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Personality: how to take place


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism

in - important

d - banal

z - informative

and - interesting

to - winged

of l - best

of N - not important

p - instructive

with - difficult for understanding

yu - humour


and the Personality in the person begins to be formed - from the moment of conception. - it is difficult to overestimate

and the Role of the personality.

p Each person respecting himself has to seek to become

the personality.

p to be a personality, it is not necessary to run there where all run.

p becomes higher than People - when reaches for something standing.

and If the person did not take place as the personality - to it remains nothing how to hide for beautiful packing.

p Addictions - a hindrance of the personality.

p Still rich will not pass from boasting for the wealth, unfortunately, that, others are poorer - it will be as the personality to degrade.

z Concept of love of truth and beauty - do the person by the person.

p Immoderation in consumption - direct threat of degradation of the person as persons.

and Defect - the personality in the person kills.

p Alcoholism - threat of the personality.

and the Personality perishes in sexual concern.

p is difficult to grow to the person - spent on trifles.

p Becoming better - be oneself.

p the Highest degree of perfection - ability always to be oneself.

and it is impossible to Reach total perfection.

z Degradation of the person, first of all in loss of ability to love.

p the Personality is formed by work.

p One chase money, others take care of the own life as the personality. What result? Money of happiness did not bring to the first,

and even leaked through fingers. For now they earned them, people began to hate them and threw alone, there were

only bootlickers yes applicants. The second molded themselves, learned life, people, learned to behave correctly. They suit all, people sincerely reach for them, respect for their human qualities.

p The earlier the woman will refuse the role to carry away men - the quicker she will become a personality.

p Excessive money prevent the person to develop as the personality.

of a pchelovek cannot consider as the personality if he is not a handyman.

p The before people will rise above material, the earlier it will become the personality.

and the Person can be presented as the barrel consisting of boards

of different height which are responsible for its human qualities. If to fill in with

water, then it will spill first of all where

short. It is also the weakest place, - that and it is necessary to begin formation of the personality with it, rising above and above.

and is regrettable, but we do not represent or we do not want to recognize those who made us people who influenced our formation.

p to become the personality, it is necessary to understand at least, at least,

that sex, beer and cigarettes - not the main thing in life of a sane being.

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