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India. How to survive in the foreign land?

Ya arrived in Delhi in February, 2011 early in the morning. The “poor“ country of India met by luxury of the Delhi airport and a pleasant cool of warm Indian winter.

At once at an exit it is possible to change dollars for Indian rupees. But here you should not change a large sum as the course at the airport is strongly underestimated: 43 rupees for dollar, usually - 45, some handymen found even 46.

Where to go shopping and where to stop?

Usually tourists prefer to visit

at once Meyn Bazar - the flea market adapted under white. In the same place it is possible to find a large number of hotels with the prices fluctuating from 300 to 600 rupees per day. If it is necessary cheap but good, then it is better not to find Ashoka Ocean Guest House hotel (150 rupees a day), here its address:

4589, Main Bazaar (Opp. Reebok Showroom)

of Pahar Ganj, New Delhi 110 055

Tel.: 23588575, 23583949

besides, if will bring you on Meyn Bazar, I recommend to come into shop of perfume (it difficult to pass: a huge sign and the European look it is necessary to notice among a trushchobny Indian look). There it is possible to buy excellent natural perfume including dry in a nice small box of a cylindrical form - it is very convenient and beautiful! And also many other things: from aromas, teas, all necessary for an aromatherapy and salts to figurines and jewelry.

How to reach?


the Choice of transport in India quite wide, we will begin with the cheapest (but not the worst at all):

of the Subway - the most excellent way. Pluses: cheap, quickly, comfortably, with the conditioner and an opportunity to admire city views (the subway land and often passes on bridges over roads). Minuses: to station everything is it is necessary to reach on other transport. The nearest station to Meyn Bazara: Rama Krishna Ashram Steyshn.

the Trishaw - the bicycle with sitting behind, the capacity of 1 - 2 person, but we managed to climb even four together. Pluses: cheap. Minuses: slowly, shakes on all hummocks (and they in Delhi are enough), dust, wind and inquisitive glances of passersby not to avoid.

Motoriksh`s - the same, only instead of the bicycle the motorcycle. Very maneuverable and fast transport. If seems to you that your driver - the maniac, be not frightened, in India all so go. Capacity: three. Pluses: quickly, rather cheap, not so shakes. Minuses: same, as well as at a trishaw.

of the Taxi - the most expensive way, but you with full comfort will be delivered to the appointed place.

Buses . There is also such kind of transport, mainly long-distance. The ticket for the bus to other city can be bought at any tourist office of which in India it is full continually. But in two - three times will be cheaper to reach the nearest bus station and to get on the bus there.

How to survive and to die of indigestion in the first day?

Food in India terrible: generally too sharp, but happens both too salty, and too sweet - here as it is pleasant to whom. And almost always for some reason too fat and fried. In small cafes almost everything too sharp. Even if you will tell them “but a spice“, all of them will equally bring it that the mouth will blow up. All this and is conceived to prevent flashes of epidemics zheludochno - intestinal diseases and food poisonings.

Therefore it is necessary to eat or fruit and vegetables (by the way, at once I recommend a papaya - the Indian melon; perfectly cools and cleans an organism, especially intestines), or to try to discover special restaurants for tourists where it is necessary to pay several times more expensively. By the way, bananas in India too good, small and sweet that cannot be told about tangerines (I do not recommend them to buy in general).

As to you will be helped by an Ayurveda?

the Ayurveda - ancient Indian medicine to which Hindus still give preference before the “advanced“ western. And correctly do! If you can get sick in India, surely address an Ayurveda, but not modern chemistry - and you will recover quicker, and harm you will bring to yourself less.

I recommend to buy at once after arrival such Ayurvedic preparations:

Trifal`s - a miracle - medicine! I recommend to take in powder. If this terrible bitter taste, then in tablets is very intolerable, and Trifala Gugulu is even better to find, but it is more difficult. Cleans everything! First of all intestines. Try - and weight in a stomach, unpleasant feelings and other signs of a zashlakovannost will cease to disturb you. To accept on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening on one tablet; if in powder, then a teaspoon on a glass of warm water. About bitter taste do not worry - smack at it very pleasant. By the way, the less you are zashlakovana, the more pleasantly then smack.

Amrit Kalash - an excellent prophylactic. It is possible to tell, the best of all to me known.

Chavanprash - classics of a genre, is not so good as Amrit Kalash, but is more widespread, it is the best of all to use it with milk. Choose that which with honey, it is more tasty.

tree Oil to Them - an excellent broad-spectrum agent, personally I used it from mosquitoes - much better, than chemistry.

Lollipops from a throat it is the best of all for span to take Viks firms - those which with ginger, mint and honey. Very much will be useful. Believe, in India continually conditioners, winter of night cold and if it happens to go by the bus a sliper - a class, then at all...

What to take in the road?

Surely take

warm clothes! A sweater and trousers even if you go to the South.

Believe, will be useful!