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How to become happy?

“Already all have modems, and there is no happiness everything …“

(c) whether Bashorg
Used to you to watch

crowd? Somewhere in the big city, on the crowded streets. As all of them hurry with serious faces, everyone in some reflections, everyone in the world somewhere. All such different and unique. For certain, you are surprised if I tell you that all of them hurry to the same destination. A name to it - happiness. Quite so, all seven billion people daily consciously or unconsciously aspire fortunately …

In the world so many people, and all wish to be happy! But all have a different understanding of happiness! You object. Of course, but happiness - that one, in all cases it only the feeling streaming from heart, flowing from within extensively the world. And for the sake of this feeling people daily work, meet, communicate, have a good time, sell, buy, study, give birth and kill. Such different understanding of the same feeling - feeling of happiness.

But the most surprising in all this even not that understanding of happiness happen such different, and the fact that people try to reach something internal external means. This illusion is successfully used by advertizing, sales managers and specialists in public relations. Illusion that the internal state can be reached only external means that you should receive at first something, and then already to be. To receive the new house, the new car, the new washing machine, and then already to be happy. But in effect, all on the contrary: at first it is necessary to be, and then already receiving something will happen in the natural and easiest way.

But give about everything one after another. I do not love these long philosophizing so at once we will start practice:

1. Every morning repeat “I wish all good luck!“ or “Be happy! “ (it is possible to represent at the same time people, relatives and not really). Or you can experiment and change this affirmation to longer. For example, on such: “I wish all good luck, wealth and wisdom“. Or to borrow another, from Buddhists: “Yes all living beings in all worlds will be happy!“ All this not an essence important, the main thing that it was “adjusting“ on return.

One of laws of happy life says: what you give, you receive. And if more precisely - what it is internally ready for, then you receive in the outside world. To adjust the subconsciousness on return - one of main objectives of many the practician: prayers, ceremonies, gifts, pokloneniye, zhertvovaniye etc. When we give something, in subconsciousness as if there is a “Oh, So at Us There Is a Lot of It!“ program - and subconsciously we begin to act quite so that it at us becomes even more. It is called good luck.

If our subconsciousness is ready for consumption, that is in it the fear deeply took roots that “will not be enough for me“, instead of belief and love, then subconsciously we also behave suitably. What in the people is called nevezukhy, and people with especially strong programs of consumption are called losers. That is losers will definitely not be able to practice this method and even if will try - they will have internal resistance. Because the consciousness of the inveterate egoist in principle does not accept idea of return. In such consciousness as soon as there is at least a hint on an otdavaniye, but not consumption, at once becomes more active the block in the form of internal fears: “And me will not be enough“, “And it is not effective“, “And that I sit here, I suffer from a hogwash if so many important issues are not made“. Such person even if will begin this practice, then very quickly will forget about it. Well and Let it pass, and we go further...

2. Get rid of illusion that for happiness you need something external (not important that it: money, glory, recognition). At first be happy, and only after that you will be able to receive anything naturally and without excess efforts. All this, however, does not mean that you have to refuse external achievements, not at all. Just here the correct relation in east philosophy called “not attachment“ is important. Go to the external purposes, being ready to accept both success, and a failure, understanding that happiness always inside, in the heart independent and free from vicissitudes of life.

3. Slackness - very important point , in effect, to be weakened that is to be happy. For this purpose every evening, before going to bed you lay down on a bed, close eyes and watch feelings in a body. Relax all muscles, beginning from below (feet, shins, knees, hips, a stomach and so on to the top of the head, pay special attention to face muscles, especially eyes, chewing muscles and a neck, and also brushes and a stomach - if you manage to relax them, exercise will turn out).

When you will feel that completely relaxed, try to present bright and pleasant light which flows on you from above and as if washes away all dirt which is inside as it runs away and follows down. Do not think, do not analyze, just feel all this, this very strong exercise. During all this it is possible to repeat: “I wish all good luck“, it will strengthen effect.

So, we will sum up:

1. A mood on return. Practice for this purpose: to wish all good luck.

2. Strengthening in understanding that happiness inside. Practice for this purpose: to present that you came to full grief (you can present something that you most of all are afraid of) and to mentally tell yourself “For the sake of divine love (the highest harmony, passing of karmic lessons, spiritual development etc., necessary to emphasize) I am ready to accept it“ and to completely accept this misfortune as the Grace of God.

3. Slackness. Practice for this purpose: relaxation meditation.

Practice this every day for at least one month, and only then it will be possible to call your opinion on these practicians objective and making sense. I checked all this on myself what and everything I wish, try and the result will strike you!

That`s all. I wish all good luck!

PS: the ideas expressed in this article do not apply for novelty though long time were known only to the elite, any devoted and to the mystics who were successfully using all these laws in the life at all.