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Why sufferings are necessary?

God gives to people only those tests which they in forces to sustain.

(Popular wisdom).

to each person should suffer From time to time from this or that anguish, mental or physical anguish, disappointments and failures. Once, when the woman at whom the child died, came to Buddha and complained to it he answered that he will help her, but at first she has to bring it mustard grains from the house where nobody died. The woman bypassed all city and returned with anything - well there was there no house where nobody would die.

The same can be told about sufferings - bring mustard grains from the person who never suffered. It is impossible? Yes. Because sufferings have very important function, and so far we will not understand it up to the end - we will not be able to be exempted from the sufferings.

What represents pain? For example, physical. Thousands of nervous impulses hurrying on neural chains to the special centers in a brain. What in that case pain psychological? Sincere? Specific conditions of consciousness - it is possible to call it so. But why we are forced to stay in them from time to time? Who or what forces us to it? We do not choose them consciously. Whereas? Why? What for?...

Any pain is the integral attribute of an ego. Let`s decide on this term at once. Egos are an understanding of as unit isolated from the outside world - a body, mind, emotions. But do intellectual experiment: present that at you cut off a hand, this hand - all this still you? And a leg - it will be still you? Well, we will try with other parts of a body - of course if to remove heart, you will die whether it will mean that you are heart. Perhaps you - a brain? Alas, modern scientists already made similar experiments in this direction, but could not find localization of the person in a brain.

Then that we are not a body though persistently we continue to confuse ourselves to a body what we suffer from. We understand ourselves a body, this here a sack from skin with bones and guts inside and as the consciousness is tightly chained to it by feelings, we consider ourselves - to them. But let`s leave meanwhile alone this transitory mechanism and we will continue our experiment: what into the account of mind? That is that stream of thoughts which does not stop not for a moment (unless in a deep sleep). May you stop it though for several seconds? How long you will be able to concentrate on something one so that there were no other thoughts? Try. If you do everything correctly, the result will stun you - you cannot control own thoughts! You cannot stop them! Nevertheless, you still sacredly believe that you - think! You are sure that you think?

But we digressed of article a little. How long you can suffer from pain? What intensity of pain you can sustain? Both physical, and psychological. Assume approximately, it also will be your level of spiritual development. Yes, an indicator of spiritual development is as far as the person can suffer from pain. Because pain - an ego essence, arrogance, illusion, from - behind which you, fine, eternal and blissful, confuse yourself to this bag with bones and a continuous stream of mental nonsense.

That is why many ascetics, skhimnik, monks and devotees destroyed flesh and epitimyam, asceses and tapasye were engaged other. That is why the profane person many spirituality seems self-tortures. The spirituality is, in effect, causing to the ego pains and its conscious accommodation. No, devotees at all not masochists though happen also such. But now we speak about others - about those who try to realize themselves true themselves.

Ponder! Conscious accommodation of pain does us stronger and brings closer to truth! Pain - illusion, and sensibleness eliminates it. Unconscious accommodation of pain conducts to aspiration in the past or the future. Fears, desires, offenses, grieves, depression and other pathological states are no other than unconscious flight from mental anguish to a bigger pain. Here that most amazing - unconsciously the people aspiring from pain come to even big sufferings. Offended remember offenses, value them and provoke people around to new. Hating, disturbing, envying, thirsty, jealous All so violently direct to the hell with new prozhivaniye of the same negative states. Forgetting paradise here and now and running away in the future or the past, these unfortunate force an environment to cause them new pain and value it.

The circle becomes isolated: the not more consciously people live the pain, the into bigger hell plunge. The essence of spirituality is in learning to live pain consciously, without losing love, faith, gratitude and sensibleness during causing to us pain.

Sufferings, failures, diseases and other misfortunes - not angrily, it is only a signal of violation of the law and what - God grant to us reason to learn. But for this purpose we should get a necessary particle of reason to accept responsibility and to recognize that all our sufferings - not wine of an environment, but result of our last actions, thoughts and conditions of consciousness.

Accept responsibility for your life, live the tests consciously and be happy! Also you remember that depth is only in the one who suffered, but got rid of sufferings. Not suffering and remain superficial baby`s dummies all life. Suffering and continuing to suffer - only criminals and the victims that, in fact, same.