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What our ancestors were engaged on June 4 in?

Today orthodox Christians revere memory of the St. martyr Vasilisk who was injured for belief at the beginning of the 3rd century by hand of the cruel persecutor of Christians governor Agrippa on which command he was tormented at first then beheaded, and threw a body into the river.

But in a national calendar his name intertwined with a basilisk, the pre-Christian demonic character in bird`s - snake shape which was born, according to the legend, from egg of a seven-year-old black rooster, mature in the bosom the sorcerer, sat out by a toad or dug in manure.

Recognized such egg by appearance: it had to be absolutely round and covered not with a shell, and rigid skin. And if the basilisk, then in that district hatches that will become its “homeland“, and the standing corn will be gone, and wells will begin to dry at first, and then and maidens are red. This trouble and was called - a sukhota or sukhotuchy.

In Belarus to save or relieve unfortunate girls of a misfortune sukhotuchy, over them lamented three times: “Frying of the sun, Torahs zaryets - rodnyya syastryets are clear month: vutrannya dawn, paudzenny Zara i Zara vyacherny; WADA of Yardanitsa, tvy uterus valnyanitsa, ishla you tsemnymi lyasami, zyalenymi lugami, krutymi beregami, kamennyam, karenny, pamazha slave Bozhay (imya) hvarob i urochishch“ .

And therefore the first rule of this day (or even the day before) there was a collecting of all eggs from - under poultry. On a belief, otherwise from the egg left under the layer who is hatching out posterity the harmful basilisk can be born. But it was not the only ban obligatory to execution on June 4.

Here, for example, what draw the proverbs and sayings dated for this date on:

On the Basilisk not pashas and not this, and that will be born one cornflowers.

not to sow, not to plow - this day to wait that fields did not get littered, cornflowers were not born.

Kolya you will be going to plow, sow what business to begin - wait a moment, put off. And that a corn cockle yes the wormwood will be born, to a log hut of a sukhot sukhotuchy priluchitsya.

Only the wormwood this day will be born, and to a log hut of a sukhot priluchitsya.

But June 4 had also other names: for example, cornflower-blue day. About it there was a saying: “Day sinitel, cornflower-blue master“. In those places where the climate allowed to appear to flowers by this time, they were gone to be brought together. And all because though they were considered as weeds in the field, but at the same time existed a belief: collected with love, cornflowers can bring big benefit to the person.

There were also other classes in economy: to cut off moustaches at wild strawberry if before did not manage to make it, and on fruit-trees to hang up traps because the departure of a fir seed moth begins. The fir seed moth (the expressive name) is a butterfly who damages both young escapes, and ovaries, and actually fruits. For example, the apple fir seed moth “hunts“ apple-trees, pear - respectively, pears. And still noticed: strong dews were considered as a presage of a good harvest, and mass appearance of gadflies - a sure sign of a plentiful harvest of cucumbers.

At last, on June 4 was considered as the next nightingale holiday and, celebrating it, of course went to listen to singing solovyyov. In my opinion, very pleasant occupation how you consider?