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Safe sex on the Internet. Where to find the suitable partner?

Presently the Internet became an integral part of life of almost each person. So densely it is interconnected with our daily life that it is very difficult to present its absence. The Internet is what does our life more convenient and easier, more mobile. Also the fact that we transferred many aspects of our reality to virtual space to save time and just because it is easy and convenient was quite predictable. One of such moments is acquaintance in the Network.

It is simpler to carry out acquaintance on the Internet than, directly, in real society. The Internet is a zone of almost absolute freedom and expression of the desires which should be constrained in real life owing to various conditions, whether it be observance of etiquette or even violation of the current legislation. In the Internet - space it is simpler to person to get rid of complexes and to be liberated.

For acquaintances on the Internet there is a set of social networks as general meaning (schoolmates, VKontakte, my world), and specialized which set as a main objective to find the soulmate (the mamba, lavplent). One of the main reasons for acquaintances to an opposite sex - satisfaction of sexual requirements. The long absence of sex often leads to crash of private life. Negative attitude to people around, irritability is only the few those symptoms which are suffered by the lonely unsatisfied person.

Naturally, at acquaintance in the Network you are not insured from squall of offers to be engaged immediately in intim, but, in turn, the Internet protects you from direct physical harassments. It, definitely, positive moment.

So what to begin search of the potential partner in interactive space with. Pervo - napervo needs to be defined and realize why for you the partner is necessary: for the serious relations or directly for sex for some time.

Sex without obligations: the purpose is simpler, the more simply and quicker to reach it. Those who was least of all lucky in the real relations or cannot begin them from - for a lack of time, it is enough to throw a call: “I want sex!“, to attach juicy “photo“, and … it is possible to count seconds before appearance of potential partners. Of course, quality and the contingent will be various, to do nothing. We make selection of applicants and we choose the lucky. Well, and what you expected? All want! Perhaps, these relations will develop into something more serious.

Personally this type of the relations is unacceptable for me and does not give pleasure.

Serious relations: for the serious relations which include sex needs to be found at first the subject of desires of your feelings and desires. To start the communication directed to deeper acquaintance that the partner began to trust you and let in personal space, finding the time and opening for you the feelings.

It is necessary to remember, the quicker you will transfer the virtual feelings to the real world, the quicker you learn whether there are chances to embody these relations physically. Because gravity obliges.

For successful achievement of the purpose at successful acquaintance your joint relations have to pass these main stages:

1) Virtual communication. By means of correspondence on social networks.

2) Speech contact by phone or Skype.

3) Physical communication and contact.

It is necessary not to forget about the dangers trapping you at acquaintance in the Network. On any resource you can face the following participants:

Pikapera. Persons who look for acquaintances only for the purpose of a seducing and replenishment of the collection of victories in a sexual field.

Network trolls. they are amused by game on your feelings. They will try to bring you to the emotional conflict, deriving from it special psychological pleasure.

Swindlers. This contingent of users strikes up the acquaintances aimed at receiving from you money and other material benefits under means of deception. Remember! Your money is only your money. The people accusing you of avarice cannot justify themselves any good feelings and intentions.

Maniacs. Danger that the subject which was pleasant to you in the Network can be a maniac should not be a cause of failure from a similar type of the relations. Precautionary measures and the thought-over actions will save you from troubles and will help to avoid dangerous situations.

Frequenters of chats / forums. For them the Internet - acquaintances and communication became a habit by means of which they leave from the daily bored reality and life. Their purpose most often is conquest of the next girl / guy than what desire to have sex.

Coming back to reality, I will note that the Internet - it of course is amusing, but every year we feel reality less, and, harming the physical body, we are involved in a stream of zero and edinichek. As one of classics who wished to remain the unknown was expressed: “ Have sex of the Lord, but have to yourself and others no brains! “ (c) Have sex, love each other, do not hesitate of the feelings, start up sex takes not the last place in your life. And that your sex was safe - be not forgotten to use condoms. Successful searches!