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Why frauds are successful in the Internet?

Swindlers were always and everywhere. As soon as there was something, available for one and the desirable another, also the first swindler immediately appeared. The Internet gave them new opportunities. If earlier personal presence of the swindler was required that limited a circle of the victims - it is impossible to be present at the same time at several places, then all now differently. Swindlers have an opportunity “to process“ at the same time many people, everything depends only on press speed (though even it is not obligatory, the main thing - to be able to copy key messages and to send them to different people).

At once I will make a reservation: it is about fraud. So, in Art. 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation it is stipulated that fraud is plunder of someone else`s property or buying it by deception or breach of confidence. So breakings of the websites, e-wallets, mails, the computer etc. fraud are not. It is a usual robbery with breaking.

Schemes the Internet - frauds are known. For example, the letters reporting about receiving inheritance. At the same time it is necessary to send rather small sum to approve the rights. Strangely enough, naive people who believe in presence of the God fairy or, at least, the uncle lost abroad still come across this scheme.

But the most effective other option is. The swindler communicates with the victims in chats, online - games, on dating sites and so on. Some time communicates (sometimes several months), and then reports that it, appears, the unfortunate person. It is sick, it has an oncological disease nearly in the last stage, and on the Internet he just spends time which remained to death, communication distracts it from tortures. At the same time it is usually declared that there are also children - poor things, will be left without supporter because the husband (wife) threw (threw) the sufferer, without wishing to be engaged in care of the seriously ill patient by the person.

Terrible business - oncology. Unfortunately, these diseases more and more extend, and it is difficult to find the person who in a family or among friends and acquaintances had no oncology cases. At many close relatives died of similar diseases on hands. And, of course, it is almost impossible to remain indifferent when the good acquaintance (well and that that never each other was seen, but communicated and phone is known - too spoke by phone!) reports that it has a cancer. And any hope. Well, maybe, the tiniest. Tiny. If …

Of course if there is money for treatment.

The patient has no money. He already spent everything and children need to eat, drink, put on and to study. But he does not complain, he will think up something. It is not surprising that the kind soul of the interlocutor right there aspires towards to unfortunate with an open purse on call. Ability to empathize - the great force moving not only mountains, but also swindlers.

But it is only one party of a medal. The success provides to such swindlers not only ability of the victims to compassion. It - only a third of success. Other two thirds in most cases: arrogance (well directly according to the Bible) and thirst of adventures.

The statistics shows that most often women become the victims of similar fraud. And, everything begins about the Internet - the novel. The swindler swears to the victim tender feelings, is going to meet (at the same time the victims diligently are selected from other cities and even the countries - the distance is a justification to the fact that the meeting cannot immediately take place in any way). The victim emotionally becomes attached to the swindler. He is already not just good acquaintance, it - the one and only love of all life.

Well and, of course, there is a wish to feel like the goddess. The swindler gives the required goods according to the inventory: feeling of omnipotence, feeling of of the most charming and attractive, little adventure story, even romantic sex (virtual).

It is interesting that married women comes across in such trap more, than free. At the same time ladies justify all the virtual relations with the fact that everything becomes for the benefit of dying. Women do not fool around, at all! They only brighten up the last hours of the good person! At the same time the majority of them not only she is married and have children, but also not too rich, their income is limited. And quite often to the swindler the money which literally is pulled out from a mouth of children, which is selected at a family go. When before the woman who fell a victim of such fraud there is a choice: to buy children fruit, candies, toys or to send this sum to the swindler, in 95% of cases the swindler gets out.

Sometimes, that such fraud comes to an end with blackmail: the woman is threatened with publicity the Internet - the novel that is especially effective if this novel was followed by virtual sex (all correspondence carefully remains the swindler) and intimate photos (“The darling, make for me a picture, I beg you! It is so important for me! If I cannot touch you in real then I will admire what you are a beauty …“). And the woman who suddenly regained consciousness from sweet dreams is forced to pay rather big money to keep a family, work, respect of friends and acquaintances.

It is curious that those who do not bring virtual lovers if fall into a trap the “sick“ swindler then their expenses are minimum. In this case eyes open very quickly. Discrepancies are noticed. For example, how the person claiming that he has the fourth stage of cancer of brain for days in online - a toy can sit, it is joyful to communicate in a game chat, to conduct extensive correspondence? By the way, it not exaggeration, and the description of the real swindler who for half a year deceived 15 women and the minimum sum received from “head“ was 80 thousand rubles. All cases were followed the Internet - novels, virtual sex etc. Exposure was casual: two passions faced face to face in a chat and were shocked with this fact.

Even more interestingly the fact that the women transferring money to the “fatally sick“ to heroes of virtual novels usually keep all receipts on the translations. On the contrary, usually receipts do not keep those who transfer money for the charitable purposes or even to the swindlers similar to the aforesaid, but with which are not connected by any “romantic relations“. Unless for the tax inspection.

Men become the victims of “patients“ too, but nevertheless less than women. And much less often complain of deception. It is possible because consider - “goods“ were provided according to the inventory. There were romantic relations? Were. There was an adrenaline? Was. There was a feeling nearly of omnipotence in relation to other person, tenderness etc., etc. There now for it it is also paid.

After conversations with the victims of similar frauds, necessarily you come to a conclusion: the success of roguish operation is provided not with efforts of the swindler at all. Stories on which the victims are caught are rather simple and transparent. In them a set of holes which are easy for seeing a sober view. And swindlers are not always highly intellectual, and nearly since the first second obviously: practically everything that is told, is lie in pure form.

Therefore the success to such swindlers is provided by their own victims. They wish to be deceived. Someone looks for justifications to the virtual novel (and there is a hope that the novel will be not only virtual so justifications should be looked for in advance), someone wishes to feel the arbiter of other`s destinies, someone tries to escape from loneliness, someone plays “the kind uncle“ (“aunt“, “the God fairy“) and so on. Unfortunately, the victims have much more of all this, than feelings of compassion.

I will notice, as other types the Internet - frauds (for example, or “click the same letters on inheritance hundred times - you will receive $100“ etc.) are successful only thanks to efforts of the victims.

And if really there is a wish to help sufferers, then it is better to visit the nearest hospital. To come into office of pathology of vessels of a brain - there are a lot of elderly people who need expensive drugs which neither the patient, nor hospital is able to afford. To come into oncological office, into children`s oncology, into office of neurosurgery …

Everywhere people for whom even the small financial aid is a matter of life and death, health and disability are. Here only novels will not be there. Only pure charity. But - without fakes.