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Current - Pip - Shaw. Where there is a rating?

What is current - show, even the baby knows already. The creator of this genre (talk - current - to talk) Phil Donakhyyu, super - the successful continuer - Oprah Winfrey is considered (quite recently it closed the show that became one of the latest world news).

Pip - show (- Pip - to spy peep) - an institution in which it was possible to look at fascinating action of an undressing of the woman for a small money. Ruben Struman thought up it once, now it looks nearly chastely: the viewer looked through a window, with the consent of “acting“, everything was anonymously.

The USSR safely did already, and without another. Current - show was impossible because “questions from the place“ were impossible, Pip - show - because “sex at us was not“. And lived, grieved, did not grieve, and then gusty wind of freedom took out us in one continuous show at once. Connected.

of 15 minutes of fame

Someone once told that in the coming century (already come) each person will have 15 minutes of fame. Perhaps, he was not so wrong: thanks to technologies (To the Internet, in particular) something similar takes place to be. I do not know whether the mankind became happier, but many had an opportunity to self-express with decent degree of publicity. And in it there is nothing bad except for criminal cases.

But if the ordinary person dares to self-express what to do to poor idols? Such trouble: some “neutral“ people gain popularity, taking away a daily bread - glory. And suddenly the public will forget? Also everything is used.

She, at last, will tell about the tormented soul today! Solemn tone of advertizing of the declared telecast reminds something from the childhood, apparently, from parades. Oh, she will tell about the tormented soul! I trust - will tell. Also will call by name who tormented her smother and under what circumstances.

You, at last, learn how they divided (property, children, actors if producers)! - zamogilno - solemnly promises me the TV. And I do not know that how they divide.

The eider at last showed that at her between legs actually ! (real heading which sticks out in the Network). By some miracle I know who such Eider. Or I do not know, but from where - that reached though I also did not ask this information. What people who followed the link (and then also posted “materialchik“ on the websites dreamed to learn about)? What vital data strazhdat to receive readers? What, there is a lot of options here? The two-three, precisely is no more. But interest considerable.

Everything will be told, the part will be shown - for nothing we will not remain. Instead of clothes - a tattoo! (advertizing). Audience needs only to savor greedy, swallowing pieces of what nowadays, probably, is considered “food and swill spiritual“ hard to digest.

I respect those who are silent. Such there is a lot of even in show - business - just hold grateful mankind behind a threshold of the house. And it does not mean that they have nothing to tell. But they have no desire to bare the life.

A question even not in that to tell or not, to share or not. A question in subjects and in sense of proportion. And about a family it is possible to tell, even about beloved if nevterpezh. And about personal experience of fight against some illness, and about ups and downs - everything can be done with advantage, not deliberately and without platitude. And that - the Tin full ! (from heading)

the Zavalinka

on the other hand, people lost a zavalinka. That on which it was possible to sit, nibble sunflower seeds and to mill all stones. And nothing bad in it was too.

Yes, in villages and villages something remained, and in the cities still sometimes meets. But less and less. Even not that houses became huge and all neighbors you will not remember business. Matter in general alienation.

Zavalinkas leave together with function of discussion and production of public opinion. In this case it is unimportant even, fair or unfair there was this public opinion. The second is so probable, as well as the first. But the public opinion was, let at the level of “with whom it is possible to sleep with whom it is impossible“, “how many it is possible to drink and how many already beastliness“. All life was on a public inspection - from a sandbox to a grave of each certain person. Who to whom hurt a nose, who to whom carries a bag from school whom he that hurts, who as manages. Along with church precepts were developed national “that it is good that it is bad“.

Perhaps, it was awful. To carry out the most part of life “on a review“ - it is not excluded that all stones will be processed in bone meal. However it was real public opinion of real society. From which too much wanted to run away where far away. Also ran. But now there is no public opinion also as is absent “well and badly“.

Heroes, idols, they are stars

O “heroes of our time“ is written much including serious works in the field of philosophy. But also without any thick treatises all understand everything. During week-end it is better even not to include certain quite reputable TV channel incidentally. For some reason it is considered that the main requirement of the population on the lawful weekend is to savor scandals, intrigues and other “you will not believe“. Yes I will believe, I will believe. Only I do not want to look at this bacchanalia.

The traditional objection which long ago became the last argument - also do not look, nobody forces. Little crafty argument: do not look here, do not look there - further everywhere? I try to understand - why it is shown in the whole evenings? Really seriously consider that on weekdays people sleep and see all these stories? But we will show, and you look! The main thing - all at business.

All show. Unless not everywhere show executions, and on that thanks. Private life becomes goods. There is no creative product, there is no personality, there are no thoughts, one “history“. But!

Even “stars“ have a requirement to get support of ours pseudo - societies in overcoming of own internal problems. The person needs an assessment of people around, even a certain sanction on the acts. But there is often not enough measure.

Bright heading

are written to

About headings volumes - here such paradox of our time. “How to write heading“ which will attract, will entice, will bring, will open article, will sell the book. Headings are written - often loudly, “is noisy“, went and is vulgar. And actual content - on ponyukh tobacco. All this is the general indicator of taste. “Average on hospital“, so to speak.

the Rating is below a belt

Alas, the rating of many transfers really is below a belt. It is necessary to tell that low adequately studying. But it is worthy amazement that only low is studied. All the rest - is limited. Same it is necessary to think moreover and to consider that people different and are pleasant to them different things: “to a lump of bottoms, lump popadya, to Popov`s lump daughter“ (proverb). People read different books, listen to different music and other that does not mean at all that they are eager to contemplate someone else`s underwear continuously. However it is considered that it - is safe and universal. And we live.

When it is mainly about low when the culture in a reservation, when there is no authorities, and is only division into the rich and poor - then it is easier to operate people. If from morning to the night to tell “about it“ in a smoothed type of discussion of private life - that what substance under the name “national idea“ with fire is looked for in the afternoon before each elections? From where to it to undertake?

But the viewer or the reader was satiated - at least, I have such impression. I do not know whether masters not so much of thoughts, how many air and editions feel it. And is far farther? It is impossible to be more yellow already than the brightest yellow.