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How to re-educate the husband?

Many women want to eradicate addictions of the husband. The classical example is the scattered socks. What you did - explained, asked, begged, appealed to conscience and even threatened, the result was same - awful socks once again appeared in the most unexpected places.

I very long followed this “remarkable“ scenario until once looked at it on the other hand.

Answer yourself honestly one question: whether you that you were changed want? It is unlikely the answer will be affirmative because it is wanted by nobody. Each woman thinks that she is good and and she needs to be appreciated her identity.

But whether you thought of the fact that your man thinks of it? It, living near you, too suffers a lot of yours of “lovely features“. Or you are ideal in everything? Of course, the husband is very glad when you go on a diet and regiments of the refrigerator become empty. But your diet is more important. He admires how perfectly you parked the car yesterday. Such good joke on this subject is remembered here: “Darling you perfectly parked! On this jeep there was already a dent, the cat already was dead, and this fir-tree in general was superfluous here!“.

That is why it is better to close eyes to shortcomings of the husband and to focus attention on its advantages. The understanding personally to me came not at once, and after the analysis of a situation and work with the most widespread female installation: “The man it is possible and it is necessary to re-educate“.

Marrying, women dream of the harmonious and beautiful relations throughout all life. But after several years of marriage, many have a feeling that they live not with that person whom they married. From where this tyrant and the bore and where that cheerful optimist got to undertook? And here that interestingly - the husband also did not change! Just in the beginning you were blinded by love and did not notice much. However later time, feelings of a poostyla, there were household problems, and all this led to disagreements and quarrels. The passion was succeeded by judiciousness. Here - that also appeared desire to re-educate the husband. But, unfortunately, it leads to a bigger quantity of problems.

Eventually, after vain attempts to change the husband I understood that it “sizif“ work. It is impossible to induce the person to do something against his will. It can only be carried away the fact that it is interesting to it, and, whenever possible, to share his hobbies.

My husband - the many-sided person, he is fond of very many things, but especially military equipment. We often discuss models of tanks and cars of the Soviet period at walk, at supper, just lying on a sofa. And once I thought: “Why not to use it as a way to make something together?“ Well, for example, to invite the husband to help to prepare something and at the same time to discuss the subject interesting him.

By the way, it is not such and a secret. If you read books of the famous English scientist - the naturalist Gerald Darrell, then for certain remember one remarkable episode:

“At first passed history lessons at us without noticeable progress until George thought that if to the sad facts to add a little zoology and to attract some absolutely foreign details, it is possible to capture my attention quite. Thus, some historical data which, as far as I know, were not recorded anywhere earlier became known to me. One detail which do not mention the book on stories concerned Columbus. When he set foot on land of America, his first words were: “My God, look … a jaguar!“ After such introduction as it was possible not to become interested in history of this continent? “

the Teacher helped the boy to get all-round education as he treated its abilities with respect and drew its attention to study let with the artificial, but fascinating facts, and subsequently to become the famous scientist. And we with the husband behind discussion of the GAS 69 A model quickly made salad. I do not remember all technical characteristics of this model, but salad was fantastically tasty.

A conclusion is simple: instead of re-educating the husband, show sincere interest in his hobbies and turn it in own favor.