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India. Let`s consider features of mentality?

of Uttarkasha - the city which is directly in mountains - are of value only for true judges of yoga.

All the rest: vacationers, fans of the sea and warm climate, and also just curious tourists - there have nothing to do. The climate is unfriendly, in the winter in the afternoon +10, at the night -5, it is most often strongly cloudy. If there is a sun, at once temperature rises to +20. In the spring and is, however, warmer in the fall, but all the same strong contrasts, mountains all - - Shiva`s monastery, so to speak.

of Feature of national holidays

during my stay in the Himalayas I found two very lovely religious holidays:

Shivaratri`s - Parvati and Shiva`s wedding. Be careful with Shaivas at this time and better drink nothing - they pour marijuana in drinks. However, it already on your taste. Especially as in liquids the grass is much more pleasant than if to smoke … But something I dispersed. We pass to the second holiday:

Care for - a surprising holiday. I strongly recommend to stay at home during it if you not the thrill-seeker and if you still need your clothes. The matter is that this time of games of Radkhy and Krishna during which they battle and Radkh wins against Krishna … Well, this day Hindus behave worse than children: run one after another and rush multi-colored paints. Sometimes even pour paint buckets from windows, in case of hit joyfully shouting: “Care for Hep!“ By the way, from skin paint long is not washed away! So to me, for example. then several days were necessary to go with a red face.

Dvaraka - Krishna`s city! Deities of love, pleasure life and devotion. However, on inhabitants so you will not tell: crowds of women in black, looking at you from - under black covered black - black eyes. You remember the animated film “Family Adams“? There was such little girl in black which constantly was silent and looked at all a heavy, look beyond the grave. Here and they look. Yes, are not similar to our cheerful and friendly Krishnaites at all.

But Arabian Sea, beach, heat, neighboring beauty … Generally, there were ways not to miss.

of Feature of the Indian mentality

Personally I divide Hindus into several versions:

the Pusher - the most unpleasant of them. Dwelling area: big cities, mainly markets, most often it is sellers or drivers of motor-rickshaws or taxi. As soon as they see the white person, at them in a brain the program at once joins: “About! A bag with money! “ These companions will push

to you anything if only you bought from them, staid in their hotel and so on. For the sake of it they are ready for a lot of things, for example: if you came into their shop and you need something they do not have that. They in every possible way will humour you talk and tea, and at this time their six will run on vicinities, trying to discover goods necessary to you. Will buy it for kopeks then will sell you it in tens more expensively.

With such or persistently to bargain, or not to communicate at all - what is more preferable. By the way: the ingenuity of hungry Indian mentality is so rich that ways to extend from you at least several additional rupees at them well much.

Regular guy . This handsome is ready to communicate with you on any subjects and at any time, even to run for you down the street if only to receive such honor. Usually begin with questions: “How call? From what country?“ However, it is a favourite question of all kinds of Hindus.

Still they very much like to be photographed, sometimes run for you with the mobile phone and convulsively click, click … I in such cases usually make faces or I put out the tongue.

Reached that roughly grabbed hand, put about themselves and still before we managed to understand something, did pictures. And if you also the woman moreover and with a fair hair … however, we are not about it. Dwelling area: small settlements.

Caring - the most pleasant version, it is possible to tell unique as no it is in any other country. Well, where still if you come somewhere into the yard to run in a toilet, you besides both will be fed and given to drink freshly squeezed juice? Where in trains you will be fed with fruit and tea? And strongly insisting on treating you.

And if you, God forbid, ask the road it, he extremely carefully will tell it to you and to show even if itself does not know! As a result you will beat about the bush around the place necessary to you... But what at them in eyes sincere desire to help!

Once I needed to exchange money, and all banks were closed as days off and that you thought? The careful Hindu at own expense gave a ride to me by a taxi in some office, to me exchanged money there, and it brought me back (again at own expense).

Here and so! Mind not to understand India!