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Whether the car is necessary to old men and disabled people?

the Habitual image of the grandmother - old women - the elderly women sitting on a shop who are carefully sucking round stones of all passing by. A habitual image of the disabled person - the person confined to the bed by a serious illness. And automatically in consciousness the idea is postponed: elderly people want nothing any more except how to sit on a shop and to gossip about neighbors, as a last resort - to nurse with grandsons, and and there is nothing to speak about disabled people, these are simply sick people who are able to think only of drugs.

But actually it not so. The same disabled people - disability happens different. There are, of course, hard cases, bed patients who are really so exhausted with an illness that it requires only attention of people around, care and continuous treatment. But it is much bigger those who are quite capable and wish to lead active lifestyle. Here only not always has such opportunity. To the disabled person not really - that is simple to be chosen somewhere: by a taxi - it is expensive, on public transport - it is physically heavy (not everyone is capable to sustain jolting and a crush of public transport). As a result it is necessary to wait for the help from friends, relatives, acquaintances. It is constant to fall into a state of asking. It is not surprising that many prefer not to ask, and simply to refuse active lifestyle, to accept what is available - a privacy.

The same and with elderly people. A seat on a shop - at all not a limit of their dreams. They wish active lifestyle too: to visit and receive guests, to meet new people, to make friends, to run on shops, to visit theaters, exhibitions, restaurants, even to go to dances (I had to see what deafening success is made by the dancing program “For Those to Whom for 80“ - elderly people visit it not only for the sake of a seat on benches, but dance, get acquainted, even marry and marry).

But here the same situation, as with disabled people. It is not enough desire, it is necessary to have also an opportunity for its implementation. And opportunities are limited: at advanced age and forces any more not those, and various diseases overcome. Though all this is not an obstacle true, only certain inconvenience.

In Italy it was necessary to see the real meetings of old men in hypermarkets. They came behind purchases there, handed the list to “boy“ and went to cafeteria. While “boy“ collected purchases according to the list, there was a solemn tea drinking to the home-made cookies brought from the house, cakes, pies and so on. With obligatory discussions of the latest fashions, movies, works of children, studies of grandsons and great-grandsons. Agreed about visits of cinema, picnics, visit of dressmakers …

Here only there came these Italian grandmothers and grandfathers not by buses at all, and by ATVs. This type of transport gave them a freedom of movement, the chance to visit shops, friends, to admire the nature on picnic, to go to a hairdressing salon behind a fashionable hairdress, and even the simplest - to take away a heap of purchases from shop.

At the time of the developed socialism when the car was more luxury, than a vehicle, elderly people not too aspired for a wheel. But now the new generation of grandmothers and grandfathers “grew up“, and the majority of them has the rights, are able to steer the car. Also they do not consider that all their life is already only a dozhivaniye to death in an environment of close relatives.

A problem one - the car. Alas, pensions that for disabled people that for elderly people are not so big that they could buy the decent modern car. Only cars / are actually available at which can “fall down“ at any time. And repair bites too.

What is necessary for old men and disabled people - it is available at the price, the maintainable car, with small fuel consumption, good passability (that it was possible to reach giving), with rather capacious luggage carrier and small dimensions (that it was possible to park practically in any place).

The Bear car which start in production declared regularly even since 1997 could become the answer to similar wishes. The price, very attractive at it, for the groups of the population which are almost not protected socially - $2-3 thousand. And good maintainability, the most part of details for “Bear“ are details for “kopek“, “Zaporozhets“ and so on, those that still lie in warehouses dead freight.

But alas, there is no “Bear“ and and whether will be - it is unknown, planned yo - the mobile is more expensive and whether there will be it - too it is unknown, so far it is only the project. But maybe, nevertheless there will be a car answering to expectations of elderly people and disabled people?

Perhaps and our people will be able suit such sit-round gathering as the European grandmothers and grandfathers. Eventually, at any age, every day - life only begins!