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What female weaknesses it is necessary to forgive?

a minute More - and she will burst into tears for offense as the child because she missed record at the hairdresser. And the surprise in the form of not striking ringlet will please her even in the most bad day. All smiles will direct to it if it updated a varnish on hands, and she for a long time will cease to talk to you if to it to forbid to go to the pool or to the massage therapist. What is it? Extravagance, whims, an irrational female ego or something necessary for it really to feel as the woman and to give this feminity to you?

The most irritating and unclear to men female whims are as follows: 1) “chatter on trifles“, 2) “infinite shopping“; 3) “mania of purity“, 4) “belief in romantic nonsense“, 5) “syndrome of the sitting duck“.

No, of course, weakness to acquisition of a fur coat with frequency of times a week - it is valid too. As when not too, and just right? Let`s try to understand one after another.

Chatter on trifles

In translation from man`s is our irrepressible thirst of communication, ability of women to exchange a word in any occasion, and sometimes and to be hooked by uvulas for about two hours. If the man needs to think - he will leave in a cave and some time will be alone there. For the woman the best way - to speak a problem to the girlfriend, mother, the sister, the acquaintance. To exchange with it opinions or just to hear words of sympathy.

There is a business - the ladies as obliges shipped in the solution of difficult questions, conducting multistage difficult negotiations. It is twice useful for such woman to stay sometimes the frivolous girl and to chat about trifles, at least at home. A regular sit-round gathering with girlfriends in cafe or campaigns on an exhibition (on a concert, in theater), visit of the psychologist, or even fortunetellers, the help to the got sick grandmother - all this options of “chatter“.

The knowing people still say that for those who want to marry, important more often to meet with married girlfriends. Family energy, a special spirit of a family are allegedly capable to stick to us, to be transferred on a chain! Even at a party where there will be only married couples, your unmarried sister or the daughter will receive such charge of happiness and appeal that it without effort will attract to it the only thing worthy, and with a bigger guarantee, than after visit of club of acquaintances.

Deprive the woman of an opportunity to communicate with similar, and you deprive of it not only supports, energy, force, a possibility of an emotional discharge, but also part of the personality. You can make of it the hysteric woman closed in herself (it is necessary to you?) or you will push her to addictions (for example, to alcohol). Therefore - bless “chatter“.

Infinite shopping

is mute

O and millions of lines are written to its therapeutic function. Psychologists through one advise women to learn to run on shops even just like that, without money, with purely therapeutic purpose. No to dispute - refreshes a view of clothes and itself in general. Certainly, it is aware of the man, but it does not cease to irritate them. However eventually such situation can be convenient also to the man.

The woman - the pro in the field of shopping, as a rule, provides the house with food and all necessary about what the man also does not suspect at all (what the small bottle with a blue cover is?) . She will always quickly and effectively choose goods for herself, the husband, children, friends and distant relatives as a gift, will collect a case for picnic, trips, any other case, killing thereby a headache from the head of the family (as it is known, hating shops). So, dear men, we relax and try to derive pleasure in the shop foyer on an advertizing massage chair while your best half runs along ranks with goods …

Mania of purity

Sometimes, I repent, it is valid mania. Whether everything is equal where socks are thrown and whether the dirty the dishes are washed? There will be one more couple a sock, one more pure plate in buffet. Windows can be washed two times a year, all the same there in any weather is visible only an opposite gray wall of the house opposite. To clean shampoo carpets? It is better to remove them at all, even raise dust less … often irritates the Woman with

(no, it is simple - enrages!) not hammered nail, boards on a balcony, eternally current crane and permanent repair in a hall tightened (of course, in view of creativity torments!) for half a year. The man can not notice such defects. For it the house - the fortress, a cave, a secluded corner where it can be oneself and afford completely - to relax, be a lot of things scattered, to spill coffee on an upholstery of a light chair.

For the woman all differently, for it purity - a condition of value and integrity of the house, a body, thoughts and feelings. These are not just defects. These are holes, wounds, huge gaps in which our female wellbeing follows. By the way, to men on a note: your woman ceased to put efforts in establishing order? Means, prepare suitcases, your happiness goes to all pieces! Belief in romantic nonsense it is easy to

to understand

that any romantic comedy, “tearful“ cinema or a romanchik in a melodrama genre told by fellow travelers “truthful“ stories about princes and Cinderellas, family legends, just touching cards and even a street sketch which witness you can become casual means … Women, according to the stronger sex, are greedy for all this good to a chrezvychaynost. Any minute, will collectively be deeply moved and will begin to sob.

Partly it is right. Living emotions, the woman adapts easier, is psychologically steadier against the constant stress accompanying her on life, and frequent tears relieve it - besides, the medical fact - of harmful chemical compounds and excess of water in an organism.

Then female sentimentality and easily fidelity - though a subject of jokes, but extremely necessary piece. In utilitarian sense it is favorable also to men: eventually, who would agree to marry at least one of them if not belief in a happy end?

Syndrome of the sitting duck

Children in itself source of cares and stress, but also powerful antidepressant. The rolled-up mother who did not sleep, nervous, sad, dreaming to hand over somewhat quicker the baby in a garden - quite real character. The paradox that this mother most closer is to a powerful source of vital force, but so far for any reasons will not learn to take from it so many forces in any way and positive emotions how many will want!

The man in this situation is irritated by a lot of things: the snotty child with enthusiasm picking a spoon the father`s laptop, a crummy cat to whom, as well as on it, all ceased to pay attention and to feed which (oh, gods!) it is necessary most. But the most terrible that it any more not in the center of attention of the woman whom so long tried to obtain and cajoled. And which suddenly replaced seductive peignoirs with the washed-off t-shirts because it is more convenient to rise and feed Alyoshenka in her at night.

The syndrome of the sitting duck cools, tell, even the Italian passion. But an exit is! Look in yourself for the child, try to choose those occupations which were pleasant in the childhood to you and will be useful to your son or the daughter now. Carry away the kid those occupations which love - run in the mornings, fish, collect a herbarium, read jokes or exchange sheets drawlingly, sing, saw a fret saw, mold from a grain crumb or plasticine, make, you can even play with it in soccer or chess! Do not refuse outdoor games with children (it is a beautiful view of fitness), and carrying the child on a neck will replace a power simulator!

You are surprised to changes because at your sitting duck will appear superfluous a half-hour on that shopping or chatter, so, and she will not look at you a wolf any more. And most likely, will look with tenderness, being near the kid, you will - bondage appear in focus of a female look, so foully once displaced on this shouting monster again. E, and unless we also tried to obtain not it?

Female whims can be derided, but to be irritated in their occasion senselessly as they are put in the most female nature. They can learn to be ignored, trying not to notice finally to use to itself for the good. They, at last, can admire sincerely, rejoicing each darling, strange, absolutely necessary female weakness who do the woman Zhenshchinoy … And the one who admires - the Man.