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Movie “Sanktrum“. Why in a picture it is possible to see micromodel of our world?

were not necessary to see the Papuan, the concentrated player in chess Very long ago. And the stick passed in a nose across a partition does not prevent it to think! It is imposing, this Papuan. And time plays chess, is not silly. Well, maybe, also ate - that all a couple of tribespeople in recent years, but - it is no more. It is imposing, this character. The movie “Sanktrum“ very much resembles this Papuan. It is an imposing picture.

They say that the people who are boundaries two the worlds, that is when still the person did not die, but already and it is not live, see a tunnel, and at the end of it - light. And so it is optional to bring itself to so sad state: you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel - welcome to a session of the movie “Sanktrum“. Ah, these shootings! The tunnel here the truth not horizontal, and vertical, also goes to thicknesses of the earth. Ah, what places participate in the project as outdoor shootings! Here the millionaire - the money-bag Karl, the investor in research works performed by Jon Griffith jumps with a parachute deep into of a bottomless cave and like a bird scatters hands - wings.

Becomes a little enviably. Especially and to wipe with that who got used to sit in office chair trousers and an upholstery of a chair, at the same time spilling coffee on the keyboard. That who does not go on a ladder and with an otdyshka goes on the elevator to the necessary floor, goes to the office, turns on the conditioner, the computer, the printer and so forth. In the picture “Sanktrum“ the director Alistair Grirsen showed absolutely other world. Researchers of caves creep to universe sources here, go deep into such vaults where easily it is possible to find a dried prehistoric pangolin or exotic, unknown to science a life form hitherto.

Underwater shootings in “Sanktrum“ are not less colourful, than land. And professions at people in the movie - romantic, inquisitive, bright. Directly Odyssey of team of Cousteau. And that is emotionally rich is made in the movie, so it is a tub of ice water that pours out on the viewer against the iridescent serene picture. It appears, similar professions are not simply fraught with magnificent landscapes, adventures, but also tragic events.

A scene of death of one of participants of underwater expedition - the pretty woman Jude performed by the actress Alison Krechli when she under water a uniform last breath swallows water in lungs and stiffens, is shown very impressively. Yes, the scene as if drops out of the general tone of the narration, but the organic death turned out on the screen at authors of a picture. Memorable. Not any director is able to use similar cinema turn as thinly as Alistair Grirsen managed.

In principle, of course, cinema reception of the premises of group of different people to the enclosed space or space is very widespread. In our Soviet arsenal of pictures it is possible to allocate “Ten Little Niggers“, in western “Cube“, “A blue lagoon“, the same series “Survive“ and many - many others. In “Sanktrum“ authors lock group of researchers - divers - cave explorers underground. While everything goes according to the plan, special problems in relationship are not observed. Yes, small squabbles, offenses, desire of young generation to escape from - under guardianship of seniors. But soon enough there is something terrible that locks all heroes under thicknesses of the earth in the closed space.

In such conditions character of each person will surely be shown especially as the death follows, water in a cave everything stays, and the help has no place to wait. And then absolutely nearby before murder. So far one person kills other of humane reasons - to deprive of that incredible physical and mental sufferings after multiple injuries incompatible with life. So far the person kills the person not from - for the competition on a survival. But it only when... The director Alistair Grirsen as if prepares the viewer a scene of deprivation of life of izpostulat of humanity for absolutely other murders. To it when for itself and only the instinct of self-preservation moves everyone mad reason.

What is still important - it is feeling of empathy to people on the screen. In the movie “Sanktrum“ of many characters it is really a pity. I as the viewer empathized them. It speaks about a good dramaturgic basis - the script of the movie. The screenwriter John Garvin managed to create truly noble characters which are always appreciated. Not only on the screen, but also in ordinary life.

The movie “Sanktrum“ causes one more feeling, akin to adrenalinic attack: feeling of extremeness of the events. One of the “coolest“ characters Frank (actor Richard Roksburg) rushes about under water, in a cave, and cannot come up to take a sip of saving air. He small - small touches hands on a cave bottom, as if trips them, and the viewer knows, realizes that air in lungs of the man comes to an end. Above Frank the son Josh (actor Reese Ueykfild) waits, and it is good to see once more to the father “krovinochka“. He will see it, and will ask that he causes only run of goosebumps. It becomes gloomy at heart of the viewer. And the gloomy surroundings of vaults is embodied on the screen is very fascinating and is truthful.

As usual, in the course of search of an exit from an extreme trap the team loses one member behind another. Someone dies with honor, someone from - for the fact that he allowed a weak point, someone from - for own mistakes. As it seemed to me, authors of a picture created underground, in caves, small micromodel of the world where natural selection of Charles Darwin works. More adaptive, strong the youth, the cunning individual endures not so successful. It is not necessary to look for hepp - an and in pictures of a similar grade. If the similar ending is so important for the viewer, then it is better to choose other movie for viewing.

In the picture “Sanktrum“ to me one paradoxical thing seems. Even terrible panoramas of caves, such cold, silent, lethal and freezing, are all the same very beautiful! Lighters from among creators of the movie used the maximum quantity of artificial light for so closed spaces and as a result received besides the beautiful picture. In “Sanktrum“ there are a lot of terrible moments, but the feeling of beauty involuntarily remains in memory of the viewer.

I think, “Sanktrum“ - nevertheless adult cinema. It is also recommended to them.

On a ten-mark scale of 9 of 10.