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Children in Russia. What statistics?

on June 1 - Children`s Day, here also I want to tell about protection - physical, moral, psychological …. And about children`s statistics too.

For January - September, 2009 from hands of adults in Russia died more than five hundred children, the Comissioner for the President of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child Alexey Guolowan reported. At the same time 265 of them - aged till one year, aged from one till five years - 290 children.

Nearly 900 children became the victims of rape in 2009 in Russia (official figures and how many on informal statistics?) . Speaking about violence over children, Guolowan noted that children quite often are exposed not only to physical, but also psychological violence, what, according to him, it is possible to consider divorce of parents.

At the conference devoted 20 - to the anniversary of the Convention of the UN on the rights of the child, the representative of UNICEF (Children`s fund UN) Bertran Beynvel reported that in Russia the problem of “refuseniks“ most is particularly acute. 730 thousand children still are left without care of parents, and the number of pupils of orphanages and boarding schools is not reduced, making 156 thousand people today.

In Russia there are about two thousand orphanages in which 67 000 children are raised. Plus to it 27 000 children are trained at boarding schools. For these children public institution the only house. In post-war years (1945) was children - orphans of 600 thousand, it is much less than now. And here in the 21st century - a century of “bright future“ this figure approaches 800 thousand people, but many experts consider that them not less than 2 - 4 million. Since 1994 the number of orphans in Russia doubled. At the same time, at most of these children parents are living. The big percent of orphanages consists of children whose parents deprived of all rights for them, and children of homeless children.

Statistically, five stains are the share of nine marriages in Russia. Every year in Russia 500-600 thousand stains are registered, as a result - remain 400 to 600 thousand children with one of parents.

Getting divorced, parents do not think of the deformed childhood, they solve the problems. Being a teacher, saw many similar tragedies and very few people from children did not receive spiritual wounds - deep, for the rest of life. Where read that: neither material, nor household, nor prestigious indicators characterize degree of wellbeing of a family - only the attitude towards the child. And what it in this case?

You know how many problems at adults. That to solve them, the strong mentality is necessary. And it is destroyed since the childhood. In a family, to a kindergarten, in the yard, at school. And health of children is ruined. Overfeed, give low-quality food, live in ecologically dirty areas. Unless children are guilty here? They are not understood, not listened, do not reckon with them. Adults probably do not know that neither toys, nor shooter games, nor the computer will replace real-life communication.

According to the Minister of health and social development Tatyana Golikova for August, 2009, the number of children - disabled people in Russia makes 545 thousand people, 23,6% of children - disabled people have diseases of various bodies and metabolic disorders, 21,3% - intellectual violations and 23,1% of children - disabled people have motive violations.

About 26 thousand children - disabled people live in Moscow for September, 2009, from them 1,2 thousand are hearing-impaired or deaf children.

Children`s statistics

by data ROSSTAT of 2009 38 million children aged from 0 till 17 years, from them - 19,4 million boys, 18,6 million girls live in Russia.

If to take children`s age brackets, then newborns - 1,37mln. (m - 0,7, - 0,67), 17 - summer - 2. 2 million (m - 1. 12, - 1. 08)

In Moscow children - 1. 5 million, in St. Petersburg - 0. 66

National structure:

82. 5% - Russians, 3. 7% - Tatars, 1. 6% - Ukrainians

the Most part of children was born at mothers at the age of 25 - 34 years

Migrants aged till 18 years - 30 thousand, from them most of all Armenians and Ukrainians - on 4. 5 thousand

60% of couples raise one child, 28% - two children, 6,8% - three.

From 40 thousand which are annually dying in road accident - 1. 4 thousand children.

Infantile mortality - 10 children to for about 1000 been born (2 - in Japan, 55 - in India)

Illiteracy of children at the age of 10 - 17 years - 53 thousand persons. (it is in most cases connected with presence at children of intellectual or physical defects).

The number of children aged from 6 till 17 years playing sports - 2. 7 million

the Number of children aged from 15 till 17 years which are engaged in work - 283 thousand people

* Data of UNICEF (United Nations Children`s Fund).