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How quickly to be prepared for summer? Councils for women. We Meet day of third

summer fully equipped - you solved and were engaged the express - preparation. The well-groomed woman in five days, certainly, to become difficult, but to flirt for itself, to develop good habits - why and is not present? So, the first two days of our preparation for summer we were engaged in the following:

1. Descended in a bath where masks and peelings brought skin to the shining gloss.

2. Went on a diet - more true, began to eat more vegetables, to drink waters and to limit itself in food after 18 h

3. Visited a sunbed or used autosuntan - as it is pleasant to whom more.

4. Began to do swimming or water aerobics. Began to swing a press and to be wrung out in the mornings, right after jog. Registered in power fitness - that is introduced more movement in the life, than brought into a tone of a muscle of all body.

5. Descended on massage. Or roused your second half to massage.

As much we were in time in only two days. What new the third in preparation for summer has to bring to us day? So - since morning you descended to the pool, drank coffee, ate something dietary on your taste and … I hope, you registered in beauty shop in advance? Because you should be engaged in the hairdress. And not only. Ahead summer therefore habitual manipulations with the tube of paint bought in shop and its pasting at home in front of the mirror should be left for a while. Fork up on:

1. A hairstyle - even if you have long hair, it is necessary to refresh tips. Hair of short or average length need to give the form everyone four - five weeks.

2. Painting - easy highlighting or cardinal change of image, coloring of roots or color locks - all this has to be executed by the professional, qualitative paints and skillful hands.

3. Treatment of hair is at desire and on a condition of finance.

In general, do not limit the imagination and allow themselves to make what did not decide long ago on. From personal experience - earlier every summer I did myself an easy carving on hair to shoulders. Hair gain splendor and volume, in the morning all leaving - only to sprinkle spray for curly hair - and hard curls are provided for all day. The hairdress will not lose the charm even if you will be caught in the summer rain - will just get effect of “wet curls“. It is important to make procedure correctly that it was not necessary to restore long and persistently burned locks, shearing the spoiled tips.

My friend took for the rule for the summer to braid to herself zi - zi is an option of a hair extension artificial locks which look as long twisted makaronina. In my opinion - it is very effective and unusual. It is sure, in addition, there is a set of ways to experiment with a hairdress - braids from own hair, vanguard hairstyles... What will suit personally you - the good master will prompt.

Have to be criterion of the choice of a hairdress for the summer a combination of comfort and beauty. That is the hairdress has to be easy in laying, color of coloring - steady against action of sunshine and waters. And you have to have a confidence that to you there is a chosen style, a shade and length of hair.

One more detail of your summer image - is faultless. Ahead - evening vegetable salad and kefir. I congratulate you, we do not relax, ahead - day the fourth.