general house on Earth, we and our descendants should expect very much and very long - extraordinary metainnovative methods of knowledge are necessary. Lives of those heads of Mankind who will manage to overcome a lag effect of its movement will become the greatest events in the Universe!

Vyacheslav Trofimov, the head Koordinatsionno - analytical center of Social Technologies