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How to make coffee of dandelions? And also many other things... Guess

what plant tones up, strengthens bones, clears a liver, helps to grow thin, is anti-cancerogenic, contains more vitamin C than lemons and at the same time is thrown out gardeners as a weed? Correctly, it to all of us well familiar dandelion. Besides, all of us heard about harmful effects of caffeine on an organism much. But, despite it, many of us still could not refuse coffee - dependence. It appears, it also is not necessary, do coffee of dandelions and be happy! This excellent tonic besides is and lechebno - a prophylactic (by the way, for increase in effect of cheerfulness it is possible to add a cinnamon pinch - it possesses similar properties). So, keep to the point.

For a start remember one axiom and apply it always:

keep Young leaves 30 minutes in the cold added some salt water to remove bitterness.

Coffee from a dandelion.


1. Dandelion roots.

2. Sugar.

3. Cinnamon to taste or need.


1. Carefully wash out roots of a dandelion and dry on air.

2. Roast in an oven before browning.

3. Crush in a mortar or the coffee grinder.

4. Make as natural coffee (sugar, cinnamon to taste).

Jam from dandelions. Recipe 1


1. Heads of dandelions (400 pieces).

2. Lemon (1 piece).

3. Sugar (1 kg).


1. Separate heads of dandelions from all green.

2. Fill in yellow petals with 1 liter of water.

3. Add the lemon cut on 4 parts and you cook one or one and a half hours.

4. Cool, and insist one night even better.

5. Filter, wring out petals and you will throw out.

6. Small cut a boiled lemon.

7. Add sugar to broth and you cook, before solidification. On a consistence has to be as liquid medical

Medicinal properties:

the good prophylactic at asthma and bronchitis.

Jam from dandelions. Recipe 2


1. Dandelion flowers (250 g).

2. Water (one and a half liters).

3. Sugar (750 g on each liter of broth).

4. Lemon (1 piece).

5. Oranges (2 pieces).


1. The washed oranges, without clearing, cut on quarters and thinly cut everyone across.

2. Wash out dandelion flowers, dry up on paper towels.

3. Lay in a tub for jam, add the cut oranges, fill in with water and boil thoroughly 1 hour

4. Filter broth and measure it.

5. Add lemon juice and the corresponding amount of sugar.

6. Boil thoroughly an hour more

7. Cool before pouring in banks.

Honey from dandelions. Recipe 1


1. Dandelion flowers (200 g).

2. Boiled water (one and a half liters).

3. Lemons (2 pieces) cut in cubes.

4. Granulated sugar (1,5 kg).


1. Wash out 200 g of the flowers which are torn off from a receptacle, fill in 1,5 liters of

2 boiled water. Close and insist days.

3. Wring out liquid.

4. Add 2 lemons cut in cubes, or only juice from them.

5. Add 1,5 kg of granulated sugar and you cook, stirring slowly, before solidification.

6. Pour warm syrup in jars and close covers.

Honey from dandelions. Recipe 2


1. Dandelion flowers (300 pieces).

2. Sugar (1 kg).

3. Lemon (1 piece).

4. Water (one and a half glasses).


1. Clear flowers of a green receptacle.

2. Fill in with a glass of water and boil 3 minutes.

3. Add small cut lemon with a dried peel and let`s be drawn 6 - 8 hours.

4. Prepare syrup from sugar and half a glass of water.

5. Pour in the infusion of flowers filtered through a gauze in syrup.

6. On slow fire to cook 25 - 30 minutes.

7. Density can be regulated water.

Dandelion juice with honey.


1. Dandelion juice (to wring out from May to June from leaves and roots).

2. Medical


1. Take glasswares, wring out in it dandelion juice, add honey and well mix everything.

2. To accept on one spoon of juice and honey 3 times a day. Lechebno`s

- preventive properties:

1. Juice a dandelion contains potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and sulfur (juice it is good to combine with carrots juice).

2. Improves blood circulation.

3. Improves work of a liver.

Salad from dandelions.


1. Dandelion leaves (100 g).

2. Parsley (25 g).

3. Vegetable oil (15 g).

4. salt, vinegar, pepper, fennel to taste.


1. Take leaves of a dandelion 30 minutes in the added some salt water, take out, wring out, crush.

2. Connect to the cut parsley, fill with oil, vinegar, pepper, salt, mix, strew from above with the chopped fennel.

Fresh cucumbers with dandelion flowers.


1. Cucumbers (5 pieces).

2. Mayonnaise (4 tablespoons).

3. Yellow flowers of a dandelion (2 tablespoons).

4. Salt and pepper to taste.


1. Cut cucumbers straws.

2. Salt and pepper.

3. Water with mayonnaise.

4. Strew with petals of flowers of a dandelion.

The recipe of salad from dandelion leaves at diabetes.


1. Dandelion leaves (75 g).

2. Green onions (10 g).

3. Vegetable oil (5 g).

4. 3% of vinegar (5 g).

5. Greens of parsley or fennel (8 g).

6. Salt to taste.


1. In total as usual at preparation of salads. 

Frankfurt green salad.


1. Greens (any, to taste).

2. Black salt.

3. Bulb (1 piece).

4. Curdled milk.

5. Vegetable oil.

6. Pepper and salt.


1. Small cut two handfuls of greens.

2. Gas station: 1 tablespoons of curdled milk, salt and pepper to taste.

Vegetable soup with dandelions (dietary, low-calorie)


1. Yellow flowers of a dandelion (20 pieces).

2. Carrots (3 pieces).

3. A white cabbage - 1/2 head of cabbage (about 300 g).

4. Beet (3 pieces).

5. Fresh cucumbers (3 pieces).

6. Water (2 l)

7. Lemon acid (to taste).

8. Sour cream (1/2 glass).

9. Greens parsley and fennel to taste.


1. Wash out beet and carrots, clear and grate.

2. Chop cabbage straws.

3. Cut cucumbers with circles.

4. Exempt flowers of a dandelion from a receptacle and wash out.

5. Put vegetables in the added some salt boiled water, a little lemon acid and bring everything to boiling.

6. Add cabbage.

7. Cool ready soup.

8. Put cucumber slices, chopped greens in a plate and fill in with soup, from above strew with a dandelion.

9. Give with sour cream.